Sensex Stocks

The BSE Sensex consists of the 30 largest companies by market capitalization listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE). These are some of the top companies in India which boast robust fundamentals. These companies represent India's economic backbone with stocks from a variety of sectors.

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Market Capitalization

Market Capitalization

Sector Diversification

Sector Diversification

Historical Performance

Historical Performance



List of Sensex Stocks

M Cap
Analyst Rating
Target Price
1Y Return
3Y Return
5Y Return
Industry PE
Div Yld
Net Profit Qtr
Net Profit QoQ %
Net Profit YoY %
Net Profit 3Y Change %
Rev Qtr (in Cr)
Rev QoQ (in %)
Rev 1Y change %
Rev 3Y change %
Profit Mar Qtr
Profit Mar QoQ
Profit Mar 1Y Change%
Profit Mar 3Y Change%
M Cap
imgReliance Industries Ltd


Large CapBUY3163.172.44%27.56%46.91%156.25%29.3446.983.291.150.39%21243 Cr8.16%9.2%85.78%2365335.09%25.41%46.91%8.44%2.92%-12.93%26.46%Energy1999329.669.3%9.89%99.414078751
imgTata Consultancy Services Ltd


Large CapBUY4185.71-7.24%19.36%15.5%70.37%30.433419.590.541.88%12502 Cr12.66%8.97%41.57%612371.08%6.85%46.73%19.14%11.46%1.99%-3.51%Technology1386469.2359.6%72.96%127.351860606
imgHDFC Bank Ltd


Large CapBUY1869.02-25.41%-0.45%8.92%31.87%17.6819. Cr2.11%20.88%68.77%124391.358.15%22.05%39.16%22.47%-5.58%-0.96%21.28%Financial Services1214546.8216.96%NA82.7112769427
imgBharti Airtel Ltd


Large CapBUY1426.0347.29%72.36%175.08%322.73%109.13- Cr-28.1%47.95%-140.07%37599.1-0.79%19.39%58.95%8.83%-27.52%23.92%-125.21%Communication Services852464.65-0.53%8.17%21.663978412
imgICICI Bank Ltd


Large CapBUY1308.12-7.46%19.77%74.67%166.94%17.519.233.10.990.91%11671.52 Cr5.6%35.55%255.8%67409.0212.84%18.18%24.3%18.28%-6.41%14.7%186.25%Financial Services777655.2317.48%NA49.3511377645
imgState Bank of India


Large CapBUY896.6720.44%47.53%99.69%148.39%11.1619.231.921.461.82%21384.15 Cr93.27%20.55%199.41%164914.367.74%25.6%54.3%11.28%79.4%-4.02%94.05%Financial Services748953.4318.81%NA76.3512899866
imgInfosys Ltd


Large CapBUY1590.19-10.61%15.06%-0.43%101.05%23.49347.660.813.07%7975 Cr30.46%8.88%35.14%37923-2.31%4.7%52.95%17.08%33.55%3.99%-11.64%Technology618175.6936.58%45.07%63.374236310
imgHindustan Unilever Ltd


Large CapBUY2580.5-33.23%-7.58%2.57%36.4%56.6970.8810.460.251.85%2561 Cr2.11%1.37%28.54%15041-1.65%2.17%31.62%16.61%3.83%-0.78%-2.34%Consumer Defensive582639.8919.99%24.8%43.751729485
imgITC Ltd


Large CapBUY495.79-28.11%-4.95%109.65%56.78%26.2629.017.050.694.04%5187.22 Cr-3.95%25.63%24.91%17767.61-0.59%16.93%43.59%27.46%-3.38%7.44%-13.01%Consumer Defensive538278.7729.08%38.11%15.679215454
imgLarsen & Toubro Ltd


Large CapBUY3864.9431.48%55.84%147.91%146.06%39.19106.258.051.370.9%5003.54 Cr39.2%23.33%20.63%67078.6821.68%20.6%62.61%7.04%14.4%2.26%-25.81%Real Estate506981.8513.69%15.37%113.261746301
imgBajaj Finance Ltd


Large CapBUY8354.68-21.66%-0.6%21.34%111.79%3131.796.591.030.53%3824.53 Cr5.1%63.74%118.62%NA0%30.84%56.96%27.8%0%25.14%39.28%Financial Services454439.2422%12.32%190.381187070
imgMaruti Suzuki India Ltd


Large CapBUY13592.629.64%34.76%84.31%95.17%29.7556.794.150.711.09%3952.3 Cr23.25%111.65%44.62%36694.215.23%33.1%55.39%6.98%6.96%59.01%-6.93%Consumer Cyclical403856.3911.51%13.96%271.89216900

Introduction to Sensex Stocks

Sensex Stocks represent a curated selection of top-performing companies listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE). These stocks collectively constitute the S&P BSE Sensex, a benchmark index that mirrors the overall performance of the Indian stock market. Investors often turn to Sensex Stocks for a diversified and comprehensive exposure to key sectors, providing insights into the broader economic landscape.

