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1 Month Return+ 4.26 %
3 Month Return-2.65 %
1 Year Return+ 20.3 %
Previous Close34,802.90

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IT - Software


The NIFTY IT index captures the performance of the Indian IT companies. The NIFTY IT Index comprises of 10 companies listed on the National Stock Exchange (NSE).

Launch Date : June 29th, 1998
Number of Constituents : 10
Calculation Frequency : Real-Time

What is Nifty IT Index?

The Nifty IT Index is a benchmark index that tracks the performance of the Information Technology (IT) sector in India. Managed by the National Stock Exchange (NSE), this index includes leading companies from the IT sector, covering sub-sectors such as software development, IT services, and consulting. The Nifty IT Index serves as an essential indicator of the health and trends within the Indian IT industry, providing investors with a comprehensive measure of the sector's performance.

Nifty IT Stocks Selection Criteria

The stocks included in the Nifty IT Index are selected based on specific criteria to ensure accurate representation of the IT sector. The selection criteria include:

Market Capitalization: Companies must have a substantial market capitalization, ensuring they are significant players in the IT sector.

Liquidity: Stocks must exhibit high liquidity, indicated by their average trading volumes and the number of trades over a period.

Sector Representation: The index includes a diverse range of IT sub-sectors to provide a comprehensive overview of the IT industry.

Listing History: Typically, companies must be listed on the NSE for a specific period before they can be considered for inclusion in the index.

Compliance with Regulatory Requirements: Companies must comply with all regulatory and disclosure requirements set by the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI).

Free Float: The free-float market capitalization, which excludes promoter holdings, is considered to ensure that the index reflects the market value of shares available to the general public.

How can investors use the Nifty IT Index?

Investors can use the Nifty IT Index in several ways:

Benchmarking: Compare the performance of their IT sector investments to a standard benchmark.

Investment Decisions: Identify trends and make informed decisions about investing in the IT sector.

Portfolio Diversification: Gain exposure to a diversified portfolio of IT sector stocks through ETFs or mutual funds that track the index.

Performance Evaluation: Evaluate the performance of IT sector-focused investment products and funds.

By leveraging the Nifty IT Index, investors can effectively navigate the IT sector and enhance their investment strategies.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Nifty IT index is a benchmark stock market index in India that tracks the performance of the information technology sector. It consists of a basket of leading IT companies listed on the National Stock Exchange of India (NSE). The Nifty IT index provides investors with a snapshot of the overall performance of the IT sector in the Indian stock market.

Nifty IT index price today is ₹34,813.80.

10 companies listed on NSE are part of Nifty IT stock list.

NIFTY ITAbsolute Returns
1 Month Return4.26%
3 Month Return-2.65%
6 Month Return-1.53%
1 Year Return20.30%
3 Year Return22.69%
5 Year Return113.29%

You can invest in Nifty IT index by investing in ETFs that follow this index. Top three ETFs that follow Nifty IT index are Axis Nifty IT ETF, SBI ETF IT and Kotak IT ETF.