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Kymera Therapeutics Inc

Kymera Therapeutics Inc (KYMR)


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Today Low/High$56.95 / $58.08
52 Week Low/High$29.93 / $91.92
Market Cap$2.89B

Company Details

Kymera Therapeutics is a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company focused on advancing the field of targeted protein degradation, a transformative new approach to address previously intractable disease targets. Kymera’s Pegasus™ targeted protein degradation platform harnesses the body’s natural protein recycling machinery to degrade disease-causing proteins, with a focus on undrugged nodes in validated pathways currently inaccessible with conventional therapeutics. Kymera is accelerating drug discovery with an unmatched ability to target and degrade the most intractable of proteins, and advance new treatment options for patients. Kymera’s initial programs are IRAK4, IRAKIMiD, and STAT3, which each address high impact targets within the IL-1R/TLR or JAK/STAT pathways, providing the opportunity to treat a broad range of immune-inflammatory diseases, hematologic malignancies, and solid tumors.
OrganisationKymera Therapeutics Inc
IndustryHealth Technology

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