Top Debt Funds

Best Liquid Mutual Funds

These funds lend to companies for a period of upto 91 days. No lock-in, no entry/exit loads, near zero risk and easy one day withdrawal.
Investment Horizon: Upto 3 MonthsReturns With Near Zero Risk: 4% - 5%

What are liquid funds?

Liquid funds are debt funds that invest in fixed-income instruments such as commercial papers, government securities, treasury bills, and many more. The Best liquid funds to invest in will invest in securities with an underlying maturity period of up to 91 days. This implies lesser volatility in the funds returns due to short maturity.

What are the benefits of investing in the best liquid funds?

The table below shows a comparison of Liquid Funds with Savings Account.

ParticularsSavings AccountLiquid Fund
Returns2.7% - 4%3.5%- 5.5%
RiskVery low riskSlightly higher than Savings A/c
TaxationAs per income slabMuch lower tax in long-term due to indexation benefit

What should you know before investing in the top liquid funds?

How to Start Investing Online in the Best Liquid Funds

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Liquid assets are best for those with a lump sum for long-haul investments that they wish to contribute deliberately or intermittently through a systematic transfer plan (STP) into another resource class like equity. Online tools and experienced financial advisors at INDmoney helps investors without any transaction fee & charges. The portal allows investors to track portfolios and manage all investments from one place. All of this comes with instant processing and paperless approval.


By their very nature, liquid funds allow investors to park their money for a short time with no lock-in period and withdraw it as per their choice. Top liquid funds bear less risk than ultra-short-term funds and do not have any exit load. Young investors often prefer these since they have a residual maturity of up to 91 days. Parking in liquid funds depends on your investment purpose, be it for growth or for reinvesting the profit. The very nature of the best liquid mutual funds makes them a perfect fit for all your investment needs for short-term financial gains.

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