Expiry in the F&O Market - What Happens on the Day of Expiry?

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Expiry in the F&O Market

F&O refers to Futures and Options, and it is associated with derivatives. In F&O markets, investors participate in speculating and diversifying their portfolios. The current market size of the F&O market in India is Rs. 311.7 trillion.  The daily turnover in the F&O market has reached Rs. 100.09 lakh crore. 9. Trading in F&O markets involves risks and significant losses. The nifty 50 options open interest has reached Rs. 83,125 crore as of January 2024. The F&O market depends mainly on expiration day, as traders settle their contracts on this day. Having an understanding of what happens on expiry day is important for handling the complexities of trading. It can be quite complicated and difficult for new traders, but experienced traders can handle this day with ease and take advantage of enormous opportunities. This article will define the F&O expiry day and the process involved. You will learn all the strategies and meaningful insights to handle expiry days. 

Expiry Process

All the contracts in the F&O market have particular durations and expiry dates. On this day, all contracts terminate, and the values of these contracts are settled. Listed below are some of the important points associated with the expiration process: 

  • Expiry day has many consequences for market shares, volatility, and strategies. 
  • The future has the same rules for sellers and buyers, but there are two types of options. These types include put and call options. 
  • The settlement is significant in determining how these contracts will be closed. Traders and investors monitor their open interest and trading activities before expiration. 
  • The F&O expiry day brings too many changes in the market dynamics. Traders modify their plans, which causes the change in prices. 
  • To make the right decisions, traders must know the dynamics of expiry day.

Impact of Expiry Day on the F&O Market

The expiry day in the F&O market is considered the most crucial aspect as it greatly affects derivatives trading. A proper understanding of the impacts expiry day can have on the market is very vital to traders. Listed below are some of its impacts: 

  • Expiry day can cause sudden price movements and completely change the intrinsic value of assets. This price movement occurs due to speculative trading and the upcoming contract month.
  • Traders should carefully analyze price movements and make decisions accordingly. 
  • On expiry day, market liquidity changes when traders roll over their positions. Traders should focus on good execution strategies. 
  • Expiry day also results in various opportunities for traders and investors. These opportunities can include price reversals, arbitrage possibilities, trend continuations, etc. Traders should carefully approach these opportunities and take adequate actions to make the most of them.
  • On expiration day, traders change their respective positions from the current contract to next month's contract. The dynamics of the F&O market can be entirely changed by this rollover activity. Because of this, traders should understand rollover activities in great depth and acquire valuable information for formulating strategies. 

Settlement Process

Expiry day is the central aspect of the settlement process. In the F&O market, contract settlement occurs through physical delivery and cash settlement. In physical settlement, the delivery of actual assets takes place, and in cash settlement, cash exchange occurs. Traders choose between these two methods as per the terms and conditions of the contract. 

Strategies For Trading on Expiry Day

Traders should develop effective strategies to handle the volatility of the futures and options markets and to acquire opportunities on the expiry day. Below are some of the methods that are very important for achieving success in derivatives trading.

  • To navigate expiry day volatility, traders should use iron condors or vertical spreaders. They should sell or buy their contracts with different expiration dates and prices. This strategy helps traders reduce risks and handle market fluctuations. 
  • Due to the uncertainty around the expiration day, traders should square off their positions before it arrives. Traders should use this strategy in order to avoid big losses and problems with settlement. 
  • To reduce the negative effects of price movement on expiry day, traders should use a data hedging approach. This means involving option contracts to lessen the risk associated with futures positions. Data hedging can be done by balancing the delta exposure. This will help traders maintain controlled and stable trading. 
  • Traders can sell cash-secured put options to generate income and reduce losses. By doing this, traders can gain market premiums and security and manage risk. 
  • Traders should analyze market dynamics, news events, and open interest and change their approaches accordingly. 
  • Traders should implement stop-loss orders to protect their capital. This will also help in reducing significant losses and enforcing risk management.  

Role of Regulators

Regulators are considered the main factor in maintaining the integrity of the F&O trading. These regulators protect traders from manipulators and fraudsters by providing adequate resources. Surveillance is offered to conduct transparent and fair trading. Implementation of these regulations can enhance the stability of the F&O market.

Pre and Post Expiry Analysis

Traders should implement effective strategies to manage risks associated with F&O trading. 

Given below are some of the pre and post analysis of expiry day: 

  • To execute effective strategies and gain market share opportunities, traders should properly understand the effects of expiry day on their market position. 
  • After the expiry day, traders should carefully analyze market reactions to gain important information. 
  • By examining these reactions, they can enhance their learning and change their strategies for future trading in the F&O market accordingly. 


Traders should pay attention to expiry day in the F&O market because it holds utmost importance. On this day, the dynamics of markets change significantly. To navigate this day, traders should thoroughly understand the essential aspects of the whole process. Indmoney provides proper knowledge of market volatility, settlement processes, and future and options strategies.