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4DMT is a clinical-stage company harnessing the power of directed evolution for targeted gene therapies. 4DMT seeks to unlock the full potential of gene therapy using its platform, Therapeutic Vector Evolution, which combines the power of directed evolution with approximately one billion synthetic capsid sequences to invent evolved vectors for use in targeted gene therapy products. The company is initially focused in three therapeutic areas: ophthalmology, cardiology, and pulmonology. The 4DMT targeted and evolved vectors are invented with the goal of being delivered through clinically routine, well-tolerated and minimally invasive routes of administration, transducing diseased cells in target tissues efficiently, having reduced immunogenicity and, where relevant, having resistance to pre-existing antibodies. 4DMT is currently conducting three clinical trials: 4D-125 is in a Phase 1/2 clinical trial for XLRP patients, 4D-110 is in a Phase 1 clinical trial for choroideremia patients and 4D-310 is in a Phase 1/2 clinical trial for Fabry disease patients. 4D Molecular Therapeutics™, 4DMT™, Therapeutic Vector Evolution™, and the 4DMT logo are trademarks of 4DMT.
4D Molecular Therapeutics Inc

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