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Lilly(Eli) & Co’s revenue fell -3.74% since last year same period to $6488Mn in the Q2 2022. On a quarterly growth basis, Lilly(Eli) & Co has generated -16.93% fall in its revenue since last 3-months.

Net Profits:

Lilly(Eli) & Co’s net profit fell -31.48% since last year same period to $952.5Mn in the Q2 2022. On a quarterly growth basis, Lilly(Eli) & Co has generated -49.94% fall in its net profits since last 3-months.

Net Profit Margins:

Lilly(Eli) & Co’s net profit margin fell -28.82% since last year same period to 14.68% in the Q2 2022. On a quarterly growth basis, Lilly(Eli) & Co has generated -39.75% fall in its net profit margins since last 3-months.

PE Ratio:

Lilly(Eli) & Co’s price-to-earnings ratio after this Q2 2022 earnings stands at 49.49.

Earnings per share (EPS) Estimates

Earnings per share (EPS) estimates of the Lilly(Eli) & Co post its latest quarter earnings

EPS Estimate Current Quarter
EPS Estimate Current Year


EPS Estimate Current Quarter:

Lilly(Eli) & Co’s earning per share (EPS) estimates for the current quarter stand at 1.69 - a -27.16% fall from last quarter’s estimates.

EPS Estimate Current Year:

Lilly(Eli) & Co’s earning per share (EPS) estimates for the current year stand at 1.69.

Key Ratios

Key ratios of the Lilly(Eli) & Co post its Q2 2022 earnings

Return on Assets (ROA)
Return on Equity (ROE)
Dividend Per Share (DPS)


Return on Assets (ROA):

Return on assets (ROA) indicates the profitability of the company in relation to its total assets. This ratio tells the financial health of the company. The higher the ROA, the better the company’s financial health. If any company has a ROA in the range of 5% to 20% - it is generally considered good. ROA above 20% is generally considered excellent. Lilly(Eli) & Co’s return on assets (ROA) stands at 0.12.

Earning Per Share (EPS):

The Return On Equity ratio indicates a company’s ability to turn equity capital received from shareholders into profits. ROE highlights the efficiency of equity capital in running the business. Generally, a return on equity in double digits is considered good. Lilly(Eli) & Co’s return on equity (ROE) stands at 0.74.

Dividend Per Share (DPS):

Lilly(Eli) & Co declared 3.66 dividend per share during the earnings announcement for Q2 2022.

Earnings Calendar

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Company Information

Lilly (Eli) & Co. is an American-based multinational pharma company with offices in 18 countries. Its headquarters are situated in Indianapolis, Indiana, and it sells drugs in over 125 countries. Colonel Eli Lilly was a pharmaceutical chemist and American Civil War veteran who founded this company in 1876. It is traded as LLY in the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). Lilly employs over 33,000 people and generated a revenue of over 22 billion USD as of 2019. The company is committed to researching and developing high-quality drugs for humankind's welfare by remaining true to its work. In 1876, this company produced the medicinal drug called quinine used in the treatment of Malaria. Among its many commendable innovations were gelatin-coating for the capsules & pills and sugar-coated pills that make them easier to swallow. It also developed various drugs for treating syphilis, rheumatism, eczema, and psoriasis in the early 1880s. A scientific journal asserted that the Lilly operation was the largest capsule factory in the world in 1917. In 1923, Lilly mass-produced the Insulin under the name “Iletin” used to treat diabetes in the US. Moreover, it also became the company to mass-produce Penicillin in the 1940s and started producing the Polio vaccine in the early 1950s. It acquired CoLucid in 20017 for 960mn USD and Armo Biosciences for 1.6bn USD in 2018. Also, it purchased the Aurora Kinase A, an inhibitor developer, for 575mn USD. It acquired multiple companies for developing and researching breakthroughs. The company aims to bring life-changing research to the community while performing voluntary & philanthropist operations worldwide. Currently Lilly(Eli) & Co has a market cap of $297.87 Billion. It has a P.E ratio of 45.06. The shares of Lilly(Eli) & Co are trading at $303.25. .

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