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Day's Range
52-Week Range
1 month returnReturn data19.24%
3 month returnReturn data1.37%
1 year returnReturn data56.07%
5 year returnReturn data18.84%

Insights on Block Inc

  • Increasing Revenue

    Revenue is up for the last 4 quarters, 3.96B → 4.65B (in $), with an average increase of 5.2% per quarter

  • Decreasing Net Profit

    Netprofit is down for the last 2 quarters, -14.71M → -113.82M (in $), with an average decrease of 673.7% per quarter

  • Vs SHOP

    In the last 1 year, Square Inc - Class A has experienced a drawdown of -53.4%, however Shopify Inc - Class A resisted the overall trend and outperformed by 19.6%


Market Capitalization43.7B
Book Value$28.7
Dividend Share0.0
Dividend Yield0.0%
Earnings Per Share (EPS)-0.95
PE Ratio755.98
PEG Ratio1.93
Wall Street Target Price95.45

Company Financials

FY22Y/Y Change
↓ 0.73%
Net Income
↓ 425.19%
Net Profit Margin
↓ 4.02%


Company NameAnalyst ViewMarket Cap5 Years Return %PE RatioProfit Margin
Shopify Inc.
Shopify Inc.
Block Inc
Block Inc

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Analyst Forecast

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Upside of 57.3%





Technicals Summary




Block Inc is currently not in a favorable trading position ( SELL ) according to technical analysis indicators.


Trailing PE0.0
Forward PE43.86
Price/Book (mrq)2.58
Enterprise Value39.3B
Enterprise Value/Revenue2.32
Enterprise Value/Ebitda-205.63


50 Day MA76.89
200 Day MA69.03

Institutional Holdings

Vanguard Group Inc


BlackRock Inc


Morgan Stanley - Brokerage Accounts


Sands Capital Management, LLC


Wellington Management Company LLP


Fisher Asset Management, LLC


Company Information

Square Inc., now known as Block Inc., is a digital payment and financial services company currently headquartered in San Francisco, California, USA. Founded in 2009 by Jack Dorsey and Jim McKelvey, the company was retitled on 10th December 2021 as Block Inc. The change in the title came after the rebranding of Facebook to Meta shortly after Jack Dorsey resigned as CEO of Twitter, the social networking and microblogging platform he founded. However, the small business payment products are still titled 'Square.' Square acquired a majority stake in Tidal on 1st December 2021, with Jay-Z joining the company's board. While Bitcoin has come to the limelight in recent years, Square Inc.’s Cash App allowed merchants to use bitcoin in the technology starting in 2017. In late 2017, announced a trial program allowing bitcoin trading for specific users. In 2018, it extended its bitcoin trading services to Wyoming, pushing its stock to an all-time high. Products and Services Some critical products and services offered by Block Inc. are: Square Reader: The company's first product enabled credit card payments by connecting the device to the mobile's audio jack. Due to security concerns raised by Verifone, the currently implemented technology is Verisign certified and Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI) compliant. IN August 2018, a newer version was released, allowing the technology to be used on iPhones without the headphone jack. Other Devices: This includes Square Stand turning Apple iPad to complete POS system, Bluetooth connected readers to accept contactless and chip payments, Square register, etc. Cash App: Earlier is known as Square Cash, it allowed money transfer from person to person through website and app Services: Square Inc. consistently expanded its service portfolio. It includes: Square Capital launched in 2014, providing business financing to merchants using Square. Square Payroll, launched in 2015, satisfies the payroll management needs of small business owners. It automatically handles payroll payments, tax filings, and business withholdings. Square Inc. allowed merchants to develop custom interfaces using Application Program Interface. Currently Square Inc - Class A has a market cap of $33.5 Billion. It has a P.E ratio of -61.95. The shares of Square Inc - Class A are trading at $60.68. .
OrganizationBlock Inc
CEOMr. Jack Dorsey
IndustryTechnology Services

Corporate Announcements

  • Block Inc Earnings

    Block Inc’s price-to-earnings ratio stands at 755.98

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