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How to Find AO Codes for PAN

A body carrying out business activities, providing services, and earning revenue in India must file an ITR. For filing an ITR, a PAN Card is necessary. PAN is vital for high-value transactions like purchasing an immobile property, gold, etc. An Income Tax Officer under whose jurisdiction you come under per the IT ward/circle evaluates the Income Tax Returns that taxpayers file. All Assessing Officers have an AO Code. AO Codes for PAN ensure that individuals and business organizations are evaluated and taxed per relevant regulations. It helps to identify the appropriate tax jurisdiction and consolidate the tax procedure for taxpayers and the government. Scroll down and read on to learn more about AO Codes for PAN.

What are AO Codes For Pan?

AO Codes for PAN, also known as Assessing Officer Codes, is a unique identification number utilized in the Indian Taxation System to classify taxpayers under the correct tax jurisdiction. It is vital to manage and streamline the taxation procedure for taxpayers and the government. The Assessing Officer Code is needed when applying for a PAN Card, a crucial document for the country's financial transactions and tax-based activities.

The AO Codes for PAN depict the tax jurisdiction under which you fall. They are important because they inform the concerned authorities about the tax laws applicable to a person. When a person applies for a new PAN Card, they should enter an AO Code in a section of the application. You can find it on the top of the PAN application form. The correct AO Code is vital to ensure that people and business organisations are taxed per appropriate taxation regulations.

Elements of AO Codes

Every Assessing Officer is assigned to each region to evaluate the taxation of the people residing there. Hence, AO Codes for PAN aid us in identifying Assessing Officers and offices of your region. AO Codes are composed of four elements, which are as follows:-

  • Area Code- Every area is assigned a code to identify the geographic location of a person or organisation. Three letters represent the area code.
  • Assessing Officer Type- The AO type helps the tax department identify the PAN Card holder type as a person, organisation, service personnel, or individual who isn’t an Indian resident.
  • Range Type- PAN Card holders are assigned a type of range, depending on the correct address of the PAN Card holder. It helps to identify the ward or circle in which a person resides.
  • AO Number- The Assessing Officer Number is a numerical value Protean e-Gov Technologies Limited publishes and is the last part of the Assessing Officer Code.


Types of AO Codes

Four types of AO Codes for PAN are utilised to spot people/organisations and connect them with relevant tax legislation. Below are the four types of AO Codes for PAN:

  • International Taxation applies to people and business enterprises seeking a PAN Card who reside and are established in other countries.
  • Non-International Taxation(Excluding Mumbai)– These are Assessing Officer Codes for individuals and business organisations who reside and are registered in Mumbai.
  • Non-International Taxation(Mumbai) is a list of Assessing Officer Codes applying to individual business enterprises in India but outside Mumbai.
  • Defence Personnel- These Assessing Officer Codes are utilised to find an individual or an Indian Army or Air Force Member. It has two types of codes: one for the Indian Army and the other for the Air Force.

Steps to Find the AO Code Online

Finding AO Codes For PAN is a simple process. You can find your AO Code for your PAN on the official Government-authorised PAN portal, NSDL, UTIITSL. Or Income Tax e-filing portals. The steps to find the AO Codes are as follows:-

NSDL Portal

Follow the below process to find AO Codes For PAN through NSDL:-

  • Visit the official NSDL portal.
  • Select the city you reside in.
  • After that, you can see your city’s AO Codes.
  • Select the correct AO Code, enter the required details, and note the components of AO Codes For PAN and get your AO Code.


Follow the below process to find AO Codes For PAN with the help of UTIITSL:-

  • Visit the official UTIITSL.
  • Select the Search for AO Code Details option under the PAN Card services.
  • Select the desirable AO Code and click the View Details option.
  • Select the right alphabet and provide your city’s name.
  • Choose the AO Code list and extra information provided.

Income Tax e-Filing Website

Follow the below process to find AO Codes For PAN via the Income Tax e-filing portal:-

  • Visit and sign into the official Income Tax e-filing portal.
  • Select the Profile Settings option.
  • Select the My Profile option.
  • Select the PAN Card option to check information, such as types of assessing officers, area code, type of range, and assessing officer number.

Steps to Check AO Code for PAN

You can enquire about your AO Code at your nearest Income Tax Office. Nevertheless, the code might change according to policy updates. Follow the below process to check your AO Code for PAN:-

  • Visit the official National Securities Depositories Limited portal and search for the Assessing Officer Code.
  • Search your city from the list of relevant AO Codes for PAN.
  • When you have identified your city, search for an additional description part to check if your selected area is a part of that Assessing Officer Code.
  • Ascertain if the AO Code applies to you as an individual, organisation, or corporation.
  • When you have selected the appropriate AO Code, note the type of assessing officer, area code, type of range, and assessing officer number.
  • After selecting the right AO code, click submit.


To conclude, the AO Codes for PAN are significant for the Indian Taxation system. It aids in the seamless operation of the taxation system and aids the tax department and the government in carrying out the procedure seamlessly. Furthermore, the AO Code is vital because it furnishes crucial details required to perform the taxation system seamlessly. Understanding the importance of AO Codes aids you in making the taxation system potent and transparent. You must provide AO Codes for PAN while applying for a new PAN Card. Furthermore, the code has numerous encoded data, which you can decode and select your AO Code accordingly.