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These funds invest in stocks falling in the range of 100-250 in terms of market cap. These have high growth potential but are riskier than large caps.
Indian Companies: Mid SizedGrowth With Moderate Risk: 22% - 24%

What are Mid-cap funds?

Mutual funds can be classified based on the market capitalisation of the underlying stocks they invest in. Mid-cap mutual funds invest in stocks of companies listed from rank 101-250 as per the market capitalization, which have the potential to offer better returns than large-cap stocks, with lesser risk than small-cap stocks.

Advantages of investing in best mid cap mutual funds

Things to consider before investing in best mid cap mutual funds

First to consider is, the performance of the mid cap funds—present as well as historical, through the bullish and bearish market cycles. It takes a lot of research to pick the best mid cap mutual funds, and at Indmoney, you will get expert assistance for the same. Apart from this, you might consider the following:

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To conclude, there is an underlying risk in all mutual funds. Mid cap companies can either be well established or just starting to grow, but they have the potential to even outgrow the market. This perception-based investor confidence has led to the massive growth in net AUM of mid-cap funds from Rs 88,734 crores in August 2020 to Rs. 1,46,626 crores in August 2021, as per Association of Mutual Funds of India.
However, they are more prone to failures too. The trick is to select the best mid cap stocks to buy for the long term, with expert advice from Indmoney, that facilitates you to select, and start early as a first time investor.

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