Top Gainers

The top gainers refer to the stocks experiencing the highest percentage increase in price compared to the previous trading day. Investors closely monitor these top gainers today, as they often signal potential buying opportunities or emerging market trends.

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List of Top Gainers to Invest Today

What Are Top Gainers Stocks?
Top gainers stocks are the equities that have witnessed the most significant upward price movement on a particular trading day when compared to their closing prices from the previous session. These stocks are often identified as the day's biggest winners in terms of percentage gains.

Why Invest in Top Gainers Stocks?
 Investing in top gainers stocks can be appealing for several reasons:

  1. Potential for Quick Profits: Top gainers offer the possibility of realising substantial gains in a short period, making them attractive for traders seeking rapid returns.

  2. Identifying Emerging Trends: Analysing the top gainers can provide insights into emerging market trends, allowing investors to position themselves accordingly.

  3. Momentum Trading: Top gainers often exhibit strong momentum, which can be leveraged by momentum traders to capitalise on the positive price movements.

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M Cap
1Y Return
3Y Return
5Y Return
Industry PE
Net Profit Qtr
Net Profit QoQ %
Net Profit YoY %
Net Profit 3Y Change %
Rev Qtr (in Cr)
Rev QoQ (in %)
Rev 1Y change %
Rev 3Y change %
Profit Mar Qtr
Profit Mar QoQ
Profit Mar 1Y Change%
Profit Mar 3Y Change%
M Cap
imgAdani Power Ltd


LARGE CAP156.42%183.24%517.66%1497.33%14.4729.346.881.842737.24 Cr-0.03%94.18%1540.09%13363.692.87%29.86%92.02%41.37%-2.81%49.53%754.11%Utilities288016.9255.41%30.81%5410633883
imgTata Motors Ltd


LARGE CAP49.08%75.5%187.4%525.76%12.1356.7912.630.9417528.59 Cr145.31%1082.46%-344.36%119213.358.57%26.58%75.32%7.26%125.94%834.16%-239.39%Consumer Cyclical364189.8619.5%14.69%82.9911588639
imgAdani Wilmar Ltd


MID CAP-42.82%-17.87%28.39%28.39%302.1193.585.041.07154.56 Cr-24.98%-69.17%-73.83%13238.043.19%-11.9%38.21%0.33%-27.3%-65.01%-81.06%Edible Oil44760.933.42%9.6%1.311068862
imgInfosys Ltd


LARGE CAP-10.61%15.06%-0.43%101.05%23.49347.660.817975 Cr30.46%8.88%35.14%37923-2.31%4.7%52.95%17.08%33.55%3.99%-11.64%Technology618175.6936.58%45.07%63.374236310
imgTata Steel Ltd


LARGE CAP35.83%60.52%65.93%287.13%-50.3228.070.951.5554.56 Cr6.21%-80.66%588.05%58445.896.79%-0.25%74.05%3.32%-0.55%-80.61%295.32%Industrials228635.811.98%13.87%6.6128504290
imgYes Bank Ltd


MID CAP21.86%46.52%73.16%-79.5%54.1119.231.091.29467.29 Cr92.63%-30.85%-104.48%9099.610.39%19.64%-29.42%2.74%74.5%-42.2%-106.34%Financial Services74602.741.51%NA0.2685006252
imgZomato Ltd


LARGE CAP126.23%145.54%47.81%47.81%465.62.050.78175 Cr26.81%-20.57%-59.3%35628.33%68.86%171.79%-13.72%17.06%-52.96%-85.02%Technology164259.650.17%0.25%-1.1629801324
imgITC Ltd


LARGE CAP-28.11%-4.95%109.65%56.78%26.2629.017.050.695187.22 Cr-3.95%25.63%24.91%17767.61-0.59%16.93%43.59%27.46%-3.38%7.44%-13.01%Consumer Defensive538278.7729.08%38.11%15.679215454
imgWipro Ltd


LARGE CAP-4.67%25.61%-14.53%59.62%22.87343.1912858.2 Cr5.84%-7.16%16.32%22208.30.01%14.09%48.01%12.56%5.82%-18.63%-21.41%Technology249729.8315.67%18.81%20.715659481
imgHDFC Bank Ltd


LARGE CAP-25.41%-0.45%8.92%31.87%17.6819.233.211.0717622.38 Cr2.11%20.88%68.77%124391.358.15%22.05%39.16%22.47%-5.58%-0.96%21.28%Financial Services1214546.8216.96%NA82.7112769427


Top gainers are typically determined by calculating the percentage change in a stock's price from the previous day's closing price to the current day's price. The stocks with the highest positive percentage changes are considered the top gainers for that trading day.

Tracking Top Gainers can provide investors with insights into market trends, sectors experiencing growth, and potential investment opportunities, although it requires careful analysis beyond just the price increase.

Yes, Top Gainers may indicate investment opportunities, particularly if the price increase is supported by strong fundamentals or positive industry news, but investors should conduct thorough research to understand the risks.

There can be various reasons why a stock becomes one of the top gainers on a given day. Some common factors include positive earnings reports, favourable news or developments related to the company, increased investor interest or demand, or overall bullish market sentiment.

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