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Q1 '23 Results
News and Events

Overview of Asian Paints Ltd

What's happening in Asian Paints Ltd

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    Today's Timeline - 28 Sep

    08:45 AM


    Asian Paints' shares trade at 54 times the FY2025E price-to-earnings ratio, representing only a 4% discount compared to its competitor.

    09:48 AM


    Asian Paints opens as one of the top losers among Nifty companies.

    12:58 PM


    Shares of Asian Paints traded 3% lower on the NSE due to rising Brent crude prices.

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    Today's Timeline - 28 Sep

    02:49 PM


    Ashwin Dani, non-executive director of Asian Paints, passed away at the age of 79. He significantly expanded the company's global operations and introduced India's first computerized color mixing program.

Key events for Asian Paints Ltd

  • Asian Paints Faces Challenges Amidst Rising Crude Oil Prices and Director's Passing - 28 Sep, 2023

    Asian Paints faces challenges amidst rising Brent crude oil prices causing a 3% drop in share prices, while also mourning the passing of Ashwin Dani, who played a significant role in expanding the company's global operations.

  • Asian Paints Among Top Losers on Nifty 50 Index - 26 Sep, 2023

    On September 26, 2023, Asian Paints Ltd's stock was among the top losers on the Nifty 50 index during Tuesday's trading.

  • Asian Paints Gains Among Positive Setups - 25 Sep, 2023

    Asian Paints Ltd gained on the Indian stock market and was listed as a top wealth creator. Analysts also suggested positive setups for the company.

  • Asian Paints' Sriperumbudur Plant Recommended for Environment Clearance - 24 Sep, 2023

    The SEAC has recommended granting environmental clearance to Asian Paints' Sriperumbudur plant in Tamil Nadu, subject to a bank guarantee of Rs. 8.82 crores for ecological remediation and resource augmentation.

  • Asian Paints Adds Most to Market Cap - 23 Sep, 2023

    No specific news related to Asian Paints Ltd was mentioned, but it was noted that the company added the most to their market-cap.

  • Asian Paints Gains Despite Selling Pressure - 22 Sep, 2023

    Asian Paints Ltd's shares were among the top gainers in the stock market despite selling pressure. The company reported lower profits than NSE but remains a sought-after brand in the house painting segment.

  • Asian Paints Among Top Gainers Today - 21 Sep, 2023

    Asian Paints saw gains throughout the day, ending as one of the top gainers on both the Nifty and Sensex indices.

  • Asian Paints Among Top Gainers on Stock Market - 20 Sep, 2023

    Asian Paints Ltd was one of the top gainers on the stock market, along with Power Grid, Coal India, ONGC, and NTPC.

  • Asian Paints Confirms Record Date for Interim Dividend - 19 Sep, 2023

    Asian Paints has confirmed November 3 as the record date for its first interim dividend this financial year. The company rewarded shareholders with total dividends of Rs 25.65 per share in FY22-23, translating to a payout of 2,565%. For Q1FY24, Asian Paints reported a YoY jump in consolidated net profit to Rs 1,550.4 crore and revenue grew to Rs 9,182.3 crore.

  • Asian Paints Faces Weakness and Losses - 18 Sep, 2023

    Indian equity indices continue their record run, but Asian Paints faces weakness and losses as analysts predict further decline.

  • Asian Paints Market Cap Drops - 16 Sep, 2023

    Despite being the top paint brand in India, Asian Paints suffered a drop in market cap. The company has a high turnover and offers innovative products and training programs.

  • Asian Paints Stock Declines Due to Oil Price Surge - 15 Sep, 2023

    Asian Paints saw a decline in its stock price due to concerns over increased competition, surge in oil prices impacting margins, and being among the laggards in the Indian stock market.

  • Grasim's Entry Impacts Asian Paints Stock - 14 Sep, 2023

    Asian Paints Ltd experiences losses as Grasim Industries announces its entry into the paints industry, causing a 1.37% drop in stock price.

