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Mutual fund investments are mainly classified into two categories- Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) and Lumpsum investments. A Lumpsum investment is made when an individual invests a significant amount of money at once.

What is Lumpsum Calculator?

A lumpsum calculator is a tool that helps you to get an estimated return on your total investment. You need to fill in a few necessary details like the amount that you have invested (or want to invest), the time period for which you will hold your investment, and the rate of return that you are expecting from the particular mutual fund scheme in order to get an estimate of the returns.

How Lumpsum Calculator Works?

A lump sum calculator helps you to gauge the estimated returns that a mutual fund scheme can offer on your investment. To provide you an estimate, the mutual fund lumpsum calculator requires three inputs:

  1. Amount you have invested (or willing to invest)
  2. The period of investment, i.e; how long you are going to stay invested
  3. The rate of return that you expect from the mutual fund scheme

The lumpsum mutual fund calculator will then show you the returns based on inputs. This is the reason why it is also called lumpsum return calculator.

How to Use Lumpsum Investment Calculator?

A mf lumpsum calculator is fairly easy to use. You can use a lumpsum calculator online by following only a few basic steps:

  1. Choose the online mutual fund calculator that you want to use. INDmoney’s mutual fund calculator offers you a very simple yet highly functional interface that allows you to estimate returns in no time.
  2. Select Lumpsum Calculator to calculate estimated returns on your investment.
  3. Enter the investment amount. Then select the time period of your investment and the rate of return that you expect.
  4. The mutual fund lumpsum calculator will then show the estimated returns based on your inputs.

Benefits of Using INDmoney's Lumpsum Calculator

INDmoney’s lumpsum return calculator offers a number of benefits.

  • The INDmoney’s mutual fund lumpsum calculator saves you from spending time and effort on manual calculations. Just fill in a few details and the calculator will show you the estimated returns instantly.
  • The mutual fund calculator lumpsum shows estimates based on your inputs. You can change the investment amount, time period, the rate of return as per your convenience, and the calculator will show you results accordingly.
  • With prior information of the estimated returns, you can decide how much money you are willing to invest in a particular mutual fund scheme. This helps you in planning your investments beforehand.
  • INDmoney’s lumpsum calculator allows you to change the time period of investment and rate of return easily with the help of a slider. You can compare estimated returns that you can expect from different mutual fund schemes and choose the ones that meet your financial goals.

Start Investing in Lumpsum Mutual Funds

Mutual funds are one such investment option that can provide you higher returns and carry lesser risks. If you are planning to invest a lumpsum amount of money, mutual funds can be your best choice. There are a number of benefits of investing lumpsum money in mutual fund schemes.

Invest Higher Amount

Lumpsum mutual fund investment allows you to invest a large amount of money in a mutual fund scheme easily. By investing a considerable amount of money at once, you will also get higher returns in the future based on the mutual fund’s performance.

Best for Long Term Investments

Keep a long-term goal with your for your lumpsum investment. In a lumpsum investment, your money grows gradually and you will see healthy returns after 10-15 years.

Minimum Charges

Since lumpsum investments are made only once, they carry lower charges as compared to periodical investment instruments like SIPs. You do not have to bear charges like exit load, tax liabilities, etc in lumpsum investments.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • What is the difference between lumpsum investment and mutual fund investment?

    Lumpsum investment is nothing but one of the ways of making an investment in a mutual fund scheme. In lumpsum investment, you invest a large amount of money at once. The other is SIP, in which you can make small periodic investments.

  • Why should I use INDmoney lumpsum calculator?

    INDmoney lumpsum calculator saves you from doing manual calculation to estimate returns from your investments. You just need to give a few inputs like investment amount, time period, and rate of return that you are expecting, and INDmoney online lumpsum calculator will show you the result instantly.

  • How can the INDmoney Lumpsum Calculator help me achieve my financial goals?

    INDmoney lumpsum calculator helps you to estimate returns based on your inputs. You can enter the amount you wish to invest, the time period after which you will withdraw the funds and the rate of return that you are expecting. The estimated return shown based on your investment plan will allow you to determine a financial goal for the future.

  • How does INDmoney Lumpsum Calculator help you choose best mutual funds?

    INDmoney lumpsum calculator allows you to change the rate of return freely and gives the estimated return accordingly. You can thus know which mutual fund (as per their return rate) is providing the best return and is perfectly suited for your financial goals.

  • What is the minimum and maximum tenure for lumpsum investment in mutual funds?

    You are not required to fix any tenure for lumpsum investment in mutual funds. You can easily redeem your investment along with the return anytime you want.

  • Can I add money later in my lumpsum investment?

    Yes, you can add as much money you want and anytime you wish in your existing lumpsum investment. Suppose you have Rs 10,000 investment in a mutual fund scheme, and now you want to add Rs 5,000 more in this, your total investment amount will now become Rs 10,000 + Rs 5,000= Rs 15,000 and returns from hereon will be calculated accordingly.

  • Is lumpsum better than SIP?

    Lumpsum or SIP? This choice depends on your investment plans and goals. If you are willing to invest a large amount of money for a longer period of time, then lumpsum investment is the best option to go for.

  • Do I need a Demat account for making lumpsum investment in mutual funds?

    No, you do need a Demat account for making any type of investment (lumpsum or SIP) in mutual funds. You only need to complete the KYC verification process, after which you can start making lumpsum investments in mutual funds easily.

  • Will I get the exact return that is shown on lumpsum calculator?

    A mutual fund lumpsum calculator only shows you the estimated returns from your investment. This is because mutual funds are subjected to market risks and returns from these schemes are not fixed. They can be higher or lower, depending upon the performance of your mutual fund.

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