OTM in Mutual Funds: Full Form, Benefits, Registration Guide & More

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OTM in Mutual Funds

OTM or a one-time registration process that authorises your bank to deduct a set amount from your savings account towards purchasing units in a particular scheme of a mutual fund

Investors place transaction requests with the asset management company, which in turn makes debits from your bank. You can set this mandate for a fixed timespan or it can remain active until you cancel it.

The OTM facility helps you automate your mutual funds journey, is paperless and digital, eliminating the hassle of physical cheques or remembering your banking details. This is what ultimately makes it one of the go-to ways to invest in mutual funds and build wealth over time.

How to register for OTM?

Registering for the one-time mandate(OTM) is a simple process. All you need to do is fill out the OTM form and correctly provide your personal and financial details. Here are the details you will need to mention to register for OTM:

1. Bank Account Details: Your bank name and branch, bank account number, bank account type, IFSC code, etc. 
(The OTM must be registered using a single bank account)

2. Personal Details: Your name, date of birth, PAN number, address, phone number, e-mail ID, etc.

(In case you have a joint bank account, you need to provide the details of other account holders as well)

3. Mandate Limit: The maximum amount that can be debited through this platform. If any transaction exceeds the mandated limit, it will be rejected.

4. Investment Details: Your folio number and choice between two debit options: fixed amount, which is perfect for regular investments like SIP, or maximum amount for one-time lumpsum payments. You can also set the frequency of the debits for your funds, i.e. monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, or as needed.

5. Signature: All bank account holders need to sign the OTM form. The signatures in the OTM form must match with the signatures available in the bank records.

Once the form is submitted, the bank will process your request. Upon validation, you will be able to use the OTM facility to make investments in mutual funds.

What are the benefits of OTM?

• Simple registration process, which can be done in a few easy steps

• One-time process with no follow-up procedures

• Works for both lumpsum and SIP transactions

• No limit to the number of SIPs you can register under a single OTM. 

• Automates money transfer and instills discipline in your investments

• Ensures increased safety in transactions

• Ensures lesser chances of transaction failure

Transactions covered under OTM

Fresh Lump-Sum Investments: The payment will be processed according to the fixed limit mentioned in the OTM form.

New SIPs: It is a smooth and convenient process as you need not resubmit your bank details or canceled cheque.

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