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iHuman Inc. is a leading childhood edutainment company in Chinathat is committed to transforming learning into a fun journey for every child. Benefiting from a legacy that combines a strong educational foundation and decades of experience in childhood education with cutting edge technology and an outstanding reputation for original entertainment content, iHuman provides children with unique, interactive, and entertaining learning experiences. The Company's comprehensive suite of innovative and high-quality products and services caters to the educational needs of kids at school and at home, both online and offline, and covers diverse subjects, including Chinese learning, English, mathematics and critical thinking, literacy and reading, Chinese culture, STEM and other subjects. iHuman's line-up of highly effective edutainment products and services include interactive and self-directed learning apps, as well as learning materials and smart learning devices. With solid pedagogy, deep understanding of children's education and psychology, as well as advanced technology capabilities in gamification, AI/AR technologies, and big data analysis, iHuman believes it will continue to provide learning experiences that are both educational and fun for children in Chinaand all over the world through its integrated suite of childhood edutainment products and services.
iHuman Inc - ADR
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