Set up SIP in Mutual Funds

Setting up a Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) in mutual funds involves choosing a mutual fund scheme and deciding a fixed amount to invest at regular intervals, like monthly or quarterly. This approach helps in disciplined investing, averaging out market fluctuations, and potentially growing wealth over time through the power of compounding.

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Regular and Disciplined Investing

Regular and Disciplined Investing

Flexibility and Convenience

Flexibility and Convenience

Power of Compounding

Power of Compounding

Diversification and Risk Management

Diversification and Risk Management

Start an SIP in Mutual Funds with just ₹50

Daily SIP | Weekly SIP | Monthly SIP

Manage all SIPs in one place

With the INDmoney app, you can manage all your SIPs in one place. It allows you to track, modify, and monitor multiple SIP investments easily, providing a consolidated view of your financial portfolio for better financial planning and management.

  • Start SIP

    To start a SIP in the INDmoney app, just download the app, sign up, and pick a mutual fund to regularly invest a certain amount of money.

  • Pause SIP

    Pausing a SIP lets you stop making your regular investment payments for a while, without cancelling the plan completely. It's a handy option if you need a break due to money issues or other reasons.

  • Resume SIP

    Resuming a SIP means starting your regular investments again after a pause. You just reactivate your investment plan to continue building your savings.

  • Step up SIP

    Stepping up a SIP involves increasing the amount you invest at regular intervals. It's a way to boost your savings gradually, matching your growing income or financial capacity. You can calculator returns of Step Up Sip via Step Up SIP Calculator

  • Setup Autopay

    Setting up AutoPay for a SIP involves linking your bank account to automatically transfer the investment amount at set intervals. It's a convenient way to ensure consistent investments without manual intervention each time.

What are the Benefits of SIP Investment

  • Less Stress, Consistent Saving

    Automatically invests fixed amounts, building a savings habit without effort.

  • Start Small, Save Big

    Whether you're starting with a little or a lot, SIPs adapt to your budget, letting you ramp up your investment as your wallet allows.

  • Compound Interest Boost

    Your investments grow faster with SIPs because you earn interest on both your money and the interest over time.

  • Smooths Out Market Ups and Downs

    Regular investing through SIPs lessens the worry of market volatility. It's about consistent steps, not market timing.

  • Automatic Reinvestment

    Dividends and other gains can be automatically reinvested to increase the value of your investment.

  • Adapts to Market Changes

    SIPs work in various market conditions, making them a hassle-free choice for steady investment.

How does SIP work?

SIP works on the principle of routine and discipline. It allows you to select how much and how often you invest. With SIPs, your investments are streamlined through automated deductions from your bank account.

    What are the Key Features of SIP Investment Plans?

    • Automated Investments

      Just set it up once, and watch your money get invested regularly, like clockwork.

    • Customisable Duration

      Select the tenure of your SIP investment, from short-term to long-term.

    • Diverse Fund Options

      Spread your risk by choosing from a range of funds in different sectors and asset classes.

    • Easy Top-Up

      Increase your SIP amount whenever you have extra funds.

    • Goal Alignment

      Match your investments with your financial goals, adjusting the SIP to your timeline and desired outcomes.

    • Convenient Management

      Easily monitor and adjust your SIP investments through INDmoney.

    How to Choose the Best SIP Investment

    • Performance in Different Market Phases

      Look for SIPs that have weathered market highs and lows well, indicating resilience and sound management.

    • Entry and Exit Terms

      Review the conditions for entering and exiting the SIP. Prefer plans with lower exit charges and flexible withdrawal options.

    • Comparative Analysis

      Compare potential SIPs against benchmark indices and peer funds to ensure you choose a competitive option.

    To set up a SIP with INDmoney, follow these steps:

    • Step 1

      Complete KYC Process

      Demat Account
    • Step 2

      Select Mutual Funds

      Select Mutual Funds
    • Step 3

      Start SIP

      Start SIP


    When you start a SIP, a fixed amount is automatically debited from your bank account at regular intervals and invested in a chosen mutual fund scheme.

    SIPs help in disciplined saving, reduce the impact of market volatility through rupee cost averaging, and can lead to potential wealth growth over the long term due to compounding.

    Yes, most mutual funds allow you to increase or decrease your SIP amount or switch to another scheme within the same fund house.

    Missing a SIP payment might not incur a penalty, but consistency is key for the best results. Some funds might terminate the SIP after a certain number of missed payments.

    There's usually no mandatory minimum period, but it's advisable to invest for at least 3-5 years to gain from market cycles.

    Yes, you can stop your SIP anytime. However, some funds might have a minimum lock-in period or charge for early withdrawal.

    No, you can start a SIP in various types of mutual funds, including equity, debt, and hybrid funds.

    The minimum amount varies, but many mutual funds allow SIPs to start with as little as ₹500.

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