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Q3 '23 Results
News and Events

Overview of Orchid Pharma Ltd

Key events for Orchid Pharma Ltd

  • Orchid Pharma Q3 2024 Results Exceed Analyst Estimates - 10 Feb, 2024

    Orchid Pharma reports revenue of ₹2.28b, up 43% YoY, and net income of ₹294.3m, up 288% YoY, exceeding analyst estimates by 5.1%. EPS also surpassed estimates by 54%. The company's shares are up 22% from a week ago. Orchid Pharma is forecast to grow at an average rate of 28% p.a. for the next three years compared to 10% growth forecasted for the Indian pharmaceutical industry.

  • Orchid Pharma Shares Surge on Strong Q3 Results - 09 Feb, 2024

    Orchid Pharma's net profit for Q3 FY24 jumped 3.6 times YoY to Rs 29.43 crore, with revenue from operations increasing by 38.08% YoY to Rs 220.59 crore. The stock soared over 17% in opening deals.

  • Orchid Pharma Records Net Profit of Rs 30.55 Crore in Q3 - 08 Feb, 2024

    Orchid Pharma Ltd has recorded a net profit of Rs 30.55 crore for Q3, up from Rs 6.73 crore YoY, with total income standing at Rs 228.03 crore.

  • Orchid Pharma's Balance Sheet Shows High Liabilities - 06 Feb, 2024

    Orchid Pharma has liabilities totalling ₹1.41b more than its cash and near-term receivables combined, but a low debt to EBITDA ratio of 0.97 suggests only modest use of debt. The company improved its EBIT from last year's loss to a positive ₹680m.

  • Orchid Pharma Shares Surge on EMA Approval of Antibiotic Drug - 30 Jan, 2024

    Orchid Pharma's antibiotic drug, Exblifeb, received marketing authorization from the European Medicines Agency (EMA), causing its shares to surge by 20%. The drug is used to treat complicated urinary tract infections, pneumonia, and bacteremia caused by ESBL-producing pathogens. Orchid Pharma also reported a YoY revenue increase of 21%, rising from ₹165 crore in Q2FY23 to ₹199 crore in Q2FY24.

Analyst Rating for Orchid Pharma Ltd stock

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Based on 3 analysts offering long term price targets for Orchid Pharma Ltd. An average target of ₹1130

Source: S&P Global Market Intelligence

Orchid Pharma Ltd share Performance

  • ₹1115.05
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    Day's Volatility:7.40%



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  • ₹362.5
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    52 Weeks Volatility:75.17%



    downward going graph
1 Month Return62.12 %
3 Month Return98.21 %
1 Year Return181.58 %
Previous Close₹1,168.85
Market Cap₹5,928.30Cr

Orchid Pharma Ltd Company Information

Orchid Pharma Ltd. is a globally recognized pharmaceutical company based in Chennai, India, specialized in the development, manufacture and marketing of diverse bulk actives formulations and nutraceuticals. The company’s core expertise covers manufacturing Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) and Finished Dosage Forms, as well as drug discovery. It is the youngest Indian pharmaceutical company to be awarded the ISO 9002 certification.In 1998 they received approval from the Drug Controller of India (DCI) for the manufacture and export of the main ingredient of Viagra.By 2000 they acquired a manufacturing plant in Aurangabad and in 2004 signed a pact with Par Pharmaceuticals Inc. to market oral cephalosporin formulations in the US market.In 2006 a deal with Biovitrum was signed and two years later the company had approval from the US FDA for their abbreviated new drug application. They entered the Japanese generics market with the creation of awholly owned subsidiary and also inked an agreement with Merck & Co. The company increased their stake in Diakron Pharmaceuticals Inc. up to 76.4 and over the years have made pacts with numerous companies in both drug discovery and commercialization. In 2017 they launched a new product and as of 2020 became a subsidiary of Dhanuka Laboratories Ltd with funding from a special purpose vehicle. Furthermore the company has subscribed to OrBion Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd. and incorporated Orchid BioPharma Ltd, becoming an Associate of the company.

