DSP Mutual Fund

DSP Mutual Fund

DSP Mutual Fund's full form is Discipline Science and Processes, which reflects its 160-year legacy in the investment journey. This is one of the prominent asset management companies in India established in the 1860s as a stock-broking firm. 

This company registered itself with SEBI in January 1997. After BlackRock took over the global asset management business, the new name for this firm became DSP BlackRock Investment Managers Ltd. 

The AUM of DSP Mutual Funds was Rs. 1,39, 772.52 crores till 31 December 2023. This makes DSP Mutual Fund's AUM 2.73% of the total industry's AUM. 

List of DSP Asset Managers Private Limited Fund Managers

AUM (Cr)
Chirag Dagli
20 Years
₹283497 Cr
Diipesh Shah
20 Years
₹3382 Cr
Anil Ghelani
18 Years
₹2374 Cr
Jay Kothari
15 Years
Kedar Karnik
10 Years
Laukik Bagwe
11 Years
Vinit Sambre
16 Years
Resham Jain
10 Years
Rohit Singhania
15 Years
Gauri Sekaria
11 Years
Charanjit Singh
16 Years
Abhishek Ghosh
14 Years

Key information about DSP Mutual Fund


Registered Office: NATRAJ, Office No. 302, 3rd Floor, Plot No - 194, MV Road Junction, Western Express Highway, Andheri (East) - 400069

Phone Number

WhatsApp number: 7738000030 (Investors) and 8451944447 (Distributors)

Indian Investors: 1800-208-4499 / 1800-200-4499 (Telephone)

Foreign Investors: 044-61360066 (Telephone)

For instant portfolio and account statement information: 9015039000 (missed call)

Factors to consider before investing in DSP Mutual Fund

Here are a few factors that you must consider to keep in mind before starting your investment journey with DSP Mutual Fund.

  • Investment Goal and Tenure

    These two factors go hand in hand when it comes to mutual fund investment. To choose a fitting mutual fund for your portfolio, you must have a clear idea of your investment goal. Knowing this, you can have a rough idea of how long you can stay invested. Also, this will help you decide your mode of investment. 

    Furthermore, if you wish to inculcate a habit of saving for your future at the start of your career, you may go ahead with SIP investment in large-cap or mid-cap equity mutual funds. Your risk appetite can help you decide which type of investment is better to help achieve your goals without facing losses that can burden your finances. 

  • Fund Type

    Before starting your investment journey, consider having a basic idea of the different types of funds that you will come across. This will let you know which mutual fund investment is right for your finances. This will also allow you to build a strong DSP Mutual Fund portfolio for better capital growth against market volatility. 

  • Fund Managers

    Before finalising a mutual fund, consider looking into the background of fund managers associated here. Having a rough idea of their experience will act as an assurance that your investment is in safe hands. 

    For instance, to invest in DSP mutual funds, consider researching Rohit Singhania. He has a total experience of 17 years in this domain and manages 8 mutual fund schemes under DSP AMC. He is also the co-founder of DSP Natural Resources and New Energy Fund. 

  • Expense Ratio

    DSP Mutual Fund charges a small percentage of assets as an expense ratio. This is the annual cost which AMCs charge for managing the funds on your behalf. While choosing an appropriate mutual fund for you, consider opting for those with a low expense ratio. A higher expense ratio might impact your net returns. Therefore, it is necessary to compare these ratios to make an informed decision.

  • Fund Performance

    Along with all the above points, consider studying and comparing the DSP Mutual Fund's performance to choose the right one for you. In the INDMoney app, you can see the different annual performances of every mutual fund to choose the right one for you. 

    You can also find DSP Mutual Fund’s 1, 3 and 5-year performances. This might help you predict whether the mutual fund has the potential to generate returns to align with your goals in the long run. 

    Furthermore, you can also use the INDMoney DSP Mutual Fund SIP calculator to have a rough idea of your maturity amount. This will help you decide how much you should invest as a lump sum or SIP to earn the desired return on maturity. Also, calculating returns beforehand helps you decide on an appropriate investment tenure for capital growth. 

  • Fund Type and Performance

    Along with the above, you must also have a clear knowledge of which mutual fund type will be the perfect fit for your investment goals. You can choose between debt, hybrid or equity mutual funds as per your risk appetite. 

    You should also analyse the mutual fund's annual performance before investing in one. Consider checking its 1,3, and 5 years performances to have a better idea of the mutual fund scheme. 

    For instance, the 3-5 years returns from Axis Mid Cap Fund under Axis Mutual Fund range from 14.19% to 11.74%. This can be a good option for investors looking for capital growth without facing major losses against market fluctuation. 

How to Invest in DSP Mutual Funds with INDMoney?

Now that you have an idea about DSP Mutual Fund, use the INDmoney application to start your investment journey. here is a list of steps to follow:

  • Step 1:

    Download the INDmoney app and create your free investment account by completing your KYC ( Know Your Customer).

  • Step 2:

    Once your Free investment account is ready, you can either search for DSP Mutual Fund or go to the mutual fund section.

  • Step 3:

    Choose any DSP Mutual Fund by looking at aspects like past returns, volatility, downside capture ratio, AUM, Expense ratios and underlying stocks and sectors.

  • Step 4:

    You can choose to set up SIP in any DSP Mutual Fund or even invest as a lump sum. Once you are on the individual DSP Mutual Fund page click from the bottom "One-time" for lump sum investment or "SIP" for a systematic investment plan. 

  • Step 5:

    Choose the amount that you want to invest as SIP or LumpSum.

  • Step 6:

    Set up payments. If you choose to set up SIP in any Axis Mutual Fund, you can do a free automatic pay set-up via bank mandate or UPI. If you choose to invest in a lump sum (one-time) then you can pay via UPI, net banking, NEFT or RTGS.

Frequently asked questions

Arpana Karnik, Jay Kothari, Rohit Singhania, Vinit Sambre, Resham Jain, Ravi Gehani, Diipesh Shah, Laukik Baugwe and Sandeep Yadav are the fund managers for DSP Mutual Fund. 

You can calculate the Daily/ Weekly/ Monthly/ Quarterly SIP Amount for all DSP Mutual Funds using INDMoney’s Trust SIP Calculator

You can receive your DSP Mutual Fund account statement on your registered email and INDMoney’s online portal after you invest. 

SEBI regulates transactions at DSP Mutual Fund. It ensures the financial security of the investments. You must bear in mind though that mutual fund investments are subject to market risks. Thus, you must study the market risks before investing in DSP Mutual Fund.

There are various ways you can redeem your DSP Mutual Fund. If you have invested from IND money, you can simply place your redemption request from the INDmoney mobile app.

Some of the factors you should consider for investing in a mutual fund are:

  • Experience of the fund manager
  • Past performance of the fund
  • AMC’s reputation
  • Your risk appetite
  • Investment horizon
  • Portfolio of the scheme

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