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Recurring deposit is one of the most popular and completely safe investment options. It offers you a fixed interest rate on your deposits and allows you to make periodic investments instead of putting a lump sum amount of money at once. It is an ideal investment plan for individuals who do have a huge sum of money to start a fixed deposit but can invest regularly from their income. Recurring deposit or RD also induces long term investing habits in individuals.

Before going for any RD plan, it is important to compare returns from all the available options by doing RD calculation. A RD calculator comes in handy and allows you to compare all the available RD plans offered by different financial institutions. 

What is a Recurring Deposit Calculator?

An RD calculator or RD return calculator is an online tool that allows you to calculate returns from your recurring deposit easily. It does all the calculations automatically and shows you results instantly, thus saving your time and effort. To use an RD calculator online, you have enter the following details:

  • Monthly investment: The amount of money you wish to invest monthly in the RD scheme. The amount remains fixed throughout the period of investment.
  • Rate of interest: Rate of interest offered in the RD scheme
  • Time period: The time period of investment or the maturity period of your RD

Based on the given inputs, the RD interest calculator will show you the following results:

  • Total investment amount: The total amount of investment you would have made till the date of maturity
  • Accrued returns: The returns that you can earn from your investment
  • Total value: Total value of the maturity amount, i.e; Total investment amount plus returns earned

The RD calculator uses the compound interest formula as the interest you earn from the periodic investments in RD keeps on compounding throughout the period of investment. However, the recurring deposit formula allows you to calculate RD returns for the first period only. You have to do the calculation as many times as your number of period investments are. The formula to calculate RD is as follows:

A = P x (1 + r/100)^nt


  • A = Total amount by the end of the period 
  • P = Principal amount from which compounding will start 
  • r = Annual rate of interest
  • n = number of times the interest compounds in a year
  • t = number of years

Using the formula manually to calculate RD returns is complicated and an extremely time consuming job. Furthermore, a single numerical error can give you very different results. Therefore, it is wise to use a RD interest rate calculator that will save your time and also give accurate results every time. You can use the INDmoney RD calculator online and make quick calculations as many times you want.

How to Use INDmoney RD Calculator?

INDmoney offers a very easy to use recurring deposit interest calculator that comes with a simple yet highly functional interface. You have to follow these simple steps to calculate your RD returns instantly:

Step 1: Open INDmoney online RD calculator on your browser

Step 2: Enter your desired monthly investment amount, rate of interest offered in the RD scheme, and time period of maturity.

Step 3: The total returns and final maturity amount will be shown in real time on your screen

For example, if you enter Rs 20,000 monthly investment, 5% interest rate, and 10 years time period, the calculator will show:

  • Invested amount: Rs 24,00,00
  • Returns: Rs 7,15,083
  • Maturity amount: Rs 31,15,083

You can also change the inputs to compare different combinations of monthly investment, interest rate, and time period and the RD maturity calculator will show you results accordingly.

Benefits of Using INDmoney RD Calculator

The RD calculator is simple but very useful tool that can offer the following benefits:

  • You can calculate returns from your RD within a few seconds. All you have to do is enter a few number and the calculator will display the returns automatically
  • The RD calculator is very optimized and immune to errors that often happen while doing manual calculations. You will get accurate results every time you use a RD calculator.
  • It saves your time and effort by calculating RD returns in no time
  • You can compare different RD plans by changing the values of interest rate in the RD calculator. 
  • You can also compare different customizations to decide what amount and how many years of RD plan will be beneficial for you according to your financial goals

How You Can Compare Different RD Plans Using INDmoney RD Calculator?

There are a number of banks that offer RD plans. The rate of interest, time period and minimum RD deposit offered by these banks or post offices varies from one to another. Therefore, it is necessary to compare returns from all the available options before making a decision. Let us understand this with an example:

Suppose Bank A offers an RD interest rate of 5%, while Bank B offers 6%. For any amount of deposit, the returns from Bank B will be greater than Bank A. However, Bank B asks for a minimum deposit of Rs 10,000 monthly, whereas the same for Bank A is only Rs 1,000. So based on your financial ability and future goals, you can choose the one that fits better. 

For example, if you easily afford to invest Rs 10,000 in RD every month, Bank B will be the right place to open your RD account. On the other hand, if you cannot afford Rs 10,000, Bank A will be the one to go for even though the interest rate is less.


If you are looking for a safe investment plan that allows you to make small but regular investments, RD is the best thing to go for. It helps you to learn investment habits and offers you a rewarding option to save your money. With an RD calculator at your disposal, you can compare different RD plans, gauge returns, and arrive at the right investment decision. 

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