IT Stocks

This curated collection of stocks includes the top Information Technology stocks listed in Indian stock exchanges. IT stocks are a core part of the Indian equity markets and are among the top large cap stocks anyone can hold.

Technological Innovation

Technological Innovation

Global Market Presence

Global Market Presence

Scalability and Efficiency

Scalability and Efficiency

Strong Fundamentals

Strong Fundamentals

M Cap
Analyst Rating
Target Price
1Y Return
3Y Return
5Y Return
Industry PE
Div Yld
Net Profit Qtr
Net Profit QoQ %
Net Profit YoY %
Net Profit 3Y Change %
Rev Qtr (in Cr)
Rev QoQ (in %)
Rev 1Y change %
Rev 3Y change %
Profit Mar Qtr
Profit Mar QoQ
Profit Mar 1Y Change%
Profit Mar 3Y Change%
M Cap
imgTata Consultancy Services Ltd


Large CapHOLD3960.6-6.18%17.91%34.34%109.53%33.6539.9115.770.89NA11058 Cr-2.5%9.97%30.32%614451.23%16.93%41.7%18.41%-3.69%-5.95%-8.03%Technology1501381.9651.8%63.59%115.581307543
imgInfosys Ltd


Large CapBUY1675.05-15.97%7.44%32.81%129.63%28.8839.918.741.272.38%6106 Cr-1.71%8.98%45.2%39610-0.04%20.6%59.7%16.12%-1.67%-9.64%-9.08%Technology695760.2833.96%43.01%58.264880490
imgHCL Technologies Ltd


Large CapHOLD1577.1825.6%50.28%76.79%218.73%28.7639.917.170.994.42%4350 Cr13.52%10.02%34.31%288166.58%18.55%44.36%14.44%6.51%-7.2%-6.96%Technology451160.3927.38%33.88%54.681776866
imgWipro Ltd


Large CapHOLD459.3310.27%33.65%26.22%92.76%25.7839.913.191.230.27%2694.2 Cr1.81%-7.19%16.74%22803-1.95%13.91%45.67%12.24%3.83%-18.52%-19.86%Technology270913.1615.67%18.81%20.7117470244
imgLTIMindtree Ltd


Large CapHOLD5967.46-9.42%14.86%43.98%219.24%35.9239.918.81.171.26%1168.9 Cr0.61%11.65%190%9236.12.07%25.55%201.04%13.07%-1.43%-11.07%-3.67%Technology163550.328.49%35.41%149319044
imgTech Mahindra Ltd


Large CapHOLD1289.24-6.96%15.35%32.85%62.12%40.8739.914.261.064.54%510.4 Cr3.34%-13.2%19.79%13193.60.5%18.56%42.55%8.9%2.83%-26.79%-15.96%Technology126937.4314.69%17.87%55.191994572
imgOracle Financial Services Software Ltd


Mid CapBUY6260123.57%145%156.18%123.97%32.0339.914.70.896.89%740.81 Cr77.46%-4.38%23.52%1917.5727.02%9.98%16.9%30.66%39.71%-13.05%5.66%Technology67682.8130.02%38.37%209.05219217
imgPersistent Systems Ltd


Mid CapHOLD7627.1657.35%80.63%418.88%1285.76%64.7539.918.940.971.08%286.13 Cr8.68%33.42%170.68%2536.533.58%43.84%127.71%10.94%4.93%-7.24%18.87%Technology67118.9921.79%28.14%120.52197037
imgL&T Technology Services Ltd


Mid CapHOLD4835.9623.19%47.87%104.82%272.38%44.339.917.60.951.33%336.2 Cr6.59%22.24%42.9%2484.22.33%22.31%41.07%14.23%4.17%-0.06%1.3%Technology57426.9125.62%33.33%111.2988551
imgMphasis Ltd


Mid CapHOLD2477.721.64%25.28%70.34%169.11%33.7139.916.761.332.78%373.6 Cr-4.68%14.47%38.24%3392.192%15.16%54.74%11.73%-6.55%-0.6%-10.67%Technology51165.6329.9%34.94%86.941103331
imgTata Elxsi Ltd


Mid CapSELL7227.38-9.88%12.77%166.97%774.42%458.6939.9117.80.63NA29.83 Cr7.46%41.18%194.94%230.774.04%8.39%57.28%11.96%3.28%30.26%87.52%Technology46521.7540.97%46.63%15.2980892
imgKPIT Technologies Ltd


Mid CapBUY154771.02%95.49%1157.4%1510%83.6439.9118.070.710.44%155.33 Cr10.28%38.93%158.17%1275.755.55%38.58%57.2%11.1%4.48%0.26%64.22%Technology45048.6821.53%26.45%14.31732614

Introduction to IT Stocks

The dynamic world of 'IT Stocks,' where innovation meets investment. These stocks represent companies at the forefront of technological advancements, driving global market trends. With a focus on scalability, efficiency, and strong fundamentals, investing in IT stocks offers a gateway to a sector known for continuous innovation, global market presence, and the potential for sustained growth. This introduction invites you to explore the promising landscape of IT stocks, where the intersection of technology and investment opportunities paves the way for a compelling journey in the ever-evolving information technology sector.

