IND Pricing
  • Account Opening Fees

    Account Opening Fees


    Mutual Fund Investment Account

  • Profile Verification

    Profile Verification


    KYC and Identity Verification

  • Commission



    Trading Charges

  • Tracking Charges

    Tracking Charges


    Track all your Mutual Fund Holding

  • Switch from Regular to Direct

    Switch from Regular to Direct


    Save upto 1.5% on Commissions

  • SIPs



    Start with As little as ₹10 Daily!

  • Rebalancing



  • AMC



    Account Maintenance Charges

Charges outside INDmoney

  • Expense Ratio

    Expense Ratio

    The AMC charges the fund management fees + distribution (commission) fee to manage a mutual fund. INDmoney works with Direct Plans of mutual funds only. Direct plans of mutual funds have 0 distribution (commission), in turn minimizing the expense ratio. The applicable GST is also included in the expense ratio.
  • STT (Stamp Duty)

    STT (Stamp Duty)

    TSTT is a tax paid on purchase or sale of securities. When it comes to mutual funds, only equity oriented funds attract an STT payment. If you've invested in a debt oriented fund, then no STT applicable on it. STT of 0.025% of sold amount is payable when you sell units of equity mutual funds. STT is not applicable at the time of purchase of equity mutual funds.
  • Taxation


    Equity Mutual Funds

    Sold within One Year:STCG Tax @15%

    Sold After One Year: :LTCG Tax @10%

    LTCG up to ₹1 Lakh are exempted from taxation

  • Exit Loads

    Exit Loads

    Exit load is a fee charged by the mutual fund houses if investors sell units within a certain period from the date of investment. Some funds don't charge exit load. Typically, equity mutual fund schemes levy an exit load of 1% if the units are sold within one year of buying. Debt funds, also levy an exit load, but the period could be as low as a day or a month since the overall tenure of the fund could be only a few weeks or months. Liquid funds do not charge any exit load.
  • Dividends


    Taxable at the hands of the investor at the Income Tax slab.

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