Share Price: ₹1148.70 per share as on 22 Feb, 2024 04:01 PM
Market Capitalisation: ₹5,928.30Cr as of today
Revenue: ₹220.59Cr as on December 2023 (Q4 23)
Net Profit: ₹30.19Cr as on December 2023 (Q4 23)
Listing date: 12 May, 1995
Chairperson Name: Ram Gopal Agarwal
OrganisationOrchid Pharma Ltd
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Fundamentals of Orchid Pharma Ltd

Insights on Orchid Pharma Ltd

Insights help you understand the recent movement of the company's critical parameters, giving you an overall view of the company.


    Retail Holding Up


    Retail Investor have increased holdings from 7.06% to 11.53% in Dec 2023 quarter


    Revenue Rich


    Revenue is up for the last 3 quarters, 184.81 Cr → 228.21 Cr (in ₹), with an average increase of 10.0% per quarter


    Best in 1 Year


    In the last 1 year, ORCHPHARMA has outperformed top 5 stocks with highest market-cap in Pharmaceuticals


    MF Holding Up


    Mutual Funds have increased holdings from 9.76% to 10.40% in Dec 2023 quarter


    Price Rise


    In the last 1 month, ORCHPHARMA stock has moved up by 62.1%


    Profit Spike


    Netprofit is up for the last 3 quarters, 9.4 Cr → 29.43 Cr (in ₹), with an average increase of 42.6% per quarter

  • imgNO EFFECT

    Against Peers


    In the last 3 years, Sun Pharmaceuticals Industries Ltd has given 159.3% return, outperforming this stock by 94.9%


    Promoter Holding Down


    Promoters have decreased holdings from 72.40% to 69.84% in Dec 2023 quarter


    FII Holding Down


    Foreign Institutions have decreased holdings from 8.08% to 4.14% in Dec 2023 quarter

Orchid Pharma Ltd Valuation

Orchid Pharma Ltd in the last 5 years

  • Overview

  • Trends

Lowest (-871.56x)

April 8, 2022

Today (43.58x)

February 21, 2024

Industry (61.94x)

February 21, 2024

Highest (105.04x)

September 14, 2022


Orchid Pharma Ltd Mutual Fund Holdings

Funds Holdings
Quant Small Cap Fund Growth Option Direct PlanQuant Small Cap Fund Growth Option Direct Plan0.83%
Quant Multi Asset Fund Growth Option Direct PlanQuant Multi Asset Fund Growth Option Direct Plan7.33%
Nippon India Pharma Fund - Direct Plan - Growth PlanNippon India Pharma Fund - Direct Plan - Growth Plan1.05%
Quant Value Fund Direct GrowthQuant Value Fund Direct Growth5.06%
UTI Small Cap Fund Direct GrowthUTI Small Cap Fund Direct Growth1.01%

Orchid Pharma Ltd Shareholding Pattern

InvestorsHoldings %Prev. 4 periods3M change
Promoter Holdings
Foreign Institutions
Mutual Funds
Retail Investors

Technicals of Orchid Pharma Ltd share

News & Events of Orchid Pharma Ltd

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Orchid Pharma Ltd (ORCHPHARMA) share price today is ₹1148.7

Orchid Pharma Ltd is listed on NSE

Orchid Pharma Ltd is listed on BSE

  • Today’s highest price of Orchid Pharma Ltd is ₹1200.
  • Today’s lowest price of Orchid Pharma Ltd is ₹1115.05.

PE Ratio of Orchid Pharma Ltd is 43.58

PE ratio = Orchid Pharma Ltd Market price per share / Orchid Pharma Ltd Earnings per share

Today’s traded volume of Orchid Pharma Ltd(ORCHPHARMA) is 1.45L.

Today’s market capitalisation of Orchid Pharma Ltd(ORCHPHARMA) is ₹5928.3Cr.

Orchid Pharma Ltd(ORCHPHARMAPrice
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Orchid Pharma Ltd(ORCHPHARMA) share price is ₹1148.7. It is down -6.30% from its 52 Week High price of ₹1225.95

Orchid Pharma Ltd(ORCHPHARMA) share price is ₹1148.7. It is up 216.88% from its 52 Week Low price of ₹362.5

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