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Earnings per share (EPS) Estimates

Earnings per share (EPS) estimates of the Amdocs Ltd post its latest quarter earnings

EPS Estimate Current Quarter
EPS Estimate Current Year


EPS Estimate Current Quarter:

Amdocs Ltd’s earning per share (EPS) estimates for the current quarter stand at 1.27 - a 1.6% jump from last quarter’s estimates.

EPS Estimate Current Year:

Amdocs Ltd’s earning per share (EPS) estimates for the current year stand at 1.27.

Key Ratios

Key ratios of the Amdocs Ltd post its Q2 2022 earnings

Return on Assets (ROA)
Return on Equity (ROE)
Dividend Per Share (DPS)


Return on Assets (ROA):

Return on assets (ROA) indicates the profitability of the company in relation to its total assets. This ratio tells the financial health of the company. The higher the ROA, the better the company’s financial health. If any company has a ROA in the range of 5% to 20% - it is generally considered good. ROA above 20% is generally considered excellent. Amdocs Ltd’s return on assets (ROA) stands at 0.06.

Earning Per Share (EPS):

The Return On Equity ratio indicates a company’s ability to turn equity capital received from shareholders into profits. ROE highlights the efficiency of equity capital in running the business. Generally, a return on equity in double digits is considered good. Amdocs Ltd’s return on equity (ROE) stands at 0.15.

Dividend Per Share (DPS):

Amdocs Ltd declared 1.51 dividend per share during the earnings announcement for Q2 2022.

Earnings Calendar

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Company Information

Amdocs Limited is an Israeli global firm with headquarters in Chesterfield, Missouri, with support and development facilities across the globe. Amdocs was established in Israel and is presently based in Chesterfield, Missouri. The firm focuses on software and services for communication, media, and financial services providers, as well as for digital companies in the Internet age. As an extension of Golden Pages, the Israeli phone directory firm, which was owned by the Auric Group, which was managed by Morris Kahn at the time, the company was established in 1982 in Israel. Boaz Dotan was appointed as the company's first President and Chief Executive Officer in 1982. Amdocs was able to significantly grow its product line in 2001 by acquiring Clarify Inc. for $200 million from Nortel Networks, which allowed the business to further expand its product offering. The company was founded in 1990 with a concentration on customer care services, and in particular on the development of customer complaints and product defect monitoring software.In 2002, Amdocs was able to complete its product offering with the addition of Clarify, and by the beginning of 2002, the company had presented what it claimed to be the industry's first end-to-end fully integrated CRM, billing, and order management system for the communications sector. This was taking place at the same time that Amdocs made a significant stride forward towards the end of 2001 when it began offering outsourced services to its customers. Nextel Communications was one of the first organizations to make use of Amdocs' outsourcing services, entrusting the company with the billing responsibilities as part of a seven-year deal with the organization. A five-year billing services agreement with Verizon Communications was signed in early 2002, demonstrating that the idea was well-liked and was quickly embraced by the industry. Currently Amdocs Ltd has a market cap of $11.21 Billion. It has a P.E ratio of 18.93. The shares of Amdocs Ltd are trading at $84.25. .

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