Grievance Redressal Policy

Finzoomers Services Private Limited (“Company/ We”) believe that Client service is an important element for the growth of Business, and We aim to make sure that when customers use our services, they get the best possible experience.

This system has been set up to acknowledge, assess, and try to resolve all customer grievances on a real-time basis so that the Company's grievance redressal method becomes more meaningful and effective. We will do our best to settle the complaint to the client's satisfaction within the given framework of rules and regulations. We also ensure to take appropriate action so to avoid their occurrence in the future.

We try to ensure that the redressal sought is just and fair and is permissible within the given framework of rules and regulation.


The objective of this policy is to ensure that the customers complaints/grievances are handled effectively and prudently by being fair and just in all scenarios and having complete transparency throughout the whole redressal process.

We strive to ensure that customers are fully aware of their rights and fully informed of avenues to escalate their complaints / grievances within the organization.


The policy shall cover all the complaints/grievances received from the policy holder/ its nominee/beneficiary/authorized person (with the written consent of the policy owner). The company will not accept any complaint from third party, agencies on behalf of the customer unless we have written consent from the policy holder.

Grievances received from consumer forums, ombudsman office or court will be dealt separately by the legal team. Inquiry or Request are not covered under this policy.

General Definitions

a. “Complaint” or “Grievance” means written expression (includes communication in the form of electronic mail or other electronic scripts), of dissatisfaction by a complainant with insurer, company or other regulated entities about an action or lack of action about the standard of service or deficiency of service of such insurer, company or other regulated entities.

Under certain circumstances, the Company might accept the complaints received via phone call also.

Please note that: An inquiry or request would not fall within the definition of the complaintor grievance. An Inquiry and Request would mean the following:

“Inquiry”: An Inquiry is defined as any communication from customer for the primary purpose of requesting information about a company and/or its service.

“Request”: A Request is defined as any communication from a customer soliciting a service such as a change or modification in the policy.

b. “Complainant/s” means a policyholder or prospect or any beneficiary of an insurance policy who has filed a complaint or grievance against an insurer or a distribution channel.

Complaint Redressal Process

If you have a grievance that you wish to redress, you may contact us with the details of your grievance through below mentioned channel of communication:

Step 1: Channel for communication


Letter: To the attention of Grievance Officer, Add: 624-625,6th Floor, Suncity Success Tower, Golf Course Extension Road, Sector-65, Gurugram-122005

All grievances will be given acknowledgment receipt within 14 days of the receipt of complaint.

Based on type of grievance the company shall exercise all efforts to address the same as soon as it has received the complaint.

Step 2: Escalation Matrix

Level 1: In case the customer is not satisfied with the decision or not have received any response within 14 working days, he/she may escalate the matter to Grievance Redressal Officer, Ms. Aayushi Agarwal at the following email address:

The grievance officer will strive to assist in getting the grievance resolved within 7 working days of receipt of the escalation request.

Level 2: If still not satisfied after level 1. You may escalate the matter to the Principal Officer of the Company at

Level 3: If after having followed Level 1 and Level 2 your issue remains unsolved, you may approach to Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority


Company endeavours to resolve all grievances to the satisfaction of the customers. In order to ensure fair resolution for the customer, the Regulator has set certain conditions for considering the grievances as closed.

As per IRDAI regulations, a grievance shall be considered as disposed off and resolved:

a. The Company has acceded to the request of the complainant fully, or

b. Where the complainant has indicated in writing, acceptance of the response of the insurer, or

c. Where the complainant has not responded to the insurer within 8 weeks of the insurer’s written response.

Please note that while the Company will do everything possible to assist customers in obtaining the desired resolution, while the final decision shall rests with the respective Insurance Companies.

You can submit your grievance/complaints