  • Asian Paints Among Major Laggards in Sensex Firms - 13 Sep, 2023

    Asian Paints Ltd's stock was among the major laggards in the Sensex firms.

  • HDFC Bank, L&T, RIL and TCS add to Sensex market cap; Axis Bank, M&M and Asian Paints see drop - 09 Sep, 2023

    Asian Paints Ltd saw a drop in market cap among Sensex stocks on September 9th.

  • Asian Paints' Balance Sheet Looks Solid Despite Debt - 08 Sep, 2023

    Asian Paints has a net cash position of Rs 27.1 billion, with total liabilities equal to its liquid assets. Its EBIT grew by 31% in the last year, making it easier to handle debt. Overall, Asian Paints' use of debt is not considered risky.

  • Asian Paints Faces Rising Competition in the Market - 07 Sep, 2023

    According to recent news, Asian Paints is facing increased competition in the market due to Grasim's entry into the segment.

  • Asian Paints Stock Falls Due to Rising Crude Oil Prices - 06 Sep, 2023

    Shares of Asian Paints fell by over half a percent as crude oil prices rose to their highest since November 2022, increasing raw material costs for paint companies.

  • Mixed Fortunes for Promoters of Asian Paints - 04 Sep, 2023

    While one promoter's net worth increased, others saw a slight decline. Additionally, Asian Paints was among the laggards in the stock market.

  • Mixed Day for Asian Paints Ltd Stock - 01 Sep, 2023

    On September 1, 2023, Asian Paints was among the top laggards while it was also listed among the top 5 stocks in NIFTY200 Quality 30 index funds as of July 31, 2023.

Analyst Rating for Asian Paints Ltd stock

based on 37 analysts


Based on 37 analysts offering long term price targets for Asian Paints Ltd. An average target of ₹3357.22

Source: S&P Global Market Intelligence

Asian Paints Ltd share Performance

  • ₹3155
    downward going graph



    Day's Volatility:4.23%



    downward going graph
  • ₹2685.85
    downward going graph



    52 Weeks Volatility:28.29%



    downward going graph
1 Month Return1.02 %
3 Month Return-1.66 %
1 Year Return-7.78 %
Previous Close₹3,301.80
Market Cap₹3,16,707.93Cr

Asian Paints Ltd Company Information

Asian Paints Ltd. is a leading paint manufacturer in India, with a presence in over 15 countries across the globe. Established in 1942, it is one of the oldest paint companies in India. The company is headquartered in Mumbai, Maharashtra and has been listed on the National Stock Exchange and Bombay Stock Exchange since 1994.

Asian Paints Ltd. provides a wide range of products and services in the painting industry. Its main lines of business include decorative paints, industrial coatings, automotive coatings, wood finishes, and waterproofing solutions. The company's top products include Royale Luxury Emulsion, Royale Play, and Apcolite Premium Emulsion. Asian Paints Ltd. also has a wide range of popular brands, such as Royale, Apex, Apcolite, and Weathercoat.

Share Price: ₹3170.35 per share as on 28 Sep, 2023 04:01 PM
Market Capitalisation: ₹3,16,707.93Cr as of today
Revenue: ₹8,916.17Cr as on March 2023 (Q1 23)
Net Profit: ₹1,234.14Cr as on March 2023 (Q1 23)
Listing date: 03 Nov, 1994
Chairperson Name: Deepak Satwalekar
OrganisationAsian Paints Ltd
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Fundamentals of Asian Paints Ltd

Insights on Asian Paints Ltd

Insights help you understand the recent movement of the company's critical parameters, giving you an overall view of the company.


