How to Revive LIC Policy Online? What are the Required Guidelines to Be Followed?

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How to Revive LIC Policy Online? What are the Required Guidelines to Be Followed?

How to Revive LIC Policy Online? An Overview

Regardless of the source you purchase it from, a conventional term life insurance plan can offer the same advantages. The characteristics you choose, nevertheless, must be considered carefully. When making a purchase, features are frequently not understood. The live portal and the lic website are available online and for the online revival of lic policies.

What are the Licensure Policies?

Since their beginning, licensing regulations have advanced significantly. It will go through how licensing is evolving, notably how the internet has altered how lic policies are implemented. LIC's offers are secure and reliable investments since they are backed by the sovereign guarantee of the Indian government. The Income Tax Act of 1961 states Section 80C Tax benefits. Policyholders may deduct the cost of their premiums from their taxes.

Plans for Revising Life Insurance Policies

You start coverage over when you renew a lapsed life insurance policy. You might have had the range for a while and just let it expire for lack of payment. The insurer will ask for updated personal information from you and can request a fresh medical examination. 

The business must first comprehend its wants and objectives to revitalize the lic policy. After that, it ought to learn more about the lic policy and what it provides. It ought to speak with other organizations with information about the logic policy. 

LIC Policy Renewal: What are the Required Guidelines to be Followed?

  • Step 1 of the process is for the insured to go to the LIC's official website.
  • In Step 2, the user can choose "New User" from the menu on the home page.
  • Step 3: In the following section, he can enter his personal information, including his name, birth date, mobile number, policy number, and email address.

The life insurance policy may be reinstated if the insured pays interest and unpaid premiums. Various insurers may have different procedures for reviving life insurance policies. A visit to the branch office may be necessary with some insurers, while others provide online policy renewals. It is not feasible to revive a policy if it has been inactive for more than two years.

What is the Validity of your LIC Policy?

Only if the expired policy hasn't been inactive for more than three years or less than six months may it be resurrected. The policyholder must formally request the LIC insurance policy to be revived under the unique revival scheme.

If the payment is not paid within the grace period—15 days for monthly renewals and 30 days for annual, half-yearly, and quarterly renewals—the insurance policy is deemed to have "lapsed." Within five years of the date of the initial unpaid premium, it may be reactivated at any moment.

Various Methods to Revive LIC Policy Online

  • Usual Revival. The policyholder can reinstate their expired life insurance coverage by fully paying all outstanding premiums and interest.
  • Special Revival,
  • Installment Revival, 
  • Survival Benefits Cum-Revival Scheme,
  • Loan Cum-Revival Scheme, 
  • Special Revival, 
  • Loan Cum-Revival Scheme, etc.

LIC Revival Quotation Online

Purchasing a LIC policy online is now simpler than ever. The Life Insurance Corporation of India website offers an online policy service that you can use to buy a LIC policy. To utilize this service, you must be prepared with your personal and policy information.

One of India's most reputable and established life insurance providers is the Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC). It provides a comprehensive range of life insurance policies to meet the demands of various societal groups. Additionally, the business offers policyholders an online platform that makes purchasing and managing their plans simple.

Renewal of LIC Policy

What happens once my life insurance policy is renewed? One of the most typical inquiries is this one from policyholders. The procedure for renewing a life insurance policy is the same as when the policy was first bought, so that's the solution to this query. The policyholder must confirm that their premiums are current and that they haven't let their policy lapse before they may renew their life insurance coverage. The policyholder will need to reapply for coverage if they allow their insurance to lapse.

Following the renewal of a life insurance policy, the insurance company will send the LIC policyholder a renewal notification. The policyholder can then arrange for the payment of the premium. The insurance policy will expire and cease to be effective if the compensation is not paid on time.


LIC policies are now very quickly purchased online. With more than 20 crore policyholders, LIC is India's biggest and most reliable life insurance provider. In addition to term and whole life insurance, the company also provides endowment, child, pension, and health plans. You must visit the LIC website and register for an account to purchase a life insurance policy from LIC. You can sign in after making an account and choose the kind of policy you want to buy. However, you must comprehend the policy's terms and conditions first. 

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