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What is Retirement calculator?

A retirement calculator is an online tool to help you plan your retirement by evaluating the total retirement corpus required at the retirement age and the monthly investment required to build it. 
To figure out how much investment you'll need to grow the required pension amount, you can use a retirement calculator. Just keep in mind that preparing for the future involves a combination of smart money management and wise investing. Retirement Calculator is an essential tool for people who want to wisely plan their retirement, INDMoney's Retriement planning calculator does the work for you.

How INDMoney's Retirement Calculator help you in planning your Retirement?

Personalized Projections: Get a clear picture of how your savings will grow over time with our retirement calculator. It provides tailored projections based on your current financial situation and future goals.

Easy-to-Use Interface: Our user-friendly interface makes it simple to input your details and preferences. You don't need to be a financial expert to use our calculator - it's designed for everyone.

Customized Retirement Goals: Set specific retirement goals, whether it's traveling the world, starting a hobby, or simply enjoying a comfortable lifestyle. Our calculator helps you determine how much you'll need to achieve those dreams.

Realistic Scenarios: Explore different investment options and see how they can impact your retirement savings. The calculator considers real-world scenarios to give you a practical outlook on your financial future.

Inflation Consideration: INDmoney's Retirement planning calculator incorporates Inflation as a factor that can effect your savings for the retirement, it estimates the monthly expenditure that will be required in the retirement years by calculating future value of money. 

How to use INDMoney's Retirement Calculator?

You can start using the calculator by adding these inputs:

Current Age: Enter the age when you start planning and saving money for your retirement years, this is the time when you start saving and investing towards your retirement goal.

Retirement Age: Enter the tentative age when you plan to retire, you can use the slider to test out various retirement ages.

Life expectancy: Choose an expected age until when you want your retirement corpus to last.

Monthly Expenditure after retirement: Set the amount you want to spend monthly in your retirement years, you don't need to manage the inflation in this one, INDMoney's calculatorwill do that for you.

Retirement Corpus Available: If you have saved money for your retirement before, you may also add that.

INDMoney's Retirement Calculator will work its magic and you'll get these outputs immedietly:

Total Corpus Needed: It's the total lumpsum needed in your Retirement years to spend.

Monthly Investment Needed: This is the monthly amount that you will need to invest while you are saving for retirement.

How does a Retirement Planning Calculator work?

A Retirement Calculator uses formulas of compound interest and SIP to calculate the desired values for you:

Lets understand this with an example:

Let's say you aim for a monthly retirement income of Rs 60,000. If you're currently 30 years old and plan to retire at 60 and a life expectancy of 75 years, our calculator can guide you.

Using the formula: FV = PV (1+r)^n

FV: Future Value 

PV: Present Value 

r: Expected inflation 

n: Time to retirement (60 years – 30 years) = 30 years.

Expected return rate on Investments = 9% (anually)

FFor this example, 

The PV = 60,000*12*(75-60) = 1,08,00,000

Calculating Your Retirement Corpus

Now we would have to calculate the future value of this amount, and that will be our retirement Corpus:

FV = 1,08,00,000*(1+6/100)^(60-30) = 6,20,29,705

Monthly Savings for Your Retirement Corpus

Now, we know our goal amount, ie. Rs. 6,20,39,705

The Investment Years = 30 years

Expected Return rate = 9%

Monthly Amount required = ((6,20,39,705*9/100)/ (1+ 9/100)(1+(9/100)^30 - 1))/ 12 

= Rs. 34,791

Advantage of Retirement Calculator

Effortless Financial Planning

  • Easily plan for life after retirement without the need for complex manual calculations.

Precision in Savings Targets

  • Get accurate monthly saving goals tailored to your specific retirement ambitions.

Instant Insights, No Expert Required

  • Receive quick estimates without the time and expense of consulting a financial advisor.

Empower Yourself with Knowledge

  • Take control of your financial future with a tool that simplifies the process, giving you confidence in your retirement plan.

Using an online retirement calculator offers convenience, accuracy, and the confidence to make informed decisions about your retirement. Start planning today for a secure and fulfilling future!

Limitations of Retirement Calculator

Here are a few drawbacks of using a retirement calculator:

Assumptions and Estimates

Retirement calculators rely on various assumptions and estimates, such as expected rate of return, inflation rate, life expectancy, and future income needs. These assumptions may not accurately reflect an individual's actual circumstances or future economic conditions.


Some calculators, like the 4% rule, assume a fixed withdrawal rate and annual inflation adjustments. However, real-life retirement spending is often more variable and may not follow a strict formula.

Limited Scope
Many calculators focus primarily on investment portfolios and may not fully account for other sources of retirement income, such as pensions, rental income, or part-time work.

Tax Implications

Some calculators may not accurately factor in the impact of taxes on withdrawals or consider changes in tax laws over time.

Simplified Inputs

Retirement calculators often require simplified inputs and may not capture the full complexity of an individual's financial situation, such as multiple retirement accounts, unique expenses, or legacy planning goals.

Short-term Market Fluctuations

Retirement calculators typically use long-term average returns and may not account for the impact of short-term market volatility on a portfolio.

Different Types of Retirement Calculators

When planning for retirement, you'll find various retirement calculators designed to meet different needs and provide insights based on specific financial scenarios. Here are some common types of retirement calculators:

Basic Retirement Savings Calculator
This type calculates how much you need to save each month to reach your retirement goal based on your current age, desired retirement age, current savings, and expected annual return. It’s straightforward and useful for a quick snapshot of your retirement savings plan.

Comprehensive Retirement Planner
More advanced than the basic calculator, this type takes into account additional factors like inflation, expected Social Security benefits, other sources of retirement income, and changes in spending over different phases of retirement. It provides a more detailed and nuanced view of retirement planning.

Retirement Shortfall Calculator
This calculator helps you understand if there’s a gap between your projected savings and your expected needs in retirement. It considers your current savings, annual savings amount, expected rate of return, and retirement duration to calculate if you will run out of money in retirement and when.

Pension Plan Retirement Calculator
Specifically designed for those with defined benefit pension plans, this calculator estimates the monthly pension benefits you can expect based on your earnings, years of service, and the terms of your pension plan.

401(k) Retirement Calculator
For those who invest in a 401(k) plan, this calculator helps project the future value of your 401(k) based on your current balance, employer match, contribution rate, and expected return. It can also show how changes to contributions affect the final balance.

IRA Retirement Calculator

Similar to the 401(k) calculator but tailored for Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs), including both Traditional and Roth IRAs. It can help determine the future value of your IRA investments and compare the outcomes of different types of IRAs based on tax implications.

Monte Carlo Simulation Retirement Calculator

This calculator utilizes advanced statistical techniques to model economic variables. It provides a range of possible outcomes to help gauge the likelihood of having enough funds throughout retirement. It takes into account market volatility and other risks.

Social Security Retirement Calculator

This helps estimate your Social Security benefits based on your earnings history and the age you plan to start taking benefits. It’s useful for integrating Social Security into your overall retirement strategy.

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