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Best Balanced Mutual Funds

These funds tend to invest equal amounts in debt and equity for a perfectly balanced portfolio.
Equity Exposure: 40%-60%Growth with Stability: 10% - 12%

What are Best Balanced Funds?

If you plan to invest in the market’s potential and minimise your investment risk, then Top Balanced Funds are the best option for you. Most of the Best Balanced Funds India invest 50 - 70% in equity instruments and the rest in Debt instruments. If the equity portion is more than 65%, then the fund is called Equity Oriented Balanced Mutual Fund, and if the equity allocation is below 65%, then it is termed as Debt oriented Balanced Mutual Fund.

Advantages of Investing in Best Balanced Mutual Funds

Things to be considered before investing

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Taxability of Best Balanced Mutual Fund

Equity-oriented Balanced funds have a larger portion of their assets (at least 65%) invested in equity and qualify for the same tax treatment as equity funds. This means any capital gains are taxed at the rate of 15% if held for less than 1 year at the STCG tax rate. Investments held for more than 1 year, qualify for a LTCG tax rate of 10%, with tax exemption on gains up to Rs 1 lakh.
Debt-oriented balanced funds are treated like debt mutual funds for taxation purposes. Investments less than 3 years are considered short-term and taxed at the slab rate. But if the holding period exceeds three years, the gains are considered as long term and are taxed at 20% after indexation benefit.


Top Balanced Mutual Funds invests both in Equity Instruments and Debt Instruments. The debt instruments add stability to the fund as the return from the debt instrument is fixed and stable. While on the other hand, the equity instruments help the fund enjoy capital appreciation in the long run.

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