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Airbnb Inc is an online marketplace that connects travelers with local hosts who rent out their homes or apartments.







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Day's Range
52-Week Range
1 month returnReturn data3.47%
3 month returnReturn data42.13%
1 year returnReturn data26.19%
5 year returnReturn data16.27%

Insights on Airbnb

  • Decreasing Revenue

    Revenue is down for the last 2 quarters, 2.88B → 1.90B (in $), with an average decrease of 34.1% per quarter

  • Decreasing Net Profit

    Netprofit is down for the last 2 quarters, 1.21B → 319.0M (in $), with an average decrease of 73.7% per quarter

  • Vs UBER

    In the last 1 year, Airbnb Inc - Class A has experienced a drawdown of -26.2%, however Uber Technologies Inc resisted the overall trend and outperformed by 21.5%


Market Capitalization78.1B
Book Value$8.81
Dividend Share0.0
Dividend Yield0.0%
Earnings Per Share (EPS)2.76
PE Ratio44.83
Wall Street Target Price138.16

Company Financials

FY22Y/Y Change
↑ 40.18%
Net Income
↓ 637.73%
Net Profit Margin
↑ 28.42%


Analyst Recommendation


Based on 48 Wall street analysts offering stock ratings for Airbnb(by analysts ranked 0 to 5 stars)

Analyst Forecast

What analysts predicted

Upside of 14.02%





Technicals Summary




Airbnb is currently not in a favorable trading position ( SELL ) according to technical analysis indicators.


Trailing PE44.83
Forward PE30.67
Price/Book (mrq)10.74
Enterprise Value52.2B
Enterprise Value/Revenue6.5
Enterprise Value/Ebitda28.41


50 Day MA114.71
200 Day MA107.81

Institutional Holdings

Vanguard Group Inc




Capital Research Global Investors


BlackRock Inc


Polen Capital


Wellington Management Company LLP


Company Information

An online global industry for people looking for homestays during vacations and tourism activities, the company was founded in California in 2008, by Brian Chesky, Nathan Blecharczyk and Joe Gebbia. This was formerly known as AirbedAndBreakfast. Both individuals who want to rent their properties and hospitality professionals can list their properties, luxury villas, cabins, treehouses etc. through the website or through the mobile application. It started as three friends renting air mattresses to make extra money, and eventually turned into one of the top listing companies with over 10 million guests and 550,000 listings. Today, this company is worth around $31 billion. In 2020, the founders also announced their plans to make the company public. The major growth for the company occured when it raised $600,000 from Sequoia Capital in 2009. By 2011, Airbnb had 1 million bookings in 89 countries. In 2011, the company also won the breakout mobile app award at SXSW. All this led to the startup gaining the attention of the biggest venture capital firms. Their investment was around $112 million, which gave the company its Unicorn status in Silicon Valley. The company did face some legal battles and regulations wrath due to multiple fines and evictions of people. The company spent $8 million to limit Airbnb rentals and decided to transform itself. It wanted to build the company's belong anywhere promise. Some strategic acquisitions of Airbnb have been “CrashPadder” for international listings in 2012, “Luxury Retreats” for luxury accommodations in 2017 and “HotelTonight” for last-minute reservations, and “Urbandoor” for corporate clients, in 2019. In addition, it opened “Airbnb Experiences” to enjoy unique experiences hosted by the locals, “Nildo” to optimize home sharing, and “Airbnb Plus”, which verifies homes for comfort and quality. The company has recently upgraded its services to offer more flexible travel and destinations. Both guests and hosts can expect more personalized services and world-class services from the company. Currently Airbnb Inc - Class A has a market cap of $80.77 Billion. It has a P.E ratio of 27.16. The shares of Airbnb Inc - Class A are trading at $123.69. .
CEOMr. Brian Chesky
IndustryConsumer Cyclical

Corporate Announcements

  • Airbnb Earnings

    Airbnb’s price-to-earnings ratio stands at 44.83

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