Flexi Cap Mutual Fund

Flexi cap mutual funds are equity funds that have the flexibility to invest in Large, mid & small cap companies. This flexibility lets the fund manager decide where to invest based on which companies are doing well.

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Flexibility to change portfolios in line with market dynamics

Flexibility to change portfolios in line with market dynamics

Comparatively High Risk than large cap funds

Comparatively High Risk than large cap funds

What are Flexi Cap Mutual Funds?

Flexi Cap Mutual Funds are a type of investment fund where your money is put into a regulated pool and then used to buy shares in different kinds of companies: big ones, medium ones, and small ones. This mix helps lower the risk of your investment because if one type of company does badly, it doesn't affect your entire portfolio. These funds can move money around to different kinds of companies as the market changes, which helps maximize the chances of making money.

Best Flexi Cap Mutual Funds to Invest

    Fund Categories
    AMC/Fund Houses
    ICICI Prudential Asset Management Company LimitedHDFC Asset Management Co LtdSBI Funds Management LtdKotak Mahindra Asset Management Co LtdNippon Life India Asset Management LtdAditya Birla Sun Life AMC LtdAxis Asset Management Company LimitedUTI Asset Management Co LtdMirae Asset Investment Managers (India) Private LimitedDSP Asset Managers Private LimitedTata Asset Management LimitedBandhan Asset Management Company LimitedDSP Investment Managers Private LimitedHSBC Asset Management(India)Private LtdIDFC Asset Management Company LimitedFranklin Templeton Asst Mgmt(IND)Pvt LtdCanara Robeco Asset Management Co. Ltd.Edelweiss Asset Management LimitedQuant Money Managers LimitedInvesco Asset Management (India) Private LtdMirae Asset Mutual FundPPFAS Asset Management Pvt. LtdSundaram Asset Management Company LtdMotilal Oswal Asset Management Co. LtdMirae Asset Global Inv (India) Pvt. LtdBaroda BNP Paribas Asset Management India Pvt. Ltd.LIC Mutual Fund Asset Management LimitedDaiwa Asset Mgmt. (India) Pvt. Ltd.PGIM India Asset Management Private LimitedMahindra Manulife Investment Management Pvt. Ltd.Fund PineBridge Mutual FundJM Financial Asset Management LimitedBaroda Asset Management India LimitedUnion Asset Management Co. Pvt. Ltd.Principal Asset Management Private LimitedJPMorgan Asset Management India Pvt. LtdEdelweiss Mutual FundBajaj Finserv Asset Management Limited360 ONE Asset Management LimitedWhiteOak Capital Asset Management LimitedBank of India Investment Managers Private LimitedITI Asset Management LimitedNavi AMC LimitedNJ Asset Management Private LimitedICICI Prudential Asset Mgmt.Company LimitedFranklin Templeton Asset ManagementIDBI Asset Management LimitedQuantum Asset Management Co Pvt. Ltd.Samco Asset Management Pvt LtdHelios Capital Asset Management (India) Private LimitedGroww Asset Management Ltd.Trust Asset Management Private LimitedTaurus Asset Management Company LimitedShriram Asset Management Co LtdZerodha Asset Management Private LimitedOld Bridge Asset Management Private LimitedING Investment Mgnt (India) Private Ltd.Baroda BNP Paribas Mutual Fund


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    Benefits of Investing in Flexi Cap Funds

    • Diversification

      These funds invest in large, mid and small companies. Money managers have the flexibility to tactically allocate across market cap.

    • Proven Performers

      The companies in Flexi Cap Funds have a history of consistent performance, which can mean more reliable growth of your investment.

    • Spread Out Risk

      By including Flexi Cap Funds, you diversify your risk across different companies and sectors, which can protect your portfolio from stock specific risk.

    Limitations of Flexi Cap Mutual Funds

    • Dependence on Fund Manager's

      The success of these funds hinges greatly on the fund manager's ability to select the most promising companies amidst a vast array of options. Their skill in navigating market trends directly impacts the fund's performance, making it crucial to entrust your investments to a competent manager.

    • Alignment with Investor Risk Preferences

      There's a risk of divergence between the risk appetite and return expectations of investors and the fund manager's strategy. Different funds may pursue varying levels of risk, with some favoring aggressive approaches by investing in mid and small-cap companies, while others opt for safer options with larger caps. Selecting funds that match your risk tolerance is vital to avoid either excessive risk-taking or overly cautious investment strategies.

    • Importance of Fund Selection

      Choosing the right funds is paramount to achieving your financial objectives while managing risk appropriately. Your selection should reflect your investment goals and comfort level with risk. Failing to align your choices with these factors could result in suboptimal returns or exposure to undue risk.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Yes, we have an option of Flexi SIP where we can pause and restart the SIP.

    We also give an option to edit our SIP anytime. Follow the steps below to change the SIP amount.

    Step 1: Go to the SIP section, under the mutual fund dashboard.

    Step 2: Open SIP Summary Page and click on manage SIP

    Step 3: A bottom sheet will appear, click on edit SIP.

    Step 4: An invest page will open, here you can edit your amount.


    Note : Maximum Mandate amount should cater the new updated SIP amount.

    For Example, if you have started a SIP via UPI and you have created a mandate for Rs 10000. In this case if you edit your SIP amount to 15000, you will receive invalid input.

    You can edit the amount between SIP minimum investment amount ( created by AMC )  to maximum mandate amount ( created by user )


    Even though there are risks associated with flexi cap mutual funds driven by the market, it is lower compared to other types of mutual funds.

    There are no strict constraints or rules associated with investing in flexi cap funds since they offer fund managers complete flexibility, hence the name. So it can be 100% small cap or 100% mid cap or all large cap. However, it must have a minimum of 65% of the total assets invested in equity.

    There is no locking period in the case of flexi cap equity funds. However, if you withdraw your investments early, you may have to pay an exit load. This fee varies from one mutual fund to another.

    Flexi cap mutual funds are ideal for investors with long-term goals. Hence, investors who are ready to hold their investments for a minimum of five to seven years are ideal for the scheme. It enables them to get their hands on the opportunities of small cap and mid cap stocks, mitigating the risks attached to them.

    According to financial planners, flexi cap mutual funds can be a good starting point for beginners, since it provides them with the opportunity to invest across different companies, with low to moderate risks associated with their investments.

    You can switch from one mutual fund to another within the same fund house by sending a switching request. However, investors must remember that there can be exit loads and other charges involved in the process. Hence, it is desirable to proceed after being aware of the entire process.

    Even though the minimum investment amount required for flexi cap mutual funds varies from fund to fund, it can be as low as Rs. 500. Also, INDmoney does not charge any annual maintenance cost.

    Key Differences Between Multi Cap and Flexi Cap Mutual Funds are:

    On the basis of Equity Exposure: 
    Multi-Cap Funds require a minimum of 75% in Equities where is Flexi Cap requires a minimum of 65% in Equities

    On the basis of Market Cap Allocation:
    As per SEBI, Multi-Cap Funds are required to have a minimum 25% allocation of their portfolio in large-cap, mid-cap, and small-cap companies where as Flexi-Cap Funds are free to invest in any market cap because they have no mandate

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