List of Best Highest Dividend Paying Penny Stocks to Invest in India 2024

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Best Dividend Paying Penny Stocks in India

Penny stocks are speculative issues of small companies that have low volumes and trade at very cheap rates. In India, such stocks are barely worth 10 rupees, and their prices can vary greatly. The risks of penny stock include being targets for pump-and-dump scams, liquidity issues, cash flow concerns, and share manipulation. Although that is the case, penny shares have slightly increased in popularity among Indian investors due to their low stock price. Many people who invest money think long-term penny shares are an excellent way to put money into small businesses that could multiply. Still, the outcome is often not very optimistic. So, a good strategy will be to invest in the highest dividend-paying stocks so that you will get dividends anyway if the stock does not do well. This article will discuss some of India's highest dividend-paying penny stocks, which have a dividend yield of more than 0.5%

Best Highest Dividend Paying Penny Stocks in India

SNo.Top Dividend Paying Penny StocksIndustry
1.Taparia Tools LtdCastings, Forgings & Fastners
2.M Lakhamsi Industries LtdTrading
3.Comfort Intech LtdAlcoholic Beverages
4.Vivanta Industries LtdMiscellaneous
5.Family Care Hospitals LtdHealthcare
6.Veeram Securities LtdTrading

Overview of the Dividend Paying Penny Stocks 2024

1. Taparia Tools Ltd

Taparia Tools Ltd. (TTL) was founded in 1965 by the House of Taparia to make hand tools. They worked with a well-known Swedish hand tool maker on technical issues. TTL still has a significant share of the market for its goods, some of which have grown by 80%. The business became a limited company and went public for the first time in 1966. The business makes and sells tools for carpentry, woodworking, electrical work, lamps and lighting, Elora tools, engineering and workshop work, farming tools and equipment, hand tools, hand and related tools, and more.

2. M Lakhamsi Industries Ltd

M. Lakhamsi Industries Limited is the best Indian company for all your oil seeds, oils, spices, and grain needs. Consistently Serving Over 25+ Products To 75+ Destinations Since the Last 50+ Years. The company is a Star Export House, a recognition given by the Government of India to those excelling in the field of exports.

3. Comfort Intech Ltd

Comfort Group owns CIL. On e-commerce platforms, it sells things like fans, linens, water heaters, and monoblock pumps. It is also an instant seller on trading platforms. It also makes and sells drinks, such as Indian Made beverages used in Foreign Countries and other related items.

4. Vivanta Industries Ltd

The company is engaged in the business of trading various steel products and electronic items and dealing in Shares & Security.

Located in Ahmedabad, Vivanta Industries Ltd brings expertise in conceptualisation, design, installation, and commissioning for Pharmaceutical Manufacturing plant set-up/ WHO/ EU(GMP), Nutraceuticals and Ayurvedic Manufacturing Plant set-up / WHO/ FDA (USA/EU(GMP), Medical Device Manufacturing Plant set-up, Research and Development Laboratory set-up, Agro Based Fertilizer Projects, Surgical Projects, Prefabricated Housing Offices, School & Primary Healthcare, Industrial Park, Solar Projects etc.

5. Family Care Hospitals Ltd

Scandent Imaging Limited is listed as Family Care Hospitals Ltd. on BSE India. Scandent Imaging Limited is a company in the healthcare sector engaged in the business of providing scanning solutions to the Dental and ENT Fraternity. It provides services such as Dental 3D Imaging [Cone Beam Computed Tomography] and 2D Imaging, ENT, Radiographic reports, etc.

6. Veeram Securities Ltd

As of 2011, Veeram Securities Ltd. has been in the business of selling traditional gold and silver jewellery and trinkets. These can be made with Kundan, jewels, or plain gold or silver. The business comes up with its metal designs and makes many of them.

Factors To Consider Before Investing in Dividend-Paying Penny Stocks in India

1. Growth Potential Considerations:

Penny stocks with dividends might not appeal to investors searching for high returns. Unlike some companies characterised by high growth that recycle profits to grow and appreciate, dividend-paying stocks prefer paying their earnings as profit. It must also be noted that the attraction of such stocks is mainly based on stable earnings rather than exponential growth.

2. Stability and Long-Term Investment:

Dividend-paying micro-cap stocks are usually linked to companies that have attained a state of stability. These stocks may attract investors seeking a steady income source and those wanting long-term returns. The strength of these firms frequently comes from their already strong market positions and the fact that they have consistently generated earnings, making them attractive to those trying to build an investment portfolio for future use.

3. Income-Oriented Approach:

Dividend stocks are good for people who need a predictable investment income. Such stocks offer an ongoing source of cash through dividend distribution returns that are attractive for retired people or those who need income to finance living costs. Regular dividend payments can provide financial security and limit dependence on market changes to generate income.

4. Setting Clear Investment Goals:

It is essential to set clear investment goals for dividend-paying penny stocks. This entails identifying the desired annual returns and appreciating the trade-offs between growth and income. Dividend investors are advised to carefully consider their risk appetite and financial goals, which should follow the properties of dividend stocks. Reasonable expectations allow one to choose stocks that satisfy particular requirements.

5. Stock Selection Criteria:

When choosing tiny stocks that pay dividends, buyers should look for ones that offer a good mix of growth possibilities and dividends. Look for stocks that give you returns of 5 to 15% a year and income and cash growth. To make smart business choices, these companies need thorough analyses of their financial success, the quality of their management, and the state of the market.

6. Diversification Strategies:

One of the guiding principles in investment is diversification. While targeting dividend-paying penny stocks, it is advisable to distribute investments in different industries to reduce risk caused by industry problems. Diversified investments can result in a portfolio that combines income-generating opportunities with prospects for capital appreciation, providing broader protection from market volatility.

7. Monitoring and Adjusting:

The success of dividend-paying penny stocks lies in the continuous assessment of the market, economic conditions, and stock performance. Investors must be ready to restructure their portfolios in response to the dynamics. It is also vital to regularly review financial statements, dividend histories, and market trends to keep the investment strategy balanced and effective.


Investing in fundamentally sound dividend-paying penny stocks in India offers scope for rich returns but requires a careful and informed strategy because the risks involved are inherent. Even though low-priced shares are quite tempting, careful research and understanding market processes and dividend histories are essential to finding stocks that may promise growth potential to replace income stability. Diversifying between businesses is important to lower risk and build a strong, well-balanced portfolio. It is essential ential to keep an eye on things and make changes based on market trends and stock prices. Overall, a blend of prudent investment approaches, rational decision-making and responsiveness to market dynamics is critical for effectively exploring the unstable terrain of penny stocks.