Healthcare Stocks

Investing in healthcare stocks is a wise choice for those aiming to add consistent performance and growth to their portfolio. Healthcare stocks are known for providing stable dividends, growing with medical advancements, and remaining essential regardless of economic conditions.

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What are Healthcare Stocks?

Healthcare stocks include companies in the medical sector such as hospital management, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, and medical products manufacturing. These firms are integral to healthcare delivery, and investing in these stocks supports companies focused on improving health outcomes.

List of Healthcare Stocks to Invest

M Cap
Analyst Rating
Target Price
1Y Return
3Y Return
5Y Return
Industry PE
Div Yld
Net Profit Qtr
Net Profit QoQ %
Net Profit YoY %
Net Profit 3Y Change %
Rev Qtr (in Cr)
Rev QoQ (in %)
Rev 1Y change %
Rev 3Y change %
Profit Mar Qtr
Profit Mar QoQ
Profit Mar 1Y Change%
Profit Mar 3Y Change%
M Cap
imgApollo Hospitals Enterprise Ltd


Mid CapBUY6845.79-3.55%21.65%70.49%368.66%102.2292.628.950.460.35%258.4 Cr1.57%-19.4%104.12%4943.91.92%13.3%47.71%5.34%-0.34%-28.86%38.19%Healthcare91864.7416.64%16%61.72354763
imgMax Healthcare Institute Ltd


Mid CapBUY863.5619.79%45.86%225.89%703%82.492.626.080.30.23%251.54 Cr-13.06%82.38%8447.71%1422.96.59%15.9%356.21%22.84%-18.44%57.36%1773.65%Healthcare87214.5610.4%8.49%11.372214837
imgFortis Healthcare Ltd


Mid CapBUY51516.53%41.96%99.41%264.86%59.3192.622.190.450.38%203.14 Cr51.34%-19.87%591.86%1785.886.32%10.21%36.71%9.68%42.34%-27.29%406.08%Healthcare35505.680.61%1.69%8.381011485
imgGlobal Health Ltd


Mid CapHOLD1376.152.95%77.72%200.22%200.22%70.0192.6212.480.58NA127.35 Cr3.08%66.2%797.55%808.63-3.33%24.31%79.57%12.1%6.63%33.69%399.84%Healthcare33477.513.52%17.19%12.16251165
imgNarayana Hrudayalaya Ltd


Small CapBUY1379.3-4.77%20.01%144.74%433.35%31.7692.6210.760.44NA190.78 Cr1.42%77.3%409.51%1279.426.3%22.25%44.66%13.41%-4.59%45.03%252.2%Healthcare25232.4319.72%22.54%29.68928990
imgDr Lal Pathlabs Ltd


Small CapHOLD2542.67-4.13%23.74%-16.19%174.04%68.592.629.940.640.8%85.8 Cr4.38%50.28%22.2%545.41.21%10.4%40.81%16.27%3.14%36.12%-13.22%Healthcare24596.2321.42%25.77%43.4337339
imgPoly Medicure Ltd


Small CapBUY2030.262.77%94.79%117.79%1090.81%79.8992.627.410.580.31%68.36 Cr5.14%22.37%86.98%378.0711.33%20.82%62.28%16.08%-5.56%1.28%15.23%Healthcare20639.6115.49%19.21%18.6951364
imgKrishna Institute of Medical Sciences Ltd


Small CapBUY2257.17-7.53%15.01%85.83%116.98%55.8192.626.90.34NA71.49 Cr-6.61%6.4%217.9%633.84.62%33.13%95.76%16.65%-10.73%-20.07%62.4%Healthcare17311.2116.79%22.23%45.7138389
imgAster DM Healthcare Ltd


Small CapBUY410.83-16.32%9.42%104.61%176.71%130.4892.624.380.49NA-2.17 Cr-101.04%-20.89%51.11%973.591.98%16.38%37.92%3.98%-101.02%-32.03%9.56%Healthcare16945.986.33%6.37%9.52569376
imgRainbow Childrens Medicare Ltd


Small CapBUY1413.25-8.29%17.42%177.65%177.65%58.4792.626.810.20.41%51.07 Cr-18.38%2.78%451.66%341.11.53%10.51%99.51%16.83%-19.61%-6.99%176.51%Healthcare12687.7118.11%19.04%21.5177787
imgMetropolis Healthcare Ltd


Small CapHOLD1921.1216.77%42.01%-28.49%92.69%82.592.626.830.680.64%36.53 Cr33.86%-33.21%12.42%33113.7%-6.52%34.07%12.49%17.73%-28.55%-16.15%Healthcare10544.4315.65%17.19%28158895
imgJupiter Life Line Hospitals Ltd


Small CapBUY1448.75-1.52%23.57%23.57%23.57%46.492.6200.58NA45.27 Cr3.66%42.6%146.07%290.496.56%21.75%92.79%8.17%-2.72%17.13%27.63%Healthcare8715.6927.01%26.4%082935

Future of Healthcare Stocks

With aging populations, increased health consciousness, and advancements in medical technology, healthcare stocks are positioned for growth. The sector's innovation and global healthcare spending trends suggest strong future performance, making these stocks attractive for long-term investment.

Who Should Invest in Healthcare Stocks

These stocks are ideal for investors seeking a mix of stability and potential growth. They are particularly suitable for those who prefer investing in an essential sector that is consistently in demand.

Benefits of Investing in Healthcare Stocks

  • Essential Services: As healthcare is a fundamental need, these stocks are generally more resilient.
  • Growth Opportunities: Innovations in healthcare technology can lead to significant growth.
  • Regular Dividends: Many healthcare companies have a history of paying steady dividends.
  • Positive Impact: Investments in healthcare contribute to advancements in treatments and services.

Factors Affecting Healthcare Stocks

  • Regulatory Changes: Shifts in health policies can have a major impact on healthcare companies.
  • Technological Innovations: Advances in technology can disrupt traditional practices and create new market leaders.
  • Economic Health: Broad economic conditions can influence public and consumer healthcare spending.

Points to Consider Before Investing

  • Evaluate Company Health: Look into a company's revenue, profit margins, and debt.
  • Sector Variety: Balance your portfolio by investing in various healthcare sub-sectors.
  • Stay Informed: Keep up with healthcare trends, policy changes, and sector developments.

Frequently Asked Questions

The healthcare sector is a large and growing industry, driven by factors like an aging population, rising healthcare costs, and increasing demand for new treatments. Investing in healthcare stocks can offer the potential for capital appreciation and dividend income.

The healthcare sector can be further divided into sub-sectors such as:

  • Pharmaceutical companies: Develop and manufacture drugs and medicines.
  • Biotechnology companies: Conduct research and develop new drugs and therapies.
  • Medical device companies: Design, manufacture, and sell medical devices and equipment.
  • Healthcare service providers: Operate hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare facilities.
  • Healthcare insurance companies: Provide health insurance coverage to individuals and businesses.

Healthcare stocks are generally stable during challenging periods due to the constant demand for healthcare services.

Investing in healthcare stocks offers several advantages. The healthcare sector is essential and has strong long-term growth potential, driven by factors such as an aging population, technological advancements, and increasing healthcare expenditures. Companies in this sector can benefit from a steady demand for their products and services.

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