Introducing TradeMargin+ on INDstocks - Pledge portfolio stocks for boosted trading capital

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Trade Margin INDstocks

Are you also one to have a diversified portfolio with stocks, ETF’s but a negligible trading wallet balance that’s stopping you from leveraging trading opportunities?

If yes, then we have the perfect solution for you

Presenting TradeMargin+ on INDstocks - wherein pledging your portfolio stocks will instantly boost your trading capital. So, get set to now take bigger positions with confidence. 

What is TradeMargin+?

TradeMargin+ allows you to pledge existing portfolio stocks or securities as collateral to boost their trading capital. Margin pledging provides traders with extra capital, enhancing their buying power without selling their current holdings. Investors can pledge their securities to the brokerage, which then provides a loan or additional margin based on the value of the pledged assets.

What securities can you pledge?

Presently, you can pledge over 1500+ stocks on INDmoney for Intraday and F&O trading.

What are the conditions to start pledging?

The entry to pledging on TradeMargin+ on INDstocks is completely FREE. Additionally, you will need the following to start your pledging journey:

  • A demat account on the INDmoney App
  • Active stock holdings on the INDmoney App  
  • The selected stock should be available for pledging

How to activate TradeMargin+ on INDstocks?

Pledging your stocks for boosted trading capital is a simple process on the INDmoney App. You can follow the below steps to activate this feature for free:

  • Head to your INDstocks dashboard on the INDstocks App
  • Under My Stocks< your holdings, click on the “Unlock” to activate your FREE trading balance 

  • On the next screen, select  the stocks you would like to pledge. You will also be able to customise the quantity per share upon clicking the ‘edit’ button

  • Click on “Unlock Now” to confirm 
  • This will redirect you to the CDSL website. Here, crosscheck the transaction details and confirm with a OTP verification, which will be sent to your verified mobile number.

  • Your trading balance will be updated within 10 minutes 


When will the boosted trading capital be credited?

The boosted trading balance will be unlocked and credited to your wallet within 10 minutes, which you will be able to utilisize across Intraday and F&O trading. You will be notified regarding the same via the INDmoney app directly.

Terms and Conditions

  • The trading balance from pledged stocks can be used for intraday and F&O trading 
  • Pledge services are available between 8AM to 7PM on trading days 
  • You can unpledge by raising a ticket and will be charged ₹20/- + GST per ISIN(per share quantity)
  • Entry to pledging is absolutely free*
  • For the complete pricing structure, head to - INDmoney Pricing

Happy investing!

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