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ASA Gold and Precious Metals Ltd
ASA Gold and Precious Metals Ltd

ASA Gold and Precious Metals Ltd (ASA)


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Key Stats

Today Low/High$21.25 / $22.19
52 Week Low/High$18.29 / $24.69
Market Cap$414.93M

Company Details

ASA is a non-diversified,closed-end fund that seeks long-term capital appreciation primarily through investing in companies engaged in the exploration for, development of projects in, or mining of precious metals and minerals. On April 12, 2019, ASA shareholders voted to approve an investment advisory agreement between Merk and ASA. It is a fundamental policy of ASA that at least 80% of its total assets must be (i) invested in common shares or securities convertible into common shares of companies engaged, directly or indirectly, in the exploration, mining or processing of gold, silver, platinum, diamonds or other precious minerals, (ii) held as bullion or other direct forms of gold, silver, platinum or other precious minerals, (iii) invested in instruments representing interests in gold, silver, platinum or other precious minerals such as certificates of deposit therefor, and/or (iv) invested in securities of investment companies, including exchange traded funds, or other securities that seek to replicate the price movement of gold, silver or platinum bullion. ASA employs bottom-up fundamental analysis and relies on detailed primary research including meetings with company executives, site visits to key operating assets, and proprietary financial analysis in making its investment decisions. Investors are encouraged to visit the ASA's website www.asatld.comfor additional information, including historical and current share prices, news releases, financial statements, tax and supplemental information. ASA is a "passive foreign investment company" for United States federal income tax purposes. As a result, United States shareholders holding shares in taxable accounts are encouraged to consult their tax advisors regarding the tax consequences of their investment in the Company's common shares.
OrganisationASA Gold and Precious Metals Ltd
HeadquatersPortland, Maine, US
CEODavid Christensen

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