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What is FD Calculator?

A fixed deposit (FD) is a type of term investment plan that offers fixed returns periodically. It is offered by banks and NBFCs and the interest rate in FDs is higher than standard savings schemes. FD schemes have a lock-in period for maturity and the interest rate is fixed and does not change with market fluctuations.

A fixed deposit calculator helps you to determine the interest and maturity amount that you will receive at the time of maturity. It gives you the exact figure for returns that your deposit will accrue for a particular time period.

How FD Calculator Works?

An FD calculator is an online tool that shows you the maturity amount you will receive from your fixed deposit. You need to input a few details in the calculator:

  1. Investment amount: The amount that you will invest in an FD scheme
  2. Tenure: The lock-in period you will opt for your deposit
  3. Interest rate: The rate of interest of fixed deposit offered by the bank

The FD interest calculator will calculate and show you the interest and the maturity amount based on your inputs. You can also change the values of your investment, tenure and interest rate and the FD rate calculator will display the results accordingly.

There are two types of FD that you can avail- Non-cumulative Interest FD and Cumulative Interest FD.

  1. In a non-cumulative FD, you will receive the interest earned annually and your principal investment will remain the same at the end of every year.
  2. In a cumulative FD, the interest earned annually gets added to the principal investment and follows compounding. This helps you earn higher returns.

An FD interest rates calculator for non-cumulative fixed deposits uses the following formula to determine the maturity amount:

A = P + (PxRxT/100) where,

  • A is the total amount that you will receive at the time of maturity
  • P is the principal amount that you have invested
  • R is the annual rate of return

For example, if you have invested Rs 1,00,000 (P) for 10 years (T) in a non-cumulative FD scheme that is offering a 6% annual rate of interest (R), your maturity amount (A) will be Rs 1,60,000. This means you have earned a total of Rs 60,000 as interest.

For cumulative fixed deposits, the formula is:

A = P + P x (1 + R/100)^T where

For example, if you have invested Rs 1,00,000 for 10 years in a cumulative FD scheme with 6% annual interest, your maturity amount will be Rs 1,81,402. This shows that you have earned Rs 81,402 as interest.

How to Use FD Calculator?

A fixed deposit interest calculator is fairly easy to use. You need to follow a few simple steps to calculate the returns on your fixed deposit using the FD calculator online.

  • Choose an online FD calculator from the internet. INDmoney’s online fixed deposit rates calculator is a simple-to-use tool that helps you determine FD returns easily.
  • Enter the amount that you will invest in a fixed deposit scheme
  • Select the time period and rate of interest that the particular FD scheme is offering
  • The calculator will then show you the maturity amount instantly
  • You can also change all the inputs to compare different investment setups and the calculator will show you the results accordingly

Benefits of Using INDmoney’s FD Calculator

INDmoney’s FD calculator helps you in a number of ways to achieve your financial goals.

  1. Calculating returns from a fixed deposit is fairly complex and involves a number of variables. INDmoney’s FD calculator saves you from doing manual calculations and shows you the FD returns within a moment.
  2. You can change the rate of interest in INDmoney’s FD calculator as many times as possible and get the maturity amount accordingly. This will help you compare FD plans offered by different banks and choose the one that fits your financial aim.
  3. Since the rate of interest on FD schemes is fixed, the calculator will show the exact amount that you will receive at maturity. You can thus pre-plan your financial goals from the money that you will receive from the FD.

Open an FD Account

A fixed deposit is the safest way to grow your money. If you are looking for a risk-free investment option, you can put your money in a fixed deposit scheme to get a healthy return at maturity. Fixed deposits have a number of perks over other investment options.

Guaranteed Returns

Fixed deposit offers guaranteed returns on your investment. The rate of interest while opening a fixed deposit account remains the same until maturity. You will receive a fixed return, irrespective of the market fluctuations.


Opening an FD account is completely hassle-free. You can now open a fixed deposit account online in a few clicks with all major banks.

Zero Worries

Unlike investments that are subject to market risks, fixed deposits provide guaranteed returns. With an FD, you do not have to worry and there is no need to keep looking at your investment continuously till maturity.

Can be Your Regular Sources of Income

You can earn a regular fixed income in the form of interest from your fixed deposit. This will give you financial stability during hard economic times as well.

Save Tax

You can claim exemptions from Section 80C of the Income Tax Act and save taxes on the interest earned from your fixed deposit.

Fixed Deposit FAQs

What is the minimum amount required to open an FD account?

You can open an FD account with as low as Rs 1,000. However, it is recommended to invest a lumpsum amount in a fixed deposit to earn healthy returns.

What happens if the interest rate offered by the bank changes after I opt for FD?

Even though the interest rate changes, you will get returns based on the same interest rate that was offered to you by the bank while opening an FD account. The returns from FD are guaranteed irrespective of the fluctuations in interest rates over time.

Is there any exclusive benefit for senior citizens for fixed deposits?

Yes, most banks these days offer a bit higher interest rate to senior citizens on their fixed deposits.

Can I withdraw my deposit from the FD account before maturity?

Yes, you can withdraw partial or complete deposits from your FD account whenever you want to. However, the bank might charge a penalty or may reduce the rate of interest for a pre-mature withdrawal.

Is there any nomination facility in FD?

Yes, the depositor can keep a nominee for his/her fixed deposit account. In case of the death of the depositor, the nominee can claim the maturity amount.

How much loan can I take against my FD?

Banks generally offer loans ranging from 60-90% of the FD amount. You can also take a loan of a higher amount but this might come at the cost of a higher interest rate.

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