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Q3 '23 Results
News and Events

Overview of EIH Ltd

Key events for EIH Ltd

  • Bullish Sentiment for EIH Ltd in Hospitality Industry - 09 Apr, 2024

    Mutual funds Icy Icy and Safe Bank are among the recent believers in the growing demand for hospitality, with ultra HNIs also investing. The stock has seen aggressive buying at sub-Rs 300 levels.

  • Positive Outlook for EIH Ltd in the Hospitality Sector - 04 Apr, 2024

    The hospitality sector is seeing a demand-supply mismatch, with growing demand and operational efficiencies leading to increased room rates. Companies like EIH Ltd are managing hotels rather than expanding capex, resulting in reduced debt. Religious tourism and convention centers will boost growth.

  • EIH Shares Surge Over Plans to Build Luxury Resort in Goa - 01 Apr, 2024

    EIH Ltd is set to construct an Oberoi Luxury Resort at Cavelossim Beach in South Goa with an investment of Rs 421 crore. The company has also entered into a hotel management agreement for another project. EIH's share price surged by almost 8% following the announcement.

  • EIH to Build Luxury Resort in South Goa - 29 Mar, 2024

    EIH has received approval for a new Oberoi luxury resort at Cavelossim Beach in South Goa with an investment of Rs 421 crore. The resort is expected to be operational from October 2027 and will have 90 rooms & suites catering to domestic and international travelers on a 52-acre site owned by the company.

  • EIH Ltd to Build Luxury Resort in South Goa - 28 Mar, 2024

    EIH Ltd has approved the construction of a luxury resort at Cavelossim beach in South Goa, with an estimated investment of ₹421 crore. The resort will feature 90 rooms and suites across its sprawling acreage and is scheduled to be operational from October 1, 2027. EIH has also ventured into another hotel management agreement for a luxury Oberoi resort at Bogmalo beach in South Goa.

  • EIH Ltd Shows Strong Financial Position - 26 Mar, 2024

    EIH Limited has a net cash position of ₹3.11b and grew its EBIT by 126% last year, producing sturdy free cash flow equating to 66% of its EBIT during the last two years. The balance sheet looks quite solid.

Analyst Rating for EIH Ltd stock

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Based on 1 analysts offering long term price targets for EIH Ltd. An average target of ₹471

Source: S&P Global Market Intelligence

EIH Ltd share Performance

  • ₹472
    downward going graph



    Day's Volatility:3.68%



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  • ₹165.35
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    52 Weeks Volatility:70.86%



    downward going graph
1 Month Return23.16 %
3 Month Return64.51 %
1 Year Return177.98 %
Previous Close₹487.80
Upper Circuit-
Lower Circuit-
Market Cap₹30,505.26Cr

EIH Ltd Company Information

EIH Ltd, a luxury hospitality company in India, is a part of the Oberoi Group and is in the business of operating hotels, restaurants, car rentals, project management and corporate air charters. Their services are operated under the Oberoi and Trident brands to cater for customers in the luxury and five-star sectors.
EIH Ltd was incorporated in 1949 and has since then expanded and diversified its operations. From 1965 they built their first hotel and in 1986 they ventured into the airport services business. In 1996 the company changed their name from East India Hotels Ltd to EIH Ltd, and launched the luxury cruse Motor Vessel Vrinda in 2003.
In 2007 they were the leading luxury hotel in Asia and 2013 saw the introduction of hotel openings in Dubai and Hyderabad. In 2016 they closed The Oberoi New Delhi for major renovation and in 2017 they delisted their GDRs from the London Stock Exchange. The Oberoi New Delhi re-opened in 2018 before the scheduled early April date. During 202122, EIH sold shareholding in EIH Flight Services Ltd.
EIH Ltd are continually expanding operations to provide the best hospitality services to their customers in the luxury and fivestar markets.

