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DSP BlackRock Liquid ETF Share Price (LIQUIDETF)


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DSP BlackRock Liquid ETF Performance

  • ₹999.99

    Day's Volatility:0.00%



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  • ₹991.25
    downward going graph



    52 Weeks Volatility:5.38%



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1 Month Return0 %
3 Month Return0 %
1 Year Return0 %
Previous Close₹999.99
Upper Circuit-
Lower Circuit-

ETF Fundamentals

Expense Ratio0.4%
Avg. PE ratioNA
Avg. PB ratioNA
AUM₹1,234.46 Cr.

About DSP BlackRock Liquid ETF

The DSP BlackRock Liquid ETF is essentially a financial basket that gives investors a way to dip their toes into the world of short-term investments, without the hassle of picking and choosing individual securities. Imagine it as a convenient shortcut to investing in a pool of short-term debt instruments like government securities, treasury bills, and other money market instruments. It's designed for those who want to park their money somewhere safe, where it can earn a bit of interest, without locking it away for a long time.
This ETF is akin to a safety net for your money, offering a spot to keep your cash that might be a bit more productive than a traditional savings account, but without the ups and downs of the stock market. It's a good fit for the cautious investor who wants to avoid the rollercoaster ride of stocks or long-term bonds but still hopes to see a little growth.
Investing in the DSP BlackRock Liquid ETF means you're putting your money into a mix of short-term debt that's been carefully picked by financial experts. These are the kinds of investments that big companies, banks, and the government turn to for their own short-term cash needs. The idea is to earn a steady, if not spectacular, return on your investment, with a very low chance of losing any money.

Owner: DSP Mutual Fund
Price: ₹999.99 per unit as on 22 Apr, 2024 04:01 PM
Asset Under Management AUM: ₹1,234.46Cr as of today
Expense Ratio: 0.40% as of today
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Frequently Asked Questions

DSP BlackRock Liquid ETF price is ₹999.99 today.

  • Today’s highest price of DSP BlackRock Liquid ETF is ₹1000.01
  • Today’s lowest price of DSP BlackRock Liquid ETF is ₹999.99
DSP BlackRock Liquid ETFPrice
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DSP BlackRock Liquid ETF} price to earning (PE) ratio as on today is 0

You can invest via your demat account in the DSP BlackRock Liquid ETF. You can invest either through SIP mode or lumpsum mode.

Yes. DSP BlackRock Liquid ETF is available for SIP on INDmoney platform for daily, weekly or monthly SIP.

DSP BlackRock Liquid ETF's drawbacks are not related to specifically DSP BlackRock Liquid ETF. In Indian context, some of the ETFs have a drawbacks of higher tracking, lower trading volumes, etc.

Yes. DSP BlackRock Liquid ETF can used as collateral for a loan under Loan Against Securities.