Best Books on Stock Market: Detailed Insights About Them

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best books for  investment in India

Best Books on Stock Market: Introduction

Investors and shareholders are always open to good investment opportunities because it helps them increase the overall value of their portfolio and gain maximized returns. Exactly for the same reason the needs to be regularly updated on the market events, conditions and situations. They also need to keep on learning about finance and investment strategies in order to undertake the best decision in the stock market.

If you are seeking financial guidance on stock market investment then you should read and learn from some of the exceptionally well-written financial books penned by the experts in this industry. In this article, we will discuss some of the best finance and stock market books you can study in order to gain in-depth knowledge on investment and the stock market.

List of investment books you should read

Name of the BookAuthor
The Intelligent InvestorBenjamin Graham
One Up On Wall StreetPeter Lynch
Rich Dad Poor DadRobert Kiyosaki
Common Stocks and Uncommon ProfitsPhilip Arthur Fisher
Bulls, Bears and Other BeastsSantosh Nair
The Alchemy of FinanceGeorge Soros
Reminiscences of a Stock OperatorEdwin Lefevre
The Psychology of MoneyMorgan Housel
Stocks to RichesParag Parikh
Market WizardsJack D. Schwager
A Beginner’s Guide to the Stock MarketMatthew R. Kratter
The Warren Buffett WayRobert G. Hagstrom 
The Money ManualTonya B. Rapley

Here are some detailed insights on the above-mentioned books:

The Intelligent Investor

The first and foremost book you should study as an investor is ‘The Intelligent Investor’ by Benjamin Graham who was the mentor of the world’s richest investor Warren Buffet. The book mainly focuses on the concept of value investing and it also covers the fundamental concepts of the share market in an exceptional way.

Although the book was first published in the year 1949, it is still a relevant book for investors with valuable lessons. It encourages the investors to purchase small company stocks that have brilliant potential to grow in the future. With the help of this book, the investors can learn how to make money in the stock market at minimal risk and how to tackle the emotional aspect of investment.

One Up On Wall Street

‘One Up On Wall Street’ is a book written by the Top investor Peter Lynch on his personal and successful investment strategy. In this book, Peter Lynch has provided an insight on how you can choose a particular stock and what should be your investment strategy in the stock market. It also gives an insight into the dynamics of the share market.

Rich Dad Poor Dad

Robert Kiyosaki has talked about an interesting concept in his book Rich Dad Poor Dad. With a bit of personal touch, he went on to explain to the readers about working for money and how the money works for an individual. He talks about how he grew up following two different philosophies of two different persons and how he understood the meaning of asset and liability. Furthermore, he talks about financial independence and the benefits of receiving financial education from student life.

Common Stocks and Uncommon Profits

Common Stocks and Uncommon Profits is penned by Philip Arthur Fisher. It has an in-depth analysis of blue-chip stocks and other investment philosophies. The author discusses the idea of searching for growth companies and how to collect information about companies from different sources which is also known as the scuttlebutt method.

It is a book that has also been endorsed by Warren Buffet. As an investor, if you want to strengthen the foundation of your financial knowledge then you should definitely read this book.

Bulls, Bears and Other Beasts

In his book ‘Bulls, Bears and Other Beasts’, the author Santosh Nair has provided a brilliant insight into the Indian Stock Market. He has used a fictional character named Mr. Lalchand Gupta in order to provide different anecdotes about the share market in India.

The Alchemy of Finance

A successful stock market investor George Soros, in his book ‘The Alchemy of Finance,’ has provided a detailed account of how the stock market works both theoretically and practically. Moreover, he has also provided a fresh paragon on how an investor can decipher the share market.

Reminiscences of a Stock Operator

‘Reminiscences of a Stock Operator’ by Edwin Lefevre is more of a biographical note of one of the world’s greatest share market investors named Jesse Livermore. You can find a realistic account of what a dedicated share market investor goes through in his lifetime. It talks about the failure, struggle, redemption, and contradictions of an investor’s life.

The Psychology of Money

‘The Psychology of Money’ by Morgan Housel is a collection of 19 short stories which is focused on our emotions when it comes to money. It is not always the investment strategies and numbers that are involved with the stock market, there is also an emotional aspect when it comes to any kind of investment. 

The book not only talks about the emotional problems we face regarding our investment decisions and portfolios, but it also provides the readers with tools that can help them overcome these problems. Housel, who is an award-winning financial journalist, has also provided a detailed account of how renowned investors think and undertake investment decisions.

Stocks to Riches

Authored by Parag Parikh, ‘Stocks to Riches’ is an insightful read for a detailed fundamental, aspects and perspectives of the Indian stock market. The book strays away from jargon and uses simplistic language, analysis, and lucid words to outline mistakes to avoid, rules to follow, and other basics for a novice investor. Its clear explanation and concise titbits from the stock world make it an ideal companion for those new to investing in the vast Indian investment space.

Market Wizards

Jack D. Schwager’s ‘Market Wizards’ is written in the classic profile interview style that sneak peeks into the voraciously productive minds of the stock market’s leading investors. By sharing detailed personal experiences from the lives of the most phenomenal investors and their real-life events of failures and successes to making millions, Market Wizards is in its true sense the book of magic spells bearing distinct stock market wizardry. 

A Beginner’s Guide to the Stock Market

Matthew R. Kratter was a hedge fund manager and in his book ‘A Beginner’s Guide to the Stock Market’ he explains how an investor can make money through the stock market along with its fundamentals. It also gives a detailed insight into what types of common mistakes an investor should evade.

The Warren Buffett Way

Robert G. Hagstrom in his popular book ‘The Warren Buffett Way’ gives a detailed insight on long-term investments and it also shares the successful investment strategy of the most successful investor ever in the world. You can also find out solutions to your investment-related queries such as tackling the fear and overcoming your emotions.

The Money Manual

Tonya B. Rapley has given brilliant investment advice to the younger generations and millennials in his book ‘The Money Manual’. It is a perfect book for the young ones who are interested in the stock market. It also talks about different financial topics such as how to set financial goals, how to manage your finances, etc.

These are definitely some of the best financial books you should read if you want to gain in-depth knowledge on stock market investment and boost your financial skills. You can follow the investment philosophies of the top investors in order to gain success in the financial world.

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