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Today Low/High$20.32 / $21.41
52 Week Low/High$19.16 / $55.72
Market Cap$1.17B

Company Details

Generation Bio is an innovative genetic medicines company focused on creating a new class of non-viral gene therapy to provide durable, redosable treatments for people living with rare and prevalent diseases. The company's non-viral platform incorporates a proprietary, high-capacity DNA construct called closed-ended DNA, or ceDNA; a cell-targeted lipid nanoparticle delivery system, or ctLNP; and an established, scalable capsid-free manufacturing process. The platform is designed to enable multi-year durability from a single dose of ceDNA and to allow titration and redosing if needed. The ctLNP is engineered to deliver large genetic payloads, including multiple genes, to specific tissues to address a wide range of indications. The company's efficient, scalable manufacturing process supports Generation Bio's mission to extend the reach of gene therapy to more people, living with more diseases, in more places around the world.
OrganisationGeneration Bio Co
IndustryHealth Technology

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