    FII Holding Up

    Foreign Institutions have increased holdings from 17.01% to 17.47% in Jun 2023 quarter


    Revenue Rich

    Revenue is up for the last 3 quarters, 8.57K Cr → 8.91K Cr (in ₹), with an average increase of 1.9% per quarter


    Profit Spike

    Netprofit is up for the last 3 quarters, 782.71 Cr → 1.23K Cr (in ₹), with an average increase of 20.1% per quarter

  • imgNO EFFECT

    Against Peers

    In the last 1 year, Supreme Industries Ltd has given 97.4% return, outperforming this stock by 105.2%

  • imgNO EFFECT

    Promoter Holding Unchanged

    Promoters holdings remained unchanged at 52.63% of holdings in Jun 2023 quarter

  • imgNO EFFECT

    Against Peers

    In the last 3 years, Linde India Ltd has given 705.4% return, outperforming this stock by 636.2%


    MF Holding Down

    Mutual Funds have decreased holdings from 3.70% to 3.55% in Jun 2023 quarter


    Retail Holding Down

    Retail Investor have decreased holdings from 20.32% to 19.81% in Jun 2023 quarter


    Price Dip

    In the last 1 year, ASIANPAINT stock has moved down by -7.8%

Asian Paints Ltd share Valuation

Asian Paints Ltd in the last 5 years

  • Overview

  • Trends

Lowest (52.31x)

March 6, 2018

Today (68.05x)

September 26, 2023

Industry (74.78x)

September 26, 2023

Highest (115.23x)

December 30, 2020


Mutual Fund Holdings

Funds Holdings
Axis Bluechip Fund Direct Plan GrowthAxis Bluechip Fund Direct Plan Growth1.49%
UTI Flexi Cap Fund - Growth Option - DirectUTI Flexi Cap Fund - Growth Option - Direct1.72%
Axis Focused 25 Fund Direct Plan Growth OptionAxis Focused 25 Fund Direct Plan Growth Option2.87%
UTI Nifty 50 Index Fund-Growth Option- DirectUTI Nifty 50 Index Fund-Growth Option- Direct1.72%
UTI Master Share-Growth Option - DirectUTI Master Share-Growth Option - Direct1.72%

Asian Paints Ltd Shareholding Pattern

InvestorsHoldings %Prev. 2 periods3M change
Promoter Holdings
Foreign Institutions
Mutual Funds
Retail Investors

Technicals of Asian Paints Ltd share

News & Events of Asian Paints Ltd

QnA on Asian Paints Ltd

  • QuestionAsked on: 12 May, 2023

    Asian Paints' net profit rose 44% year-on-year to Rs 1,258 crore in March 2023 quarter. Did it declare any dividends?

    QnA Result : 13 May, 2023User Profile Icon1290 people participated in the quiz

    Asian Paints declared a final dividend of Rs 21.25 per share while announcing the March 2023 quarter earnings.

    81.01% of INDmoney users answered correctly

    Yes, Rs 21.25 per share
    Yes, Rs 12 per share
    No dividends
  • QuestionAsked on: 09 Aug, 2022

    What led to an 18% jump in the last 1-month in the share price of Asian Paints?

    QnA Result : 17 Aug, 2022User Profile Icon46446 people participated in the quiz

    The fall in crude oil prices, a key raw material, led Asian Paints along with other paint stocks to rally in the last month.

    60.83% of INDmoney users answered correctly

    Fall in crude oil prices
    60.83%blue tick
    Strong monsoon
    Ad with Ranbir Kapoor, PV Sindhu


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Asian Paints Ltd (ASIANPAINT) share price today is ₹3170.35

  • Today’s highest price of Asian Paints Ltd is ₹3289.
  • Today’s lowest price of Asian Paints Ltd is ₹3155.

Today’s traded volume of Asian Paints Ltd(ASIANPAINT) is 21.04L.

Today’s market capitalisation of Asian Paints Ltd(ASIANPAINT) is ₹316707.93Cr.

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Asian Paints Ltd(ASIANPAINT) share price is ₹3170.35. It is down -11.51% from its 52 Week High price of ₹3582.9

Asian Paints Ltd(ASIANPAINT) share price is ₹3170.35. It is up 18.04% from its 52 Week Low price of ₹2685.85

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