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Grifols, S.a. Dividend 2022 : Should Grifols, S.a. be a part of your dividend portfolio?

Grifols, S.a. is one of the most popular Health Technology company in the world with a market capitalisation of $7828.51Mn. Its share price is $9.09 as on 28 September,2023.

The dividend is a percentage of earnings paid out to shareholders. Last year, Grifols, S.a. gave $0.66 for the full year, but should it be a part of your investments that give good dividends?

Key Highlights

  • Health Technology stocks do not always pay a dividend but as Grifols, S.a. pays dividends to reward its shareholders.
  • In the quarter ending June 2021, Grifols, S.a. has declared dividend of $0.46 - translating a dividend yield of 7.24%.

Let's look at Grifols, S.a.’s capacity to pay dividends and consider its valuation to determine its virtues as a dividend stock:

  • Grifols, S.a.’s dividend was $0.46 in the quarter ending June 2021.

Grifols, S.a. Dividend related ratios:

  • Last dividend date: 2021-05-24
  • Current Dividend Yield: 7.24%
  • Annual dollar dividend payment: $0.66


Grifols, S.a. current market price is $9.09 per share

Grifols, S.a. has declared dividend worth $0.46 in the latest quarter.

Grifols, S.a. has declared dividend on 24/05/2021 of $0.46.