Stocks Under ₹500

Investing in stocks under ₹500 offers a low-entry barrier to the stock market, making it accessible for new investors. Benefits include potential high returns, diversification options, affordability, and the opportunity to invest in emerging companies.

What are Stocks Under ₹500?

Stocks priced under Rs 500 are shares of companies that can be bought for less than five hundred rupees each. These are often shares of small to mid-sized companies and are attractive to investors looking for growth potential at a lower investment cost. They provide an opportunity to buy more shares and possibly gain more if the stocks increase in value.

List of Best Stocks under Rs. 500

    Analyst Rating
    M Cap
    Target Price
    1Y Return
    3Y Return
    5Y Return
    Industry PE
    Div Yld
    Net Profit Qtr
    Net Profit QoQ %
    Net Profit YoY %
    Net Profit 3Y Change %
    Rev Qtr (in Cr)
    Rev QoQ (in %)
    Rev 1Y change %
    Rev 3Y change %
    Profit Mar Qtr
    Profit Mar QoQ
    Profit Mar 1Y Change%
    Profit Mar 3Y Change%
    M Cap
    imgITC Ltd


    Large Cap501.74-20.08%2.8%108.87%42.74%26.4829.417.050.754.04%5400.51 Cr8.97%25.63%24.91%17872.711.31%16.93%43.59%27.46%7.56%7.44%-13.01%Consumer Defensive545145.3629.08%38.11%15.67713859
    imgNTPC Ltd


    Large Cap375.9585.08%110.4%224.59%184.84%18.2132.321.221.324.14%5208.87 Cr10.21%0.95%43.85%42820.38-4.81%32.82%60.97%9.72%15.77%-23.99%-10.64%Utilities355188.8812.85%10.39%17.661050300
    imgOil & Natural Gas Corpn Ltd


    Large Cap265.243.6%68.48%147.45%59.66% Cr3.8%-33.51%186.11%166770.630.73%28.7%59.37%5.18%3.05%-48.34%79.52%Energy350989.7918.35%20.88%26.052010993
    imgPower Grid Corporation of India Ltd


    Large Cap279.355.19%80.3%147.15%206.27%18.7432.321.90.94NA4028.25 Cr6.53%-8.36%39.4%11549.792.51%9.51%20.77%33.82%3.92%-16.32%15.43%Utilities294736.1419.29%12.69%16.581506930
    imgCoal India Ltd


    Large Cap469.5271.92%96.77%219.09%98.02%8.6214.247.881.3311.35%8640.45 Cr-14.91%61.84%68.41%34263.893.8%26.01%43.89%20.34%-18.02%28.43%17.04%Basic Materials289463.3589.54%67.45%45.64986166
    imgTata Steel Ltd


    Large Cap149.6735.49%59.9%50.84%255.27%-61.5280.951.353.45%522.14 Cr-108.02%-80.66%588.05%54727.3-0.69%-0.25%74.05%3.32%-108.07%-80.61%295.32%Industrials209598.4211.98%13.87%6.613601856
    imgBharat Electronics Ltd


    Large Cap223.04115.96%134.31%392.67%700.74%47.4967.555.251.251.85%1785.66 Cr110.54%24.88%64.02%8564.08105.76%15.4%36.76%16.58%2.32%8.22%19.94%Consumer Cyclical189177.0823.52%28.13%4.0223619459
    imgZomato Ltd


    Large Cap207.4182.03%206.14%54.29%54.29%48602.050.93NA175 Cr26.81%-20.57%-59.3%35628.33%68.86%171.79%-13.72%17.06%-52.96%-85.02%Technology171456.60.17%0.25%-1.162548204
    imgVedanta Ltd


    Large Cap375.2940.52%59.51%67.59%177.18%40.1614.2401.1336.98%2273 Cr-20.75%-38.82%-405.84%34937-0.09%10.98%74.44%9.85%-20.68%-44.87%-275.33%Basic Materials170471.0832.48%23.3%38.995346229
    imgPower Finance Corporation Ltd


    Large Cap546229.2%250.23%390.06%422.13%7.7831.180.591.638.73%7556.43 Cr20.05%12.84%123.47%NA0%1.71%24.73%27.3%0%10.94%79.16%Financial Services153768.2418.2%9.08%64.182287885
    imgGAIL (India) Ltd


    Large Cap192.8472.45%96.29%114.83%84.9%13.8627.721.241.394.75%2474.31 Cr-22.52%-54.52%-41.19%32756.32-5.6%57.02%100.87%3.84%-17.92%-71.03%-70.72%Utilities137255.219.53%9.34%8.519695039
    imgBank of Baroda


    Large Cap279.6421.44%44.99%224.88%108.66%7.2320.760.891.263.26%5132.45 Cr7.18%89.88%1506.6%37610.597.2%26.2%21.62%13.46%-0.02%50.46%1221.01%Financial Services135748.2615.33%NA28.37903260

    Future of Stocks Under ₹500

    The future of stocks under ₹500 looks promising as they represent emerging sectors and innovative companies poised for growth. As the Indian economy expands, these companies, often in technology, renewable energy, and consumer goods, stand to benefit from increased demand and economic policies favoring growth.

    Benefits of Investing in Stocks Under ₹500

    • Affordability

      Investors can purchase multiple shares with a modest amount of capital.

    • High Growth Potential

      Smaller companies can grow quickly, offering significant returns.

    • Diversification

      Investing in a range of sectors and companies can reduce risk.

    Factors Affecting Stocks Under ₹500

    • Market Volatility

      These stocks can be more volatile and riskier.

    • Company Fundamentals

      The financial health and growth prospects of the companies.

    • Economic Conditions

      Changes in the economy can disproportionately impact these stocks.

    Points to Consider Before Investing

    • Risk Assessment

      Understand the high volatility and risk associated with these stocks.

    • Research

      Thoroughly research the companies and their market potential.

    • Investment Goals

      Align your investment with your financial goals and risk tolerance.

    How to Invest in Stocks Under ₹500 via INDmoney

    • Step 1

      Download the INDmoney app and create your free investment account by completing your KYC ( Know Your Customer).

    • Step 2

      Once your Free investment account is ready, you can either search for stocks Collection

    • Step 3

      Choose a Stocks Under ₹500 by looking at aspects like past returns, volatility, downside returns & proceed to buy.

    Who Should Invest in Stocks Under ₹500

    Investors looking to diversify their portfolios without a significant initial investment should consider stocks under ₹500. They are ideal for individuals new to investing, those with smaller budgets, and investors comfortable with higher risk in exchange for potential growth.

      Frequently Asked Questions

      Yes, diversification helps reduce risk, especially with more volatile stocks like those under ₹500.

      They can be risky and may see more significant losses compared to more established, higher-priced stocks.

      Investing in stocks under ₹500 can be rewarding if you choose wisely and are aware of the risks involved.

      Government policies can directly impact these stocks, especially those in regulated industries like finance and utilities.

      Look at the company’s earnings, debt levels, growth potential, and industry position.

      It can be, especially for investors looking for growth potential at a lower price point and who are comfortable with higher risk.

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