Sevana Pension Scheme: Benefits, Application Process & Eligibility

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Sevana Pension Scheme

Retirement planning is central to living at your accustomed standards when you retire. Retirement is complicated with the falling real value of a pension after your workable life years are done, increased life expectancy, and healthcare costs. The product offered by IndiaFirst Life Insurance, Sevana Pension, will generate an assured income through a lifetime payout from the regular annuity. It allows you to live comfortably without stress during your old age by ensuring you can care for your bills and other essentials. We will examine the Sevana pensions, its benefits, who qualifies, and the application.

What is the Sevana Pension Scheme?

Sevana Pension Scheme is a scheme developed in India that offers financial support to the elderly who qualify for it. It has a placе in thе National Social Assistancе Program (NSAP), and thе Ministry of Rural Dеvеlopmеnt implеmеnts it. Thе schеmе providеs a monthly pеnsion to sеnior citizеns from poor familiеs to mееt thеir basic nееds and lеad a dignifiеd lifе in thеir old agе. 

Salient Features of Sevana Pension 

  • Monthly pension for deserving elderly people.
  • Aimed at low-income people.
  • This initiative was launched under the National Social Assistance Program.
  • Has the objective of increasing the financial stability of the elderly.
  • Improves the quality of life for old people.

Core Benefits of Sevana Pension

Indira Gandhi National Old-age Pension Scheme

This plan targets elderly individuals above 60 who will get a monthly pension of Rs. 200/- up to 79 years of age and Rs. 500/- thereafter. Governed by the Revenue Department initially, the government of Kerala now takes control of its implementation.

Indira Gandhi National Widow Pension Scheme

The Central Government pays the widow lady Rs. 200 monthly, whereas the State Government pays her Rs. 400. Thus, starting in March 2019, the recipient will get Rs. 600/-. Are delivered every month.

Pension to Unmarried Women,

Especially for divorced or widowed women over the age of 50; this is a monthly pension plan that amounts to Rs.1500 and may be used to boost their financial health.

Indira Gandhi National Disability Pension Scheme

The scheme aims to provide lending support of up to 40% disability to individuals whom the medical officers will verify as being disabled. Under this initiative, pensioners are entitled to a Rs. 300 monthly pension.

Agricultural Labour Pension

This program aims to aid those agricultural labourers with low-income levels. This scheme pays a Rs. 1500 monthly pension to help them secure their financial stability.

After learning the core benefits of the Sevana pension, let's learn about the online application for the Sevana pension.

How to apply for Sevana Pension?

The list of documents for Sevana's Pension application is as follows:

  • Photocopy of Aadhaar card
  • Photocopy of Ration card
  • Proof of residence
  • Medical certificate, if required
  • Certificate of caste
  • Personal bank account information
  • Contact number
  • Application Procedures of Sevana Pension

Application process under different schemes

Indira Gandhi National Old-age Pension Scheme

The following steps are involved in applying for the Indira Gandhi National Old-age Pension Scheme: 

  • Browse the official website of the Sevana pension.
  • The home page should have an application form link; click it.
  • Now choose the I.N.O.P. of Indira Gandhi's national old-age pension.
  • Fill in the required information in the application form and provide it precisely.
  • Send the needed documents and visit the Panchayat or Municipal Corporation officials to apply.
  • The competent department will process this application and confirm the pension amount.

Pension to Unmarried Women

The following steps are needed to apply for a Pension for Unmarried Women:

  • Go to the main web page and fill out the form there.
  • After the hyperlink has been clicked, the person might be taken to the web page, where the app is ready for download.
  • Remember to fill in all the required information inside the form, place down all the documents you want, and ship them to the appropriate government.
  • Questions from the panel can be responded to, and action could be taken.

Indira Gandhi National Widow Pension Scheme

One needs to observe the steps below to apply for Indira Gandhi National Widow Pension Plan:

  • Navigate the official website of Sevana Retirement and choose the application forms.
  • For the uploaded plan, click on the Indira Gandhi National Widow Pension Scheme in the list.
  • The application will be displayed, for which the download link will be given.
  • Fill in the gaps and submit the application form with the required documents to the municipal corporations, municipalities, or Panchayats.
  • The officials in the department will examine the application, and disbursement will be done accordingly.

Indira Gandhi National Disability Pension Scheme

One needs to follow the steps below to apply for the Indira Gandhi National Disability Pension Scheme:

  • Visit the Sevana Pension Scheme website.
  • Choose the Interest Forms and Click on Indira Gandhi N.D.P.S – Mentally/Physically Handicapped.
  • Get the application forms and fill in the relevant details.
  • Fill in the application with all the necessary documents.
  • Funds will be provided after the social welfare department investigates.

Agricultural Labour Pension

One needs to follow the steps below to apply for the Agricultural Labour Pension Plan:

  • On the scheme's website page, select the download tab.
  • Choose the application forms.
  • Fill in the application form.
  • All the details should be filled in, and the necessary documents be attached.
  • Disseminate the application to the relevant gram panchayat municipality.
  • The officials will review the application in 45 days, and then the pension payment will be released.


Sevana Pension sticks out in your retirement, making plans to provide a coveted lifestyle and a high-quality retirement. Sevana Pension, nestled amidst a calm environment, colourful network, and personalised offerings, lets you retreat, observe your interests, and create lasting memories. If you want to understand how to get a monthly pension of as much as Rs. 10,000, you may examine.