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Track your investments and finances for free

Are you finding it difficult to track all investments, diversified in various platforms? Then worry no more, as with INDmoney, you get a one stop solution for tracking all your investment in one place. Keep reading to find out more.

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Track your Net Worth

Get an exact idea of your financial status with our net worth tracker.

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Financial Goal Tracker

Achieve all your money goals with INDmoney’s financial goal tracker.

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Track All Mutual Funds in One Place

The one-stop solution to track all mutual funds.

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Track Stock portfolio

Success in the stock markets starts with the right portfolio. Track all investments in one place, analyse your portfolio, and find out the best stocks and ETFs for free!

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Track NPS Balance

Keep a tab on your NPS account balance and contributions with the NPS balance tracker.

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Track your Savings accounts

Monitor your savings account with INDmoney’s savings account tracker.

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Check Free Credit Score

Improve your finances and make better decisions after generating a free credit score.

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Check Credit Card statements

Easily track all your credit card bills and transactions. Pay the bills and win rewards!

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Track ESOPs

Check out the health of your ESOPs with INDmoney’s ESOP tracker.

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Mutual Fund Portfolio Scan

Mutual Fund Portfolio Scan for a comprehensive analysis of your investment portfolio with ease.

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Super Money App

Investment Portfolio Tracker

Get a bird’s eye view of your entire investment portfolio. It is the final solution for tracking your finances and getting the best returns.

Investment Portfolio


Investment Portfolio

Bank a/cs & Expenses


Bank a/cs & Expenses

Credit cards


Credit cards

Take a Glimpse of our Portfolio Scanner

How to Track Investment Portfolio at INDmoney?

Get started with following your money on INDmoney with the following steps.

Step 1: Visit the website of INDmoney or download the app on your phone.

Step 2: Register your account and finish your KYC in a few minutes.

Step 3: Enter all information about your investments in Indian and US stocksMutual FundsFDs, EPFNPSPPF, and Bonds.

Step 4: The tracker will produce a detailed analysis of your portfolio.

Step 5: You're ready to go! With one dashboard, all your investments are at your fingertips!

Advantages of tracking all investments in one place

The best way to track all investments gives the following advantages:

  • Saves Time

Using multiple apps and platforms to track all your investments consumes a lot of time. Instead, use INDmoney’s dashboard to save time and simplify your life.

  • Make Smarter Decisions

With real-time analysis of your portfolio and the markets, you can make street-smart moves to get the maximum bang for the buck.

  • Makes Life Easy

Get rid of the hassle of logging in to multiple websites and apps. With INDmoney, you will never again have to worry about what’s happening to your money. Track your money by simply tapping a few buttons on your phone. It is as simple as ordering food online!

Why INDmoney?

  • Quick Onboarding

    Quick Onboarding

    It will only take a few minutes to set up your demat and trading account.

  • Paperless Process

    Paperless process


    You can complete the KYC online with your PAN and Aadhaar numbers. No paper documents have to be submitted.

  • INDsights

    Fresh INDsights

    Discover the latest market news and stay updated with a daily health report of your portfolio.

  • Customised alerts

    Customised alerts

    Has a particular stock caught your attention? You can track stocks of your choice and get notified when they hit your desired price range.

  • Easy tracking

    Easy tracking

    INDmoney is the first and last solution to track all investments in one place. No extra costs, and no more hassles in managing your money.

    Now that you are aware of this feature, make sure to fully utilise it to track all your investment at one go. 

Build Your Portfolio Today

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INDmoney’s investment tracker is a one-stop solution to track your investments and finances.

Simply enter all your investment details into INDmoney’s investment tracker. It will consolidate all the data and give a picture of your portfolio.

INDmoney’s investment tracker will help you track all the accounts you use for your investments.

Oh yes! INDmoney has created a super app to make it easy for you to track all your investments.

Yes, you can. You can also use INDmoney’s Investment Tracker to do all your trading from just one app!

Yes, you can have multiple investment accounts. You can use INDmoney’s Investment Tracker to check your investments.

INDmoney is 100% Safe and Secure!

Your security and privacy are our top priority!

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