New Feature Launch: SIP in US Stocks

US Stocks SIP

SIP in US Stocks: This is one of the most popular feature requests by Indian investors who have been investing globally. If you invest in SIP in mutual funds, you know how powerful it is. Following the same SIP feature, we have launched the US Stocks / ETF SIP feature that lets you invest a fixed amount in any US stocks or ETF on a weekly or monthly basis - even as low as Rs. 500. This averages out your cost of investing and benefits from the power of compounding.  

The power of compounding works best as you stay invested helping your money earn more money itself, over the years. So, as you get ready for work or even decide to take a break from it, be rest assured that SIP is constantly working towards your goals and helps you keep your success in progress.

Benefits of SIPs in US Stocks

  • Invest as low as Rs 500: With SIP, you can start investing small amounts as small as Rs 500 each month and watch your investments grow over the long-term.
  • Ride out market volatility: The unique feature of SIP is the Rupee Cost Averaging, where you get more units when the stock is trading low low and buy less when the stock has run up. This reduces your cost of investment and leaves you with potentially higher returns over the long term.
  • Flexibility: SIP provides you with immense flexibility. You can increase/ decrease the SIP amount in a single click.


Our users have been demanding this feature for a long time now - Stocks such as Facebook, Alphabet (Google), Tesla, Amazon, Apple, Netflix along with ETF such as Ark Innovation ETF, Nasdaq ETFs, Vanguard 500 Index Fund, and Global X ETFs are in heavy demand for SIP.

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Salient Features and Benefits

SIPs in US Stocks in Just 3 Steps