Why to invest in IT Stocks

  • Technological Advancements: IT stocks offer exposure to technological leaders driving innovation for sustained growth.
  • Global Market Opportunities: Many IT companies have a global presence, providing diverse market opportunities for investors.
  • Resilience and Adaptability: The IT sector's resilience and adaptability make IT stocks appealing in dynamic market conditions.
  • Scalability and Efficiency: IT stocks efficiently scale operations to capitalize on emerging trends.
  • Strong Fundamentals: With robust financials and a commitment to research, IT stocks boast strong fundamentals for investment.

Advantages of investing in IT Stocks

Dive into the world of IT stocks, where technological leadership, global market presence, and resilience make them a compelling investment. With scalability, continuous innovation, and strong financials, IT stocks offer a dynamic opportunity for growth in an ever-evolving sector.

  • Technological Leadership

    IT stocks offer exposure to companies at the forefront of technological innovation, providing a competitive edge in the market.

  • Global Market Presence

    Many IT firms have a strong global presence, enabling investors to diversify and tap into international market opportunities.

  • Resilience to Economic Changes

    The IT sector's adaptability and resilience make IT stocks attractive during economic fluctuations, providing stability to portfolios.

  • Scalability and Efficiency

    IT stocks demonstrate scalability, efficiently expanding operations to meet growing demand and capitalize on emerging trends.

  • Continuous Innovation

    Investing in IT stocks allows participation in industries known for continuous innovation, fostering long-term growth potential.

  • Strong Financials

    IT stocks often exhibit strong financial fundamentals, with companies prioritizing research and development, attracting investors seeking stability and growth.

Who should consider investing in IT Stocks

For tech enthusiasts, global-minded investors, and those seeking long-term growth, IT stocks offer a gateway to innovation, global opportunities, and sustained market relevance. Explore the potential of this dynamic sector.

  • Tech Enthusiasts

    Individuals passionate about technology and keen on investing in innovative advancements may find IT stocks appealing.

  • Global-Minded Investors:

    Investors seeking exposure to global markets and international business opportunities may consider investing in IT stocks.

  • Long-Term Growth Seekers

    Those with a focus on long-term growth and innovation as key investment criteria may find IT stocks aligning with their investment objectives.

Points to consider before investing in IT Stocks

Before investing in IT stocks, assess the technological landscape, company financials, competitive positioning, innovation pipeline, global exposure, and the regulatory environment. These factors are vital for making informed investment decisions in the dynamic IT sector.

  • Technological Landscape

    Assess the current technological landscape to understand how IT stocks align with emerging trends and market demands.

  • Company Financials

    Thoroughly analyze the financial health of IT companies, considering factors like revenue growth, profit margins, and debt levels.

  • Competitive Positioning

    Evaluate the competitive positioning of IT stocks within their industry to gauge their ability to navigate market challenges.

  • Innovation Pipeline

    Examine the innovation pipeline of IT companies, as consistent technological advancements are crucial for sustained growth.

  • Global Exposure

    Consider the extent of global exposure, as IT stocks with diverse international operations may offer additional growth opportunities.

  • Regulatory Environment

    Stay informed about the regulatory environment affecting the IT sector, as changes can impact business operations and financial performance.

Limitations of investing in IT Stocks

While IT stocks offer growth, be mindful of market volatility, rapid tech changes, and regulatory risks. Assess these factors to navigate challenges wisely and make informed investment decisions in this dynamic sector.

  • Market Volatility

    IT stocks can be subject to market volatility, impacting share prices and potentially leading to short-term fluctuations.

  • Rapid Technological Changes

    The rapid pace of technological advancements may pose challenges, as companies need to continually innovate to stay competitive.

  • Regulatory Risks

    Changes in the regulatory environment, especially regarding data privacy and cybersecurity, can pose risks to IT stocks and impact their operations.

How to start investing in Invest in IT Stocks with INDmoney?

To buy Invest in IT Stocks from INDmoney, you will need to open a Demat account with them. Once you have opened a Demat account, you can follow these steps to buy Invest in IT Stocks:

  • Step 1

    Complete KYC Process

  • Step 2

    Invest in IT Stocks

  • Step 3

    Choose for Intraday/Position

Should you invest in Invest in IT Stocks?

Investing in IT stocks can be rewarding for those seeking growth in the dynamic tech sector. Evaluate your risk tolerance and align with long-term trends to harness the potential of innovation and global opportunities in the ever-evolving IT landscape.

Frequently Asked Questions

IT stocks represent shares in companies within the information technology sector, involved in technology development, services, and solutions.

Look for companies with strong financials, innovation pipelines, and a competitive edge in the rapidly evolving technology landscape.

While the sector can be volatile, certain IT stocks may suit investors seeking growth with a long-term perspective.

Global factors, such as international market exposure and regulatory changes, can significantly influence the performance of IT stocks.

Innovation is a crucial factor. Companies at the forefront of technological advancements often present better investment opportunities in the IT sector.

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