Why to invest in Sensex Stocks

  • Market Snapshot: Sensex Stocks offer a quick snapshot of the market's overall performance, reflecting key sectors.
  • Benchmark Alignment: Investing aligns with the S&P BSE Sensex, a widely tracked benchmark for market trends.
  • Stability and Reliability: These stocks provide stable and consistent performance, appealing to long-term investors.
  • Economic Indicator: Sensex Stocks serve as indicators of India's economic health and growth direction.
  • Diverse Sector Exposure: With representation across sectors, investing in Sensex Stocks ensures a diversified portfolio.

Advantages of investing in Sensex Stocks

Investing in Sensex Stocks provides diversified exposure, aligns with benchmark performance, and acts as a reliable economic indicator. These stable stocks offer long-term growth potential, and their high liquidity ensures accessibility for investors seeking a well-rounded and resilient portfolio.

  • Diversification Benefits

    Investing in Sensex Stocks offers inherent diversification benefits, as these stocks span multiple sectors, reducing the impact of sector-specific risks.

  • Benchmark Performance

    Aligning with the S&P BSE Sensex, these stocks allow investors to track and potentially benefit from the benchmark's overall market performance.

  • Economic Representation

    Sensex Stocks act as a representation of India's economic health, providing insights into the country's growth trajectory.

  • Market Stability

    Known for stability, Sensex Stocks offer a reliable investment avenue for those seeking consistent returns over the long term.

  • Long-Term Growth Potential

    Investors may tap into the long-term growth potential of these stocks, reflecting the upward trajectory of the Indian economy.

  • Liquidity and Accessibility

    Sensex Stocks typically exhibit high liquidity, making them easily tradable. This liquidity enhances accessibility for investors looking to buy or sell these stocks with ease.

Who should consider investing in Sensex Stocks

Sensex Stocks appeal to long-term investors seeking steady growth, risk-averse individuals valuing stability, and those tracking market indices. The broad sector representation and consistent performance make them suitable for diverse investment preferences.

  • Long-Term Investors

    Sensex Stocks are suitable for long-term investors aiming to capitalize on the steady growth potential of these stable and diversified assets.

  • Risk-Averse Individuals

    Investors with a preference for stability and lower risk may find Sensex Stocks appealing due to their consistent performance and broad market representation.

  • Market Index Followers

    Individuals who closely track benchmark indices, like the S&P BSE Sensex, may consider investing in Sensex Stocks to align their portfolios with overall market trends.

Points to consider before investing in Sensex Stocks

Before investing in Sensex Stocks, analyze individual stocks, consider economic conditions, monitor global market influences, assess sector-specific risks, anticipate market volatility, and align your investment goals for a well-informed investment strategy.

  • Individual Stock Analysis

    Conduct in-depth analysis of each Sensex Stock to understand their specific fundamentals, performance, and growth prospects.

  • Economic Conditions

    Evaluate current economic conditions and potential impact on Sensex Stocks, considering factors like inflation, interest rates, and GDP growth.

  • Global Market Influences

    Assess global market influences, as international events can affect Sensex Stocks. Consider geopolitical factors and trends in major economies.

  • Sector-Specific Risks

    Recognize sector-specific risks within the Sensex Stocks portfolio and understand how these factors may influence individual stock performance.

  • Market Volatility

    Acknowledge the potential for market volatility and be prepared for short-term fluctuations in Sensex Stocks.

  • Investment Goals Alignment

    Ensure that investing in Sensex Stocks aligns with your overall investment goals, risk tolerance, and preferred investment horizon.

How to start investing in Sensex Stocks with INDmoney?

To Invest in Sensex Stocks from INDmoney, you will need to open a Demat account with them. Once you have opened a Demat account, you can follow these steps to Invest in Sensex Stocks.

  • Step 1

    Complete KYC Process

  • Step 2

    Invest in Sensex Stocks

  • Step 3

    Choose for Intraday/Position

Should you invest in Sensex Stocks?

Investing in Sensex Stocks is prudent for long-term, risk-averse investors seeking stable growth aligned with India's economic trends. Evaluate individual stocks, consider economic conditions, and align with your investment goals for a well-informed decision on integrating these stocks into your portfolio.

Frequently Asked Questions

The S&P BSE Sensex is a benchmark index reflecting the performance of top stocks listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE).

Sensex Stocks offer diversified exposure, stability, and align with overall market trends for long-term growth.

Global events can influence these stocks, making it essential for investors to monitor geopolitical and economic developments.

While they offer stability, Sensex Stocks are generally more aligned with long-term investment strategies than short-term trading.

Mitigate risks by conducting thorough research on individual stocks, understanding sector-specific challenges, and aligning investments with your risk tolerance and goals.

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