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These funds invest in top brands of the country. Mature and large companies have low risk and provide stable returns.
Indian Companies: Top 100Stable Returns: 13% - 15%

Large Cap Funds

Best large cap mutual funds are those funds that invest a major portion of their corpus in large cap companies. Businesses with a market capitalisation of Rs 20,000 crore or more fall under the large cap category. These companies are financially strong, well-established, and have huge market share. Large cap stocks are the top-listed stocks of any recognised index. As per SEBI’s categorisation, large cap companies rank in the top 100 stocks according to market capitalization. Hence, they are some of the most sought after stocks especially during market underperformance or crisis.

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Large cap funds are a good investment choice for capital appreciation in the long term because large cap companies are market leaders having a good track record of generating wealth. Market conditions can affect even the top large cap mutual funds; however, the net asset value of large cap funds does not vary much unlike other equity funds. Thus, investment in these companies gives potentially steady returns with low risk.

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