Share Price: ₹475.35 per share as on 12 Apr, 2024 04:01 PM
Market Capitalisation: ₹30,505.26Cr as of today
Revenue: ₹741.26Cr as on December 2023 (Q4 23)
Net Profit: ₹229.94Cr as on December 2023 (Q4 23)
Listing date: 10 Nov, 1994
Chairperson Name: Arjun Oberoi
OrganisationEIH Ltd
HeadquartersNew Delhi
IndustryHotels & Restaurants
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Fundamentals of EIH Ltd

Insights on EIH Ltd

Insights help you understand the recent movement of the company's critical parameters, giving you an overall view of the company.


    Best in 1 Year


    In the last 1 year, EIHOTEL has outperformed top 5 stocks with highest market-cap in Hotels, Motels & Cruise Lines


    Price Rise


    In the last 3 months, EIHOTEL stock has moved up by 64.5%


    MF Holding Up


    Mutual Funds have increased holdings from 12.05% to 12.57% in Dec 2023 quarter


    Retail Holding Up


    Retail Investor have increased holdings from 49.00% to 49.28% in Dec 2023 quarter


    Profit Spike


    Netprofit is up for the last 2 quarters, 93.11 Cr → 219.3 Cr (in ₹), with an average increase of 57.5% per quarter


    Revenue Rich


    Revenue is up for the last 3 quarters, 525.77 Cr → 783.63 Cr (in ₹), with an average increase of 17.3% per quarter

  • imgNO EFFECT

    Promoter Holding Unchanged


    Promoters holdings remained unchanged at 32.85% of holdings in Dec 2023 quarter

  • imgNO EFFECT

    Against Peers


    In the last 3 years, Chalet Hotels Ltd has given 539.5% return, outperforming this stock by 105.7%


    FII Holding Down


    Foreign Institutions have decreased holdings from 4.38% to 3.71% in Dec 2023 quarter

EIH Ltd Valuation

EIH Ltd in the last 5 years

  • Overview

  • Trends

Lowest (-107.18x)

April 8, 2022

Today (59.34x)

April 12, 2024

Industry (100.34x)

April 12, 2024

Highest (1170.24x)

August 28, 2020


EIH Ltd Mutual Fund Holdings

Funds Holdings
Nippon India Multi Cap Fund - Direct Plan - GrowthNippon India Multi Cap Fund - Direct Plan - Growth4.29%
Nippon India Large Cap Fund - Direct Plan - Growth PlanNippon India Large Cap Fund - Direct Plan - Growth Plan2.05%
HSBC Small Cap Fund Fund Direct GrowthHSBC Small Cap Fund Fund Direct Growth2.89%
Canara Robeco Emerging Equities Direct Plan Growth OptionCanara Robeco Emerging Equities Direct Plan Growth Option1.14%
ICICI Prudential Equity & Debt Fund Direct Plan GrowthICICI Prudential Equity & Debt Fund Direct Plan Growth0.51%

EIH Ltd Shareholding Pattern

InvestorsHoldings %Prev. 4 periods3M change
Promoter Holdings
Foreign Institutions
Mutual Funds
Retail Investors

Technicals of EIH Ltd share

News & Events of EIH Ltd

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EIH Ltd (EIHOTEL) share price today is ₹475.35

EIH Ltd is listed on NSE

EIH Ltd is listed on BSE

  • Today’s highest price of EIH Ltd is ₹489.5.
  • Today’s lowest price of EIH Ltd is ₹472.

PE Ratio of EIH Ltd is 59.34

PE ratio = EIH Ltd Market price per share / EIH Ltd Earnings per share

Today’s traded volume of EIH Ltd(EIHOTEL) is 10.31L.

Today’s market capitalisation of EIH Ltd(EIHOTEL) is ₹30505.26Cr.

52 Week High
52 Week Low

EIH Ltd(EIHOTEL) share price is ₹475.35. It is down -5.35% from its 52 Week High price of ₹502.2

EIH Ltd(EIHOTEL) share price is ₹475.35. It is up 187.48% from its 52 Week Low price of ₹165.35

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1 Month Returns
3 Month Returns
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