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Graphite India Ltd Performance

Day's Price Range
52-Week Price Range
1 Month Return7.29 %
3 Month Return10.71 %
1 Year Return-26.98 %

Analyst Rating

based on 4 analysts


Based on 4 analysts offering long term price targets for Graphite India Ltd. An average target of ₹436.75

Source: S&P Global Market Intelligence

Graphite India Ltd Valuation

Graphite India Ltd in the last 5 years

Lowest (-480.27x)

May 24, 2021

Today (24.37x)

May 26, 2023

Highest (104.17x)

April 23, 2020



Price to Earnings TTM Ratio

Insights on Graphite India Ltd

Insights help you understand the recent movement of the company's critical parameters, giving you an overall view of the company.


    MF Holding Up

    Mutual Funds have increased holdings from 5.89% to 6.14% in Mar 2023 quarter


    Retail Holding Up

    Retail Investor have increased holdings from 21.30% to 22.02% in Mar 2023 quarter

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    Against Peers

    In the last 1 year, KEI Industries Ltd has given 60.9% return, outperforming this stock by 87.9%

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    Against Peers

    In the last 3 years, KEI Industries Ltd has given 617.2% return, outperforming this stock by 537.7%

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    Promoter Holding Unchanged

    Promoters holdings remained unchanged at 65.34% of holdings in Mar 2023 quarter


    Price Dip

    In the last 1 year, GRAPHITE stock has moved down by -27.0%


    Revenue Fall

    Revenue is down for the last 2 quarters, 936.0 Cr → 734.0 Cr (in ₹), with an average decrease of 21.6% per quarter


    Profit Down

    Netprofit is down for the last 2 quarters, 92.0 Cr → 53.0 Cr (in ₹), with an average decrease of 42.4% per quarter


    FII Holding Down

    Foreign Institutions have decreased holdings from 4.93% to 4.02% in Mar 2023 quarter

Graphite India Ltd Shareholding Pattern

InvestorsHoldings %Prev. 1 periods3M change
Promoter Holdings
Foreign Institutions
Mutual Funds
Retail Investors

Corporate Announcements

  • Graphite India Ltd Earnings Results

    Graphite India Ltd’s net profit fell -59.85% since last year same period to ₹53Cr in the Q3 2022-2023. On a quarterly growth basis, Graphite India Ltd has generated -42.39% fall in its net profits since last 3-months.

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  • Graphite India Ltd Dividends May,2022

    In the quarter ending June 2022, Graphite India Ltd has declared dividend of ₹10 - translating a dividend yield of 4.58%.

    Read More about Dividends

Graphite India Ltd Company Information

Graphite India Ltd is the pioneer in the manufacture of Graphite Electrode in India. The Company is engaged in production of Graphite Electrodes Other Miscellaneous Graphite Carbon Products and related Processing. It manufactures Glass Reinforced Plastic GRP Pipes and High Speed Steel and Alloy Steel. Power constitutes one of the major costs of Electrode production. For captive consumption it has an installed capacity of 18 MW of power generation through Hydel route. The Companys manufacturing facilities are located at Nasik in Maharashtra Durgapur in West Bengal Bangalore Mandya and Mysore in Karnataka and Barauni in Jharkhand.Graphite India Ltd operates in three segments namely Graphite and Carbon Power and Others. The Graphite and carbon segment engaged in the production of graphite electrodes anodes and other miscellaneous carbon and graphite products. The Power segment engaged in generation of power. The Other segment comprises of manufacturing of impervious graphite equipment and glassreinforced pipes.Graphite India Ltd formerly known as Carbon Corporation was incorporated on 2nd May 1974. During the year 199394 Graphite Vicard India Ltd was amalgamated with the company with effect from January 1 1994. The name of the company was changed from Carbon Corporation Ltd to Carbon Everflow Ltd.During the year 200001 Graphite India Ltd. was merged with the Company with effect from April 1 2001 and name of the Company changed from Carbon Everflow Ltd to Graphite India Ltd. During the year Carbon Investment Ltd a subsidiary company merged with the company. Also Graphite Holdings Ltd and Graphite Investments Ltd subsidiaries of the Graphite India Ltd were merged with the Carbon Enterprises Ltd.During the year 200304 the company received trial orders in overseas markets for 28 dia Electrodes. In September 2003 they commissioned the 1.5 MW Link Canal Project in Mandya District in Karnataka. Also the name of the subsidiary company was changed from Carbon Enterprises Ltd to Carbon Finance Ltd with effect from December 12 2003.During the year 200405 the company acquired two overseas subsidiaries namely Graphite International BV and Carbon International Holdings NV. These subsidiaries acquired the assets of Conradty group of Companies in liquidation through the step down subsidiaries. The company recommissioned the closed graphite electrode production processes during the year.During the year 200506 the expansion module of 20000 MT of Graphite Electrodes with the stateoftheart technology was fully commissioned and as a result of this the production capacity of Durgapur Plant has risen to 34000 MT from 14000 MT. In Nasik the new module of Graphite Tube Production Line facility and Flexible graphite continuous roll production line were commissioned.During the year 200708 the company entered into a longterm agreement with a power producer in the private sector to obtain power at lower cost as compared to the grid cost. The Company expanded Graphite Electrode manufacturing capacity at Durgapur Plant in West Bengal by 10500 MT at an estimated cost of Rs. 187.50 crore.Graphite Indias capital expenditure amounted to Rs. 33.01 crore for the financial year ended 31 March 2014 as against Rs. 40.95 crore in the previous year.Graphite Indias capital expenditure amounted to Rs. 31.66 crore for the financial year ended 31 March 2015 as against Rs. 33.01 crore in the previous year.Pursuant to the amalgamation of promoter group investment companies with Emerald Company Ltd. ECL also a promoter group company the equity shareholding of ECL in Graphite India exceeded 50 during the year. As such the company became a subsidiary of ECL.During the financial year ended 31 March 2016 Graphite Indias Powmex Steels Division PSD developed special sections of squares and flats in M2 grade for domestic market.

Graphite India Ltd Share Price: ₹325.75 per share as on 29 May, 2023 04:01 PM
Graphite India Ltd Market Capitalisation: ₹6,609.56Cr as of today
Graphite India Ltd Revenue: ₹734Cr as on December 2022 (Q4 22)
Graphite India Ltd Net Profit: ₹53Cr as on December 2022 (Q4 22)
Graphite India Ltd Listing date: 27 Nov, 1995
Graphite India Ltd Chairperson Name: K K Bangur
OrganisationGraphite India Ltd
IndustryCapital Goods-Non Electrical Equipment
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Frequently Asked Questions

Graphite India Ltd (GRAPHITE) share price today is ₹325.75

  • Today’s highest price of Graphite India Ltd is ₹330.1.
  • Today’s lowest price of Graphite India Ltd is ₹325.15.

Today’s traded volume of Graphite India Ltd(GRAPHITE) is 2.18L.

Today’s market capitalisation of Graphite India Ltd(GRAPHITE) is ₹6609.56Cr.

Graphite India Ltd(GRAPHITEPrice
52 Week High
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Graphite India Ltd(GRAPHITE) share price is ₹325.75. It is down -30.25% from its 52 Week High price of ₹467

Graphite India Ltd(GRAPHITE) share price is ₹325.75. It is up 29.42% from its 52 Week Low price of ₹251.7

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