The trading and investing community closely tracks GIFT Nifty (earlier known as SGX Nifty) outside of regular market hours. This is because the Gift Nifty live price indicates the Nifty 50 Index's market opening price for the upcoming trading session. The main index of the NSE India stock exchange, which represents the performance of 50 major Indian companies, is called the Nifty 50.

The live prices of Gift Nifty typically fluctuate based on global cues, major geopolitical events, company results, and macroeconomic data released post-market hours.

Investor sentiment can shift as a result of these occurrences, and during post-market hours, they can trade to protect their position.

What is GIFT Nifty?

GIFT Nifty has been introduced as the rebranded version of SGX Nifty, with all open positions from SGX transferred to NSE International Exchange IFSC Limited (NSE IX).

NSE IX, a GIFT City-based subsidiary of NSE enables trading in securities. And this is done in currencies other than the Indian rupee.

Four products: GIFT Nifty 50, GIFT Nifty Bank, GIFT Nifty Financial Services, and GIFT Nifty IT derivative contracts come under the GIFT City umbrella brand.

About SGX Nifty (Now GIFT Nifty)

The Singapore Exchange had a licensing agreement with NSE, which permitted it to facilitate trading in Nifty futures and options in Singapore. However, in 2018, NSE terminated this licensing pact with the exchange.

SGX Nifty vs GIFT Nifty

FeatureSGX Nifty (Before July 2023)GIFT Nifty (After July 2023)
LocationSingapore Exchange (SGX)NSE International Exchange (NSE IX)
Regulatory FrameworkSingaporean regulationsInternational Financial Services Centre Authority (IFSCA)


How does Gift Nifty work?

The GIFT Nifty operates for about 21 hours and is open on Indian public holidays too, allowing you to track the movement of Indian markets accurately.

Gift Nifty mirrors the Indian Nifty and can be used to predict the Indian market's direction.

What is the timing for trading in GIFT NIFTY?

GIFT Nifty trading operates in two sessions:

  • First Session: 6:30 AM to 3:40 PM IST (Indian Standard Time)
  • Second Session: 4:35 PM to 2:45 AM IST (the next day)

Frequently Asked Questions

GIFT Nifty, previously known as SGX Nifty, is a derivative contract based on the Nifty 50 index and is traded on the NSE International Exchange (NSE IX) for over 20 hours.

Nifty 50 is the stock market index of the National Stock Exchange (NSE) of India, which consists of 50 actively traded Indian companies listed on the exchange. GIFT Nifty, on the other hand, is a derivative contract of Nifty 50. This means that the value of GIFT Nifty is based on the value of Nifty 50, but they are separate indices. GIFT Nifty trades on NSE IX.

The SGX Nifty is the Nifty index futures traded on the Singapore Exchange, while the GIFT Nifty is the Nifty index futures traded on the Gujarat International Finance Tech (GIFT) City exchange in India.

The GIFT Nifty is the updated version of the SGX Nifty, which traders and investors use to assess market sentiments. Previously, the SGX Nifty was based on the Singapore Exchange, but with the introduction of the GIFT Nifty, its base has been shifted to the NSE International Exchange (NSE IX) in GIFT City, Gujarat.

Gift Nifty trading starts at 6:30 AM IST. And its second session for international markets runs from 4:35 PM IST until 2:45 AM IST (the next day).

Foreign exchange regulations prohibit Indian retail investors from trading in the GIFT Nifty. NRIs, Foreign Portfolio Investors (FPIs), and Eligible Foreign Investors (EFIs) can trade through a broker who is a member of the NSE IX.

The GIFT Nifty is a derivative product that tracks the Nifty 50 index, which comprises the 50 largest companies listed on the National Stock Exchange of India (NSE). Some leading Indian companies on the Nifty 50 include Reliance Industries Limited (RIL), Infosys Limited (INFY), Tata Consultancy Services Limited (TCS), Hindustan Unilever Limited (HUL), and ITC Limited (ITC).