Multibagger Stocks

Explore the Multibagger Stocks collection, featuring companies with a market cap above 1000 Cr that with that have gained more than 100% in their stock price over the last 3 years. These stocks have shown break-neck stock price growth in the past out-performing the market by a large margin.
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Introduction to Multibagger Stocks

Multibagger Stocks are those stocks that have gained over 100% in stock price in the last 3 years. Discover how Multibagger Stocks have outperformed the market with their rapid growth, and explore investment opportunities for a promising financial future.

Key Features of Multibagger Stocks


Strong historical performance

Multibagger Stocks have a track record of delivering significant gains, with stock prices that have risen by more than 100% over the last 3 years.


High market capitalization

These stocks typically have a market cap above 1000 Cr, indicating that they are established companies with a sizable presence in the market.


Potential for future growth

These stocks have characteristics of good financial health, growth prospects, and competitive advantage, indicating the potential for sustained growth in the future. However, there is no guarantee that a multibagger stock will always provide bumper returns.


Long-term investment opportunities

Multibagger Stocks are often considered as long-term investment opportunities, with the potential for significant capital appreciation over time.

Details of top Multibagger Stocks

Multibagger stocks can be determined as shares who have more than doubled their value over a particular period of time. A stock which has doubled its value can be termed as a two-bagger, a stock who has multiplied its value by 10 times is called a 10-bagger. Any stock making multiple unrealistic returns can be termed as a multibagger.

India’s top private sector bank - HDFC Bank is a great example of a multibagger stock. The banking stock has jumped nearly 30,000% since its listing in 1999 to 2023, marking it as one of the top multibaggers in our country.

How to analyze Multibagger Stocks

  • Financial Performance

    Evaluate the company's financial health, including revenue growth, profitability, and cash flow generation.

  • Industry Outlook

    Assess the industry outlook and growth prospects of the company's sector. Look for industries with strong growth potential and favorable market dynamics that could drive the company's future performance

  • Management Quality

    Evaluate the quality and experience of the company's management team. Look for a capable and visionary leadership team with a track record of value creation.

  • Growth Prospects

    Analyze the company's growth prospects, including new product launches, expansion plans, and market penetration strategies. Look for companies with a clear and achievable growth trajectory.

Who Should Invest in Multibagger Stocks?

Multibagger stocks can be appropriate for investors who are looking for potentially high returns and are willing to take on higher levels of risk. Investors who have a long-term investment horizon, a tolerance for market volatility, and a diversified investment portfolio may consider investing in Multibagger stocks.

Frequently Asked Questions

Multibagger stocks are stocks that have provided or can provide exceptionally high returns over time.

You can identify multibagger stocks through thorough research of financials, growth prospects, competitive advantage, management quality, industry trends, and valuation.

Some of the top multibagger stocks in recent years have been Adani Enterprises, Titan and HDFC Bank among others.

Investing in multibagger stocks can lead to substantial returns and long-term wealth creation. However, multibagger stocks can witness risks like high volatility.

Yes, you can do an SIP in multibagger stocks through INDmoney.