SIP in Indian Stocks & ETFs

With a Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) in stocks, you can invest in over 5000+ stocks in small instalments regularly. Choose your preferred investment frequency and change it anytime based on your financial goals.

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Start, Pause, Edit, or Stop SIP anytime

Start, Pause, Edit, or Stop SIP anytime

Access 5000+ Stocks and 165+ ETFs

Access 5000+ Stocks and 165+ ETFs

Invest Daily, Weekly, Monthly, or Quarterly

Invest Daily, Weekly, Monthly, or Quarterly

Monitor & Track all SIPs on One Dashboard

Monitor & Track all SIPs on One Dashboard

Set up SIP in Stocks with just ₹50

Large Cap Stocks | Mid Cap Stocks | Small Cap Stocks

What is Stock SIP?

SIP in stocks lets you buy a share of your favourite company in instalments. This method makes it easier to enter the stock market and handle the ups and downs of stock prices. It's perfect for those who prefer to invest bit by bit and gradually grow their collection of stocks. This can help you build a big investment without the stress of trying to pick the perfect time to buy.

Stock SIP: Key Features

SIP in stocks is a simple way to invest in the stock market with bite-sized, regular payments, simplifying wealth-building in the long term.

  • Automated Stock SIP

    Set up a schedule to automatically invest in stocks, like daily, weekly, and monthly.

  • Seamless SIP Tracking

    Easily monitor your stock SIPs with real-time updates.

  • Edit your SIPs Flexibly

    Start, pause, or adjust your SIPs at any moment to suit your evolving financial goals.

Benefits of Setting up SIP in Stocks

SIP makes investing in stocks simple and systematic and is ideal for building long-term investments.

  • Pocket-friendly way of Investing

    Invest in the stock market with small amounts of money regularly.

  • Skip the Hassle of Market Checks

    Put your investments on autopilot and avoid the stress of watching the market daily.

  • Wealth Compounding

    Regular contributions build your investment over time without market timing.

  • Encourage Saving Habits

    Regular investing promotes consistent saving behaviour.

  • Potential for Long-Term Gains

    Steady investments can lead to significant growth over the years.

  • Flexible Adjustments

    Easily increase, decrease, or pause your investment based on your current budget.

How to Invest in SIP in Stocks via INDstocks by INDmoney

Start investing in stocks through systematic investment plans with INDstocks by following these simple steps:

  • Step 1

    Complete KYC Process

  • Step 2

    Pick a Stock to Invest In

  • Step 3

    Select the SIP Option

Risks/Limitations of Investing in Stocks SIP

Know the risks before you start your Stock SIP investment

  • Liquidity Concerns

    Some stocks may be harder to sell quickly without impacting the price.

  • Company-Specific Risks

    Any negative news or poor performance can affect individual stock prices.

  • Timing Risk

    Regular intervals mean you may buy at higher prices, affecting overall returns.

Manage All SIPs in One Place

With INDstocks by INDmoney, streamline your stock SIPs for hassle-free oversight and adjustments.

  • Start Stock SIP

    Choose a stock and decide how much to invest to get started.

  • Pause Stock SIP

    Temporarily stop your investments without cancelling them.

  • Resume Stock SIP

    Pick up where you left off and continue building your investments.

  • Step-Up Stock SIP

    Increase your investment amount whenever you're ready.

  • Set Up Autopay for Stock SIP

    Automate your investments to consistently buy stocks without manual input.


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