PAN Card Corrections

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PAN Card Corrections

Permanent Account Numbers are unique alphanumeric identifiers issued to Indian residents by the Income Tax Department. You can use your PAN Card to conduct financial transactions and pay taxes. It helps the Income Tax Department to trace your financial activities. Hence, you must keep your PAN Card up-to-date because any error in the information specified on your PAN Card can create problems in the future. You can make UTIITSL NSDL PAN Card Corrections via the official portals of National Services Depositories Limited and the UTIITSL. The blog will explore how to make necessary corrections and keep your PAN Card updated to conduct financial transactions and pay taxes hassle-free.

What is the Permanent Account Number Correction Form?

You can correct and change any information mentioned in your PAN Card in certain situations, such as a change of name, phone number, or residence address. Hence, the UTIITSL NSDL PAN Card Corrections form has to be submitted by you in case of any updation or correction in the information mentioned in your PAN Card. You can download the correction form from the official National Services Depositories Limited and the UTIITSL websites.

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Steps to Correct PAN Card Details through UTIITSL or NSDL  

You can rectify and update the details mentioned on your PAN Card via the official UTIITSL or NSDL portals. Below are the steps for making UTIITSL NSDL PAN Card Corrections:-

  • Visit the homepage of the UTIITSL or NSDL portals.
  • Navigate to the services section and select the PAN option.
  • Click the Apply option under Change or Correction in PAN Details.
  • Click Changes or Corrections in the Current PAN Details or Reprint PAN Card from the dropdown menu of Application Type.
  • Select the correct category for the assessee from the dropdown menu of Category. For instance, if the Permanent Account Number is registered in your name, select the individual option from the list.
  • Input your name, date of birth, and contact information, such as your mobile number and email ID.
  • Input the captcha code and select the Submit option.
  • You will receive a token number on the email address you mentioned after your request is registered. You can select the option beneath it and proceed with the UTIITSL NSDL PAN Card Corrections application.
  • You will be taken to the form after you proceed with your application.
  • Input the necessary details like the name of your parents and your Aadhaar Number. Select the Next option after entering these details.
  • You will be taken to a new webpage where you can edit your address.
  • Upload the relevant documents, including proof of identity, age, address, and a Permanent Account Number.
  • Sign the declaration form and click Submit.
  • You will be taken to the payment section. You can choose any payment mode, such as demand draft, credit card, Internet Banking, or debit card.
  • After your payment is successful, an acknowledgment slip will be generated. You must print the same and submit it to the National Services Depositories Limited office with physical authentication of documents. Additionally, you can paste a photo in the area provided and sign on it. Write an Application for UTIITSL NSDL PAN Card Corrections and the acknowledgment number on the envelope.

How to Rectify PAN Information Offline?

Follow the ways discussed below to make UTIITSL NSDL PAN Card Corrections offline:-

  • Download the correction form for PAN online.
  • After downloading the form, fill it out and submit it at any PAN center NSDL office near you with the vital documents.
  • You will get an acknowledgment slip at the NSDL office after submitting the form and paying.
  • Forward the acknowledgment slip to the NSDL’s Income Tax Services unit within 15 days of receiving it.

Documents Needed for PAN Corrections

The following are the documents required for UTIITSL NSDL PAN Card Corrections:-

  • In the event that a name change is necessary—particularly after marriage—you will need to provide documentation such as a copy of your spouse's passport, a marriage certificate, a marriage invitation card, and proof of identity.
  • If an address is changed, the application form for address correction should include the new dwelling address. This information will then be updated in the Income Tax Department's database.
  • You must give evidence of name change publishing in the gazette for other cases. On the other hand, firms must submit their Registration Certificate for changing their respective names.
  • You must change your date of birth, and firms must change their date of formation if they have documentation mentioning the accurate date.
  • You require a copy of your PAN Card, proof of identity, address, or birth date.

If some of these documents are not available, the following documents can also work:-

  • A signed original certificate by a Member of Parliament of the Legislative Assembly, Municipal Councillor, or a Gazetted Officer will also be proof of residence or identification.
  • Original bank certificate on letterhead from a bank branch with the issuing officer’s name and stamp comprising your duly attested photograph and bank account number
  • Original employment certificate.

Charges for Updating and Correcting PAN Card Details

The charge for UTIITSL NSDL PAN Card Corrections, if done offline, is Rs.110. If your PAN Card is to be dispatched abroad, you must pay additional dispatch fees of Rs. 910. The table below shows the charges for PAN Card corrections when done online:

Submission Mode of PAN Application DocumentsParticularsCharges (includes applied taxes)
PAN application submitted via physical mode for physically dispatching of PAN cardPhysically dispatching  PAN card in India 107
Physically dispatching PAN card abroad1,017
PAN application submitted using paperless ways for physically dispatching PAN cardPhysically dispatching PAN cards in India101
Physically dispatching  PAN card overseas1,011
PAN application submitted through physical means for digital PAN cardsA digital PAN card, when dispatched to your email ID 72
PAN application submitted via paperless means for a digital PAN cardA digital PAN card, when  dispatched to your email ID 66


A PAN Card is vital for residents and foreign nationals in India to perform financial transactions. Moreover, it is also a valid proof of identity. The Income Tax Department uses your PAN Card information to link your monetary transactions to a ten-digit number consisting of numericals and alphabets. It is vital to ensure that your PAN information is accurate to avoid hassles. If you wish to make UTIITSL NSDL PAN Card Corrections, you can do so online effortlessly.