EPF Withdrawal Without Employer's Signature

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Withdraw PF Without Signature

Easy access to your EPF account is necessary to know the details and handle the money on a regular basis. Fortunately, you are able to withdraw money with the help of an inquiry letter anytime, even without your manager’s signature. You do not have to run around for signatures anymore. This modification makes life easier for those who want easy access to their EPF funds. Let's now explore the specifics of this revolutionary improvement and how it gives you more financial control. 

Criteria to be Fulfilled For Using This Facility

If you complete the following four requirements, you can withdraw your EPF amount without your employer's signature.

  • Your UAN number needs to be active.
  • Your Aadhaar number and UAN must be linked.
  • Your bank details must be submitted with your UAN.
  • Using digital signatures, your employer has validated your KYC.

Step-by-Step Guide to Withdraw PF Without Signature of the Employer

Points to consider before withdrawing:

  • The Form 19 must be downloaded and completed as the initial step. To withdraw from the EPF, Form 19 is needed. Additionally, Form 10C is required for the EPS withdrawal.
  • Next, you need to have it certified by a gazetted officer, magistrate, postmaster, notary, manager of a bank, or other appropriate official.
  • You should submit a letter to the regional PF Commissioner outlining your specific need for them to be attested, along with an explanation of your issues with your employer. Please include any supporting documentation you may have against the employer's obstructive attitude with your letter.
  • Make an affidavit for yourself if you do not have a job. As a result, you can print the affidavit on stamp paper after downloading it. This is necessary because you must be unemployed when you apply to withdraw your EPF.
  • After that, you must mail each of these to the EPF regional office and wait for a few months.
  • Your request to withdraw your EPF will undoubtedly be granted after the paperwork has been processed, and you will be paid. You should submit an RTI request to the EPF department to find out the current status of it.

EPF Withdrawal With an Aadhaar Card

The following points need to be adhered to when withdrawing EPF amount with the help of an Aadhaar card:

  • The EPFO offers a way to make withdrawals on its member portal that requires only attaching your Aadhaar card, making the process easier. Employer attestation is not required to complete the process if your UID card is linked.
  • However, your employer should have confirmed the UID number, salary bank account number, and the information included in the EPFO member portal.
  • Confirm that your UAN is turned on. 

When you have addressed these points, you can begin the process of taking a PF withdrawal without getting your employer's approval.

  • Download Forms 19, 31, and 10C, the new EPF withdrawal forms, from the EPFO website.
  • Enter your name (as it appears on your bank account, Aadhaar card, and UAN), residence, PAN card number, registered cellphone number, reason for leaving, and joining date on these forms.
  • To withdraw PF, use Form 19 and UAN.
  • To take withdrawals from your pension benefits, use Form 10C and UAN.
  • Attach a cancelled cheque to the EPF form to validate your bank account number. Next, deliver the completed form and the voided cheque to the closest EPF office.
  • Remember that the bank account number listed in the UAN database and your bank account number should match. The information you provided on the form and the UAN database should also match. Any inconsistencies in the details could lead to a request to leave the EPF being denied.

Withdrawal of EPF Without an Aadhaar Card

Making a cash withdrawal without the employer's signature might be time-consuming for people without an Aadhar card. Follow the given steps to get it done: 

  • Download forms 19, 31, and 10C via the EPFO member portal.
  • Complete the form with the required information. Obtain an attestation from a reputable source, such as the bank manager where you maintain your salary account, a magistrate, a Gazetted officer, or an employee of the EPFO.
  • Verify the bank details on each page of your form and obtain an authorisation or stamp.
  • One must specify the purpose of a direct withdrawal application to prevent fraud cases. Citing the former employer's "non-cooperation" is typically sufficient justification.
  • Use a stamp paper worth 100 rupees to affix an indemnity bond.
  • Enclose the copies of your employee ID card, Form 19, appointment letter, and payslips.
  • Before completing all the paperwork and submitting the application at the EPF office, don't forget to include a copy of your KYC documents, which prove your identity and address.

Legal Actions

If your former employer still harasses you despite your complete confidence in your actions, remember to gather all the evidence required to establish harassment against them and notify the PF officer. The officer will do an investigation, and if the former employer is liable, appropriate measures shall be undertaken on them.

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