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  • ₹26.2

    Day's Volatility:

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    52 Weeks Volatility:100.00%

1 Month Return0 %
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Previous Close₹26.20

HPC Biosciences Ltd Company Information

Share Price: ₹26.20 per share as on 18 Sep, 2023 04:01 PM
Market Capitalisation: ₹0.00Cr as of today
Listing date: 01 Jan, 0001
OrganisationHPC Biosciences Ltd
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    Against Peers

    In the last 1 year, Britannia Industries Ltd has given 27.9% return, outperforming this stock by 27.9%

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Frequently Asked Questions

HPC Biosciences Ltd (535217) share price today is ₹26.2

  • Today’s highest price of HPC Biosciences Ltd is ₹26.2.
  • Today’s lowest price of HPC Biosciences Ltd is ₹26.2.

Today’s traded volume of HPC Biosciences Ltd(535217) is 15.00K.

HPC Biosciences Ltd(535217Price
52 Week High
52 Week Low

HPC Biosciences Ltd(535217) share price is ₹26.2. It is down -0.00% from its 52 Week High price of ₹26.2

HPC Biosciences Ltd(535217) share price is ₹26.2. It is up Infinity% from its 52 Week Low